😍 Doch noch ein Open-Air für 2020! Am 25.09. spielen wir auf dem Phungo-Festival mit 2 echten Metal-Bands beim "Metal up your life". Limitiert auf 250 Tickets. Liegestühle! Voll viel Platz auf dem Gelände! Hier geht’s zum VVK: phungo.de/249ticketsunddeins/

Wanna see us performing some songs on stage? Drop into Couch'n'Sofa’s Festival Stream on Saturday (8.8.2020) at 11:25 pm (UTC +1). Here you go: couch-n-sofa.de/ or twitch.tv/couchnsofa

Hooray: No need to go outside for festivals these times. Save the date: August 7th–9th you can watch us on your screen at home. We were invited at the Couch'n'Sofa-Festival: facebook.com/couchnsofa/

Dear Fediverse. ICYMI: Feel free to stream this cozy cover of Mr GG Allin’s punk rock classic "Bite It You Scum"? 😘 distrokid.com/hyperfollow/porn

Actually, we wanted to celebrate the new album’s release today in our homebase in Darmstadt. Then: lockdown happened. But everyone: We decided to record and release our cover versions one by one. Starting today with "Bite It You Scum" by GG Allin. Have fun & take care! youtu.be/d9lMGRH_z2w

Sorry for the ad, but we have to pay the bills, lol: Today (Friday) is a good day to get your hands on our albums. Because: Again the boys and girls at Bandcamp will be waiving their revenue share on all purchases until midnight (Pacific Time) to support bands and artists. Disclaimer to picture below: pedalboard and guitar not included. Go for it: pornophonique.bandcamp.com/

New toy for Felix. 😍 The color is SO BEAUTIFUL! Pimped by Flo Flowsen. Cheers for him @ Insta: instagram.com/flo_flowsen/

Welcome to Brave New World’s final track. Welcome to the . Welcome ! Like, have fun and take care! 😘 youtu.be/17KMHRgSHTs

Strange times! Hope you all are doing well. Do you see a future in this brave new world? 🤔 Toot your sophisticated thoughts into the fediverse. What we DO see is another fine piece of animated pixel art made by our buddy Jon Keller for the album’s title track. The dawning of the apocalypse never looked so nice. Take care, friends! 😘 youtu.be/HJaevIwFetg

You all heard about cancellation of the release party in our last post. But as we all know: *after* the new album is *before* the new album. As a small compensation, on May 2nd we will release the video of the first song of the FOLLOWING album. Will be full of covers. Starting with GG Allin's "Bite It You Scum". Save the date! Take care!

We are canceling our release party for our newly hatched album "Brave New World", which was intended for May 2nd at the Hoffart Theater/Darmstadt. We prefer to celebrate with you when you can rub each other very closely together on and in front of the stage. Stay tuned! 😘

We’ve got another video for you boys and girls out there in the fediverse during these strange days and nights. Wherever you are: Beware of the wave! Take care. youtu.be/vkusPhq_29Q

That moment when you just want to start over again: " In urgent need to save my game / So I can start again / I have to travel back in time to save my soul ". – Have fun with Brave New World’s 2nd track "Save Game". Stay healthy! youtu.be/lj0pQraPk-E

BTW: How is this Youtube alternative called you guys and girls once recommended to us? :thaenkin:

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"Lasst ein Like da und abonniert unseren Kanal", as we say in Germany and we think that’s beautiful. So: For those about to subscribe – we salute you! More videos soon to come! 😍 youtube.com/channel/UCFtUB8QI6

Good morning! Well, here we go because finally Spotify woke up now, too. We’d like to ask for a favor: Stream like there’s no tomorrow so we can buy a scoop of ice cream from the revenues after the crisis in a few weeks. Thank you! open.spotify.com/album/1sJpkfe

Hurray! From today on you should find our brand-new album at all major streaming services. Spotify seems to be still asleep but you already can have a listen at Deezer. But that’s just for the record – of course we all know that you guys & girls here in the fediverse got the album already from Bandcamp last week and made their site crash! And we think that’s beautiful. We love you all. Take care!

🙏 Thank you so much! Thanks to everyone who ordered the album on Friday/Saturday as CD or digital download. An even bigger thank you to the guys and girls out there who keep the shipping infrastructure running these days! So please be patient if delivery takes a few days longer.

OMG! You guys are SO crazy! Orders coming in from anywhere every minute. 😍 Join in, place your order today and support us 100 %! The awesome dudes from waive their fees today to support musicians during the Covid-19 pandemic. 🙏 While we’re oping another stack of CDs, you can listen to the album in full length: pornophonique.bandcamp.com/alb

Today we pre-released »Brave New World« on . Digital & physical sales. Shoutout to them for waiving their revenue share this Friday, March 20th. All sales will go directly to your beloved pornos. No more excuses: & listen to our album. t1p.de/8c1x

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