Latest User Error Show is out! Exercise your 'free will' to listen. In which we lament mobile Linux, forget physical media and discuss the worst books we've ever read. It's worth a listen, if your brain will let you.

We want snapcraft to be as streamlined and elegant as possible. To that end, weโ€™d like to share some useful tips and tricks that can make your snap dev journey pleasant and effective. tweeted by @ubuntu

In my latest video I make ๐Ÿ›  my own external 2TB SSD using a Blue for the fraction of the cost ๐Ÿ’ฐ of an "off-the-shelf" unit ๐Ÿค‘

I've been using KDE Plasma for a year on my ThinkPad T450. Only today did I 'discover' that I can right click menu items and add as favourites. I have just been typing what I want. :) Muscle memory of using Unity on for years was strong.

If/when finally happens, I do hope we get to keep the inclusive mobile roaming when travelling in Europe. I realise this is minor in the grand scheme of things. But it's one less thing to think about when visiting friends or holidaying on the continent.

I do enjoy a nice brick arch now and then. Having a little stroll in Barcelona before heading home.

It's Friday, so there's a new episode of User Error Podcast in your feedz! This week, @danrabbit, Joe Ressington and me mull stupid things people say, mobile OS choices, Good vs Evil & distro contributions.
Follow the link to listen ๐ŸŽง & discuss ๐Ÿ˜˜

Happy "Birthday" to all those diaspora users who left DOB set to 01/01 on sign-up. :)

Really enjoyed on Netflix . Gloomy 1980's retro with callbacks to other Black Mirror episodes as expected. The choose-your-own-adventure element was well done. I saw a few endings (and noted all my choices so I can re-do it differently). Worth watching.

I enjoy watching retro / gaming / tech content on YouTube. But, it's exhausting watching (mostly) American YouTube channels where the presenter has their voice at such a high volume. Gonna un-sub from them all in 2019 and only consume content which isn't wearing me out! :(

TIL: (from my 12 year old Son) Epic Games reward Fortnite players (with an in-game skin) when they enable two-factor sign-in. Love that "two-factor" is in his vernacular, and enabling it is promoted to the young Fortnite audience.

As I do most years, drove into central London with daughter for a bit of 'last minute' Christmas shopping :). As always, easy to park, no queues, friendly staff and everything we needed in stock. Back home before lunch. :) I highly recommend the endeavor. ๐ŸŽ„

A new User Error is out featuring myself, @JoeRessington and @DanielFore . In which we get festive about lying to children, discuss the command-line and our personal hair care regimen. Yes, really. I know.

Every other app on my phone can connect to services fine, including Facebook and Messenger. Facebook Pages however never has been able to. Very odd. (Comments about leaving Facebook to /dev/null)

Wrote up some notes on how I worked around the problem of @dropbox dropping non-ext4 support on .Quick and straightforward. Took a few minutes to setup.
Thanks to @Wimpress for the inspiration.

Hey Everyone! Humble Store is doing a on for just $9.99 - if you aren't aware, I am a pretty big fan of this game so I think it is totally worth this price. :D - (affiliate link)

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