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i'm alex! they/whatevs, boy-adjacent i guess? i'm an editor on toontown public works, and other than that i'm kinda all over the place! i mostly do music and sound design (most recently for @wrl's synth cadmium). i'm EXTREMELY fascinated by speech synthesis and various other things that i can't really think of this early in the morning! i'm going to need to probably rewrite this at some point!

Oh yea, Americans also have 9/11 commemorative license plates. My brother-in-law has one on his giant black SUV.

white people sure do love to remember 9/11

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*to tune of scatman*

I'm a pupy

(various scatman John noises)

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my brain: "what if the roadrunner can talk but when he does he sounds exactly like homestar runner"

me: "this is a cursed thought and i love it"

Telling my very beautiful father that I just can’t do it daddy, i can't marry this woman, I’m just too good at football.

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The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bepis (2019)

if that’s ur bitch why she at my house playing this with me as we speak

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