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Alan Pope ✅ 🍺 🐧 🐱 @popey

I have owned this laptop for a year and only just noticed there is no NumLock, Pause or Scroll lock keys. Clearly I don't need them :)

Wait a minute! Here comes Paul from Nottingham with a new high score and a confident boast in November 1985!

Video game high-score tables have changed quite a bit since 1985 :) I wonder if anyone beat Mark Heaton's tremendous achievement!

@theru I was totally gonna say that of course ;)

@theru oh come on! I usually get to at least see the sides :)

Man with laptop just sat down opposite me on the train so I played "guess the thinkpad" with him. I guessed T450, but it was a T440. Better luck next time! (I think he thinks I am odd)

So far at github satellite I've not seen a single delegate with a non-Apple laptop. Macbooks, macbooks everywhere...

At github satellite in London. Having great conversations with developers, students and github integrators. Great free coffee & water too ;)

Toot toot! Anyone have a low cost and reliable way to take a composite signal from a device (ZX Spectrum) and send it to two devices (TV/Monitor and USB capture device)? I can only see expensive composite distribution devices. Not a simple, cheap solution. Suggestions?

I wrote up some notes on how you can now easily build applications for Linux without Linux.

A talk I gave a few weeks ago about automatically building and publishing Node.JS and Electron applications for Linux using Snapcraft.

@futzme I am pretty much never sat at any computer in the world. I am usually sat at my laptop, my desktop or on my phone. On all of those I have existing tools to sync notes and data, which don't require me to a) be online at that moment, b) go to a website, or c) remember a strange url. Sorry.

The ZX Spectrum Next crowdfunders have added SID chip support to the FPGA! Dogs and cats living together! Crazy!