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i'm alex! they/whatevs, boy-adjacent i guess? i'm an editor on toontown public works, and other than that i'm kinda all over the place! i mostly do music and sound design (most recently for @wrl's synth cadmium). i'm EXTREMELY fascinated by speech synthesis and various other things that i can't really think of this early in the morning! i'm going to need to probably rewrite this at some point!

an Xprize initiative offering 4 million dollars to the first person to finally figure out why coffee makes us poop

Oatmeal recipe 

discussion of Hornie 

milkshaking fascists 

milkshaking fascists 

milkshaking fascists 

What if we put Butt-head's head on top of a robot skeleton's body! 

The Discourse 

my seagull fursona 

Yesterday I saw a minivan that had a giant decal on the back that just said, in bright yellow letters, "CORN", and that really sums up the central Illinois experience

One of the cool things about being non-binary is that it's impossible for people attracted to me to count as straight.

food, bad decisions 

No, mum. You can't just "pause" mastodon. If I log off they're going to either start attacking each other like feral animals or make a new meme that isn't funny. This is very important.

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