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Bon, ben comme j'en avait marre d'être bridé dans le texte et vu la différence de possibilité, j'ai migré vers Pleroma, sur ma propre instance =>

I made a simple (but take me time, as I mainly not dev in this f*cking JavaScript after ~25 years of usage since Netscape) page for my 256 bytes #TIC80 #Lua compositions. There is only few entries, but it work (page are generated by templates+CSV file (SQLite could be an option+PHP (the faster)), had to manage constraints of current TIC80 #WASM version by creating iframes ^^.


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My LudumDare Entry for last night compo.

I continue to make slower progress on it (far less time than this not full time week end)., But I will try to make a real game, the current one is only about moving a character and have scrolling random background generation and a bit of animation.

I added drop to any marm* word on this instance account, dropped every follower+followed using marm*

P...borgne ☹️ mais qu'attendent-ils chez mamot pour en plus faire la même chose pour FesseBouc et leboncoincoin ?

Je sentais le plan y a eu un "sondage" à ce sujet il y z 2 ou 3 jours, au résultat maigre, mais négatif...
Les filtres vont-ils fonctionner ?
J'ai pas quitté #TwHitler pour le voir ici 😱
cc @admin

Published a first dev blog on this #OpenSource #Tic80 #Game on discover their publication system, so I don’t know if I can make a thread or have to edit the first entry and add content, as I done last night. This is like a post-mortem of the !

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I submitted my #Tic80 #Lua #Game this night to Retro Platform #GameJam.

It is also available on tic80 official website, but there is currently a bug that display brown text in menu instead of white on this site.

I will try to add a real first (in 2 phases) level at least during this week.

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Updates of #Tic80 #Lua "Falacy Gorx"

Optimized seval things, including :
* Dichotomic sorting instead of linear one
* Eliminate triangles out of screen, don't know if Tic80 manage it.
* Eliminate whole lines when out of screen for drawing textured planet dot by dot, this will free lot of cpu time.

I lost lot of time, but fun (and not) with planet rings. Tried several techniques including :
* Calculation dot by dot:
** By filling the whole possible points (4190 points needed at default ~70x70 size) => 2,5ms
** Same method but with more precalculating=>1.8ms
** Randomzing position to fill with less points, the time helping. ~2000 points is food enough, but not very good when zooming.
* I finally used texture, trying several mode (4bpp and 16bpp), The result is less beautifull than full dot computing, I need to create an inverse methods (pasring screen dots, then calculate them, but I don't have much time).
* I made a pixelart drawing but that's awfull at this resolution by hand and with my still free time, I would like to push it this night.
* Finally the texture kind of calculation allowed me to make a nice wireframe/flatframe version too easily.
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Conitinue to work on #Tic80 #Lua game "Falacy Gorx" started previous week.

New features:
* Some basic sounds
* Generic menu
* Menu accessible from game with pause (p,space or enter for now)
* Most object but vessel support both textured, flat-filled (fullframe) or wireframe mode
* Refactor ringed planet rendering. This experiment pave the way to texture for all kind of planet.
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#MacFly & #Carlito en plus de faire de la com de l'usurpateur, financent la fondation pour les hôpitaux de sa femme (dont les comptes ne sont pas publiques) pendant que l'usurpateur détruit leur financement étatique (qui ne saurait être comparable). Les 1001 manières de détourner nos impôts et les institutions publique pour la communication privée de #LREM

LO MANIQUEÏSME La religion maniquèa foguèt fondada pel savi pèrsa Mani pendent lo sègle III, e la siá doctrina atenguèt seguidors al meteis Empèri Pèrsa Sassanida, mas tanben per divèrses endrechs de la Mediterranèa romana, lo Turquestan asiatic e China. Tot un emisfèri de cresents d’aquela religion, qu’utilizèt la “Rota de la Seda” pel sieu espandiment oriental. Justament, foguèt en China ont se mantenguèron las darrièras comunitats maniquèas.

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