G: " We're removing 3rd party cookies from the internet (70% of the chrom'd internet) "

But Hol'up

" We're baking digital cohorts (federated private advertising) as a core part of the internet, whether you like advertising or not, private or not. Just like or , or any other web standard which was once frowned upon. "

I bet in 2 years () will follow for (compatibility reasons)

Hello fedi, I joined @tilvids I'll be syncing my content there in the coming weeks.

⭐️ Here's my latest video on @fdroidorg

p.s. my old peertube.social instance has some playback issues incase you're wondering, it works if piped through MPV/youtube-dl but the webplayer is broken..

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These arguments to me are useless - 'Firefox is not build by an Ad Tech Giant' or 'Firefox cares about your privacy'

If Google dies, Firefox (Mozilla) dies. That's the sad state.

I'd happily ditch FF if there was an alt browser not based on Chromium which has support for uBlock Origin, timely updates, site sandboxing, and supports generic web standards.

Until then it's a pain in the butt playing cat and mouse (about:config) against their telemetry with every new release.

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After fiddling around with Chromium/Firefox I find that there 2 reasons to stick to based browsers.

1. Better uBlock Origin blocking support on all platforms including mobile.

2. Better customization / extensibility / modularity.

Not because of better privacy, or security. is better for security. fares better in terms of anti-fingerprinting and Ungoogled Chromium - '0 phoning home/telemetry' out of the box.


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Good news guys! Twitter could be looking to launch THE FIRST EVER decentralized social network. It's about time someone did this... entrepreneur.com/article/36532

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I'm trying to help my non-techy friends get to grips with using #element and to find #matrix chat rooms to join.

Here's a blog post which attempts to list a bunch of servers and public rooms.

Please, check it out, share it, and if you use Matrix - join some rooms.


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Signal ignores proxy censorship vulnerability, bans researchers

"multiple researchers have discovered flaws in the workaround that can let a censor or government authority probe into Signal TLS proxies, rendering these protections moot and potentially bringing repercussions for Signal users located in repressive regimes."


#cybersecurity #signal #censorship #proxy #exploit

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Hey isn't the ecosystem moving? You know, it's the perfect time to develop a decentralized, future proof backend for and acutally release your 'server code'. All centralized messaging apps will eventually fail in the long run in proportion to their userbase.

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I still don't understand why would someone pay to Spotify or Apple instead of buying music directly, without DRM.

"Personally if you’d hypothetically ask me if you’d give me $100 to donate to any of these messaging platforms. I would fund Matrix. Public money ~ Public code and the most aspiring among the others. I know it’s not the best because of it’s decentralized nature, but I would rather fund them to fix those issues than fund Signal which says - ‘we don’t care’"


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