Really enjoying using Spot, the open source Rust/GTK Spotify client. Just pushed the 0.1.9 release for amd64/arm64 to the stable channel.

"There is a new set of Grub2 vulnerabilities that are going public today. The wiki page above explains them in detail."... Read on..

Well. This arrived today, ahead of estimate. It's rather rapid! Didn't take long to install the basics (Chrome, Zoom, Spotify) and get up and running. Daughter opened a GDoc and was amazed how fast it was to load. Silent operation, nice kb & touchpad. She's very happy with it.πŸ₯³

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The @inkscape About Screen contests never fail to impress me. So many great entries! I want this one on a t-shirt!

Matrix themselves respond, promptly (thank you matrix social media person). "agreed that the UX is bad: there should be a button to explicitly request that you verify yourself using an existing login rather than doing it implicitly, and a button for β€œi don’t have any logins” rather than β€œskip”."

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Pretty much every time I login to Matrix/Riot/Element/Whatever, I get some kind of dialog like this that has no button other than "Skip". This is one reason why I almost never use it. The impenetrable UX of Matrix is personally infuriating.

[Question] Hey regular listeners!
What should we change about #ubuntu podcast when we come back for season 14?
What should we keep the same?
Inquiring presenters must know!

This multi-monitor design blog post with clarifications & video mock-ups is good to read. As a multi-monitor user, I was concerned the experience might suck in GNOME 40. This clears a few things up for me! πŸŽ‰

People who use static site generators for their blogs. What comment system (if any) do you use. Disqus is 100% off the table.

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