This multi-monitor design blog post with clarifications & video mock-ups is good to read. As a multi-monitor user, I was concerned the experience might suck in GNOME 40. This clears a few things up for me! 🎉

People who use static site generators for their blogs. What comment system (if any) do you use. Disqus is 100% off the table.

Learned of SonoBus today. It's a really neat solution for multi-party remote recording of music, podcasts, meetings. So yeah, I snapped it.

Added an arm64 build of Spot (Open Source Gtk Spotify app) to the Snap Store. Runs okay on my Raspberry Pi here.

New release of get-iplayer published. I use this on my Plex server to yoink programs from BBC Radio 4 each day. That way I can listen without the BBC Sounds app.

Be interesting to see if this thing lives up to the hype. Went for the 16GB RAM / 512GB storage option.

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