Starting today, an optimised desktop image for Microsoft Hyper-V is available! On Windows 10 Pro you can pick Ubuntu 18.04.1 from the Hyper-V Gallery! 🐧 🎁 πŸ’–

I have this barely used Raspberry Pi 2 Model B v1.1 on my desk doing nothing. What should I use it for? With *minimal* hardware outlay, what would *you* suggest I do with it? (I already have a PiCade/RetroPie, so not that :D). I want to do new things with it. Suggestions please?

Why have a fruit bowl when you can have a cat bowl? :blobcat:

@popey upower -i $(upower -e | grep BAT) | grep --color=never -E "state|to\ full|to\ empty|percentage"

Is there a "better" way to get the remaining battery on Linux from the command line than "upower -d | grep percentage"?

I love Nathan Barnatt's stuff. You might too. Here's his short film, "Neutral". He worked hard on it. You should watch it.

If you're a parent wondering what the Fortnite fuss is with your kids, this Polygon video explains it well.

We're looking for people with nvidia hardware to help with testing on Ubuntu desktop for both the open source and proprietary drivers. If you have the hardware and the time, please read this thread to get involved:

I'm not happy with how the Wil Wheaton situation was resolved. An admin was overwhelmed with frivolous reports about him and felt forced to exile him. I've said before that I think it sets a dangerous precedent on how a large group of people can mobilize to drive anyone off the fediverse. Mob rule is universally dangerous: Mods and admins must examine evidence and decide based on wrongdoing and danger, and not on how many times someone was reported.

New Ubuntu Podcast episode.

This week we've been upgrading a Steam box. We discuss Steam Play beta and Proton, Google's salty disclosure of security issue in the Android installer for Fortnite, and Windows 95 being available for all the things. We also round up the community news.

Usa el software:no dejes que el software te use a tí.En respetamos el sabor que mÑs te guste, el escritorio que mÑs te convenza!. Nuestros amigos de @KDE_Espana @kdecommunity nos abrirÑn las puertas al "Tutelaje y Mentorización en KDE" ⏰11:00 UTC⏰ Te esperamos!

I (belatedly) wrote up my notes from attending Akademy a couple of weeks ago. tl;dr. It's great. :)

I am undecided which is more annoying. A web page slowing down my browser, or the browser telling me "A web page is slowing down your browser. What would you like to do? [Stop It] [Wait] X". Which page!? This dialog is so infuriating.

Tomorrow, August 26th, at 1900 UTC, Ubuntu Touch OTA-4 will be released.

This release features Ubuntu 16.04 as its base (previously 15.04), bringing security fixes and stability improvements. It also includes new features that will excite new and existing users!

Stay tuned at our blog ( tomorrow for the full release announcement.
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