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Alan Pope βœ… 🍺 🐧 🐱

Ooh! There's a new Raspberry Pi. The Pi 3 Model B+ has 1.4GHz, dual band 802.11ac & Bluetooth 4.2, faster Ethernet over USB 2.0, PoE (with a PoE HAT), better PXE and USB boot and better thermal management. Neat!

YouTube really does have content for all tastes! "2018 Winter MarbleLympics" - curling... with marbles.. :)

Maybe it's time to start naming the files DONT_README.txt. People don't read a file called README.txt.

Join the Ubuntu Community at UbuCon @ SCALE for two days of Ubuntu talks by the best experts in the community.🐧 In Pasadena, CA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ on 8-9 March 2018, UbuCon is a multi-day opportunity to learn, share and collaborate around ! πŸ’ͺ Register now at:

25 years ago my late friend Steve told me "Cars without heated seats are shit cars.". Sitting here in my car, waiting for daughter to finish dance class. Yes Steve, you were correct. Cozy bum-bum.

Apparently I ordered one of these silly hats. I'm a little bit old for caps really.

How does Mozilla Firefox decide where to put this little thing? I have 3 screens and it's neither on the primary display nor the one with the video chat running.

Google Chrome has this "Add to desktop.." option I use a lot to make windowed 'WebApps' on my Ubuntu desktop. Does a recent Mozilla Firefox have a similar function, easily accessed? (i.e. not manually making .desktop files)

Collecting useful user data without compromising our privacy: how carefully controlled lying could be the way forward.

It was fun describing my wallet to lost property offices though.
"It looks like an old Atari 2600 video games console".
"Neat! No, we don't have it".

Lost my wallet last week. Not sure which is more annoying. Losing wallet (all cards and driving license) or phone.

"Due to the ongoing evolution of the fixes for the recently announced Meltdown and Spectre security vulnerabilities, we are delaying the 16.04.4 point release, originally scheduled for the week of February 15."

"Bionic Beaver, the codename for the next Ubuntu LTS release, is due in April 2018 and will ship with both theΒ traditional Xorg graphics stack as well as the newer Wayland based stack, but Xorg will be the default"

This (grubby) USB cable is easily my most cherished. Reversible on both ends. The middle connector on the "A" end moves so you can shove it in either way round. You can bury me with this thing.

where does one get Ubuntu news from, these days?

Excellent! The first (free) issue of HackSpace magazine arrived today. Perfect for weekend reading.

Canonical are hiring. Looking for a talented C++ developer to work on the Mir display server. Details at the community hub link where you can ask questions and get more details. Please share!

I realise it's very nerdy, but I do love nosing on the various things building in the launchpad build farm... :)