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Alan Pope βœ… 🍺 🐧 🐱

Ahh, spun up 12.04 in a little VM. Kinda surprised gwibber (remember that) still works!

Never been asked to unsubscribe by someone marketing their products before... Chef Bernie seems like a good guy :)

Interestingly the Purism phone just gained a $17999 and a $19999 level backer! Wonder who would back at that level?

I feel I am not following enough cool people here. Can everyone make a suggestion or two?

I bought this Dualit toaster nearly 20 years ago. It's rocked on through marriage, births, deaths and household catastrophies. I love it.

The Purism Librem 5 phone crowdfunder has raised ~23% of their goal. ~38 days remain to raise another $1.1M.

As a new user of GNOME Shell on Ubuntu 17.10, I keep discovering new things (to me). Love this Super+P display quick-switcher pop-up.

The Gaming On Linux people have a Rust game server. It's fun. I play on it sometimes. I die on it often. Join us! :)

S10E20 – Wry MindlessΒ Ice - We discuss tormenting Mycroft, review the Dell Precision 5520, give you some USB resetting command line lurve and go over your feedback.

I don't play Ingress much. But thanks to the EU I can play in Europe, roaming on my UK data plan at no extra cost. πŸ˜€

Artful (17.10) Desktop - call for testing. Now shipping GNOME shell & GDM by default & Wayland as an option. Please grab the ISO and start exercising it now, before the release in October.