The @gnome and KDE communities are looking for locations for the Linux App Summit (LAS) 2019, an event that wants to help the Linux application ecosystem flourish.

Why *do* people tell me to use htop instead of top? I find htop impenetrably hard to read. Is it the colour, or the graphs? What is it about htop that everyone loves so much? Please enlighten me.

Tomorrow my 18.04 laptop will hit its highest uptime since I installed it in October last year.. Only rebooted last time for a kernel / nVidia driver update.

I'm giving my first talk at in ~30 minutes. It's a ~15 lightning talk highlighting some benefits of publishing your application for Linux in the @snapcraftio store.

Choo Choo! πŸš‚ Beginning my journey to . Looking forward to catching up with friends and learning about new developments in the Free Software world. Also, Belgian beer and waffles. 🍻

I used to really enjoy playing some local multi player games with my kids on Ouya. Tower fall, No Brakes Valet and Bomb Squad were firm favourites. Shame the controller sucked and the company utterly mismanaged everything. Fun times :)

Tomorrow, join us live to learn more about Ubuntu Core 18. Find out what makes UC18 perfect for creating secure, reliable IoT devices tweeted by @ubuntu

We're having a listener Get Together! 3pm ~ 11pm, 16th March, in Reading, UK. We need to know numbers to secure a venue, so please sign up over at GetTogether and let us know if you can come.

Getting to the point where the words "BBC Sounds" are appearing in my dreams says to me that a) I may want to dial back listening to BBC radio and podcasts and b) maybe the BBC have ever so slightly overdone it with their "BBC Sounds" marketing. Please make it stop.

Really excited about the ZX Spectrum Next. Looking forward to getting mine when it's ready. 🀩 Loving the idea of a decent cursor arrow layout. 5678 & 0 was fun 30 years ago, but this little change is most welcome.

We've updated the featured & editor's picks in Software today. There are developer tools, office & productivity apps, media libraries, games and more. There's also more sections to make it easier to find new software. Take a look! tweeted by @ubuntu

Daily nocturnal sock expulsion routine:

πŸ‘£ Place both feet firmly on the bedroom rug
βͺ Rapidly shuffle rearward 3 steps per foot
βœ… Socks deposited on floor
πŸ—‘ Put socks in the wash
Perplexingly wifey tells me this is a weird sock removal process.
She's wrong, of course❓

Bah! Display I bought on Amazon has developed this horrid streak. It started in the middle a week or so ago, and grew over some days. Vendor offered me 50 quid compensation. Going for refund via amazon instead Shame, still need to find a decent display.

Any command-line nerds got any ideas how to fix this? :) (answers preferred there rather than here)

Need to quickly spin up VMs on Microsoft Windows? Multipass is what you need! This release joins the macOS and Linux builds already available.

Latest User Error Show is out! Exercise your 'free will' to listen. In which we lament mobile Linux, forget physical media and discuss the worst books we've ever read. It's worth a listen, if your brain will let you.

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