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Ok, let's figure this out with SCIENCE (a mastodon poll)!
If someone calls you a "chad", is that...? 🤔
Please share. Thx 👏

Today marks 100 days uptime on my trusty old ThinkPad X220. Longest it's ever been up since I re-installed 14.04.3 on it in December 2015. It's been successfully upgraded through every interim and LTS Ubuntu release up to 22.04.

Bought this (linked) Steam Deck Dock and paired all four Steam Controllers, for maximum family multiplayer gaming fun times. 🕹🕹🕹🕹

Clearing out a cupboard I found my old D-Link Boxee remote from the past. We used this when demonstrating @ubuntu TV. Loved the design of this thing. Shame I don’t still have the proprietary USB dongle for it. 😢

In this image there likely are or were civilisations similar to ours. They almost certainly had/have advanced and near-instantaneous ways to communicate with each-other. They may even have had their own "Twitter" equivalent. Theirs probably has an edit button though...

So I’m sure everyone is aware of the quirky way Canadians get milk in bags. Today I discovered sugar in a carton in Spain!? Never seen it in this type of container in the UK. Is this common elsewhere?

Son just brought me his “broken” iPad. Lightning connector snapped off inside the charge port. Fixed it in a couple of minutes. He asked how I did it so fast “Did you watch YouTube tutorial? Use a toothpick?”. Close. Corn on the cob holder…

I want one of these computers that don't exist. The obvious plasticine follow-up to the IBM PS/2.

Enjoying this addition to my office. Related, I must remember to get some AAA batteries.

It's 2022 and I find myself looking for 4x4MB 30 pin SIMMs to upgrade my IBM PS/2 Model 30-286. Like you do.

Today I Learned, vnstat - a handy tool for summarising network traffic by hour/day/month/year can also show "live" updating how many bits/packets are going over the wire/aether. Neato!

Albert has been in our life for nearly 6 months now. He’s fabulously gorgeous. 😽

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