Side-graded my (almost 10-year-old) ThinkPad X220 from Ubuntu 20.10 to Kubuntu 20.10. Great success. Not tweaked to my personal liking yet. Looking great already (needs a dark (breeze) theme tho). πŸ₯°

My lovely Mini EV arrived yesterday. I *love* it. Our home wall box charger arrives tomorrow. Meanwhile, I tried a couple of public chargers.
βœ”οΈ Instavolt - success
❌ GeniePoint - failure
Will check Zap-Map next time! Thankful to be able to have a charger at home!

A snapped application to make installation of appimages easier. Quick, someone make an appimage of flatpak, to complete the set!

This is neat. A coding font tournament! I got down to IBM Plex Mono and Ubuntu Mono as finalists. Not surprisingly, both fonts I use daily.

These KDE developers are relentless! I love it! Looking forward to updating my machines to Plasma 5.23.2 later from the Kubuntu backports PPA!

It's ! Today is kicking off with "Taming the Tiger: Telegraf Tips & Tricks". I do love to see a bit of ASCII art when I ssh into a training system. 🐯

πŸŽ‰ I'm hiring on Telegraf at . Seeking a Go Software Engineer to join my small but wonderful team. Please share among your network. ⬇

πŸŽ‰ I'm hiring on Telegraf at . Seeking a Go Software Engineer to join my small but wonderful team. Please share among your network. ⬇

Ever wanted to πŸ•΅οΈ monitor your systems or applications easily? πŸ“ˆ Telegraf 🐯 has you covered. Here's a great starter blog post to get you up and running quickly! πŸ’ͺ

I do enjoy that the most-viewed photo I've uploaded to Google Maps is a rather boring picture of a local dentist. Second is my local pub, which is cool too. The rest are random restaurants from holiday locations mostly.

Anyone got a good way to intentionally fragment a disk?
Formatted FAT, spinning rust, not SSD. Other than "use it for 10 years without defragging". I could write a script that creates, copies, and deletes files around repeatedly I suppose. Anyone got a quicker way? (on Linux)

There are 3 adults in our house who regularly consume hot drinks from mugs. We have around 25 mugs in active circulation right now. That's ~8.3 mugs per person. Is that common? Does your house have a lower or higher πŸ€”

It's a bitter-sweet episode today. and discuss some tech news, and announce the end of the show. For realsies. Listen in to learn when and why.

Ventured into the loft and found another old computer, untouched since 2009. Booted right into Crunchbang! Happy memories!

@juliank @popey hah, I still have three of them in a drawer somewhere.... there is still a community around them ( on libera) actually modding them to new spheres (including replacing the ram chips with bigger ones and adding FHD panels)

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