Working outside for the first time since October or so. Nice change of pace.

🎉 With 150+ attendees so far, we decided 2022 is definitely on!

With blockchain coming to the web and web 3 and all that ...

I wonder ...

Why do blockchain and crypto suddenly need the web? I mean, they've done without for years.

In my experience, the web is where the losers of other tech battles go to in an attempt to remain relevant.

Did some Latin (Pliny's letters) with two students working for their final examination of secondary school. Some of these letters are quite readable even for someone whose Latin is a bit rusty with disuse.

Happy New Year! May it be better than 2021. (That's easy, but still.)

You discover the Remote Control for Your Life. You…

“Complexity is killing software developers - InfoWorld”

Related to my Software Crisis 2.0 essay. Dev in general has taken a wrong turn. Possibly several.

Is there a JavaScript way of detecting whether a page plays audio? I.e. a generalized way that does not require you to loop through all <audio> elements?

Hoping for something like document.audioPlaying = true.

Would be extremely helpful for a project I'm currently working on.

Just watched Dune.

Was cool. Faithful to the book without being slavish.

Ah, so there's a browser incompatibility in the visibilitychange event.

Chrome fires it when you put a window of another application over the browser window; Firefox does not.


Planned to spend some hours today on the Grid chapter, but I spent most of the time being daunted, and the rest on other stuff. Though I did write one sentence, I believe.

Writing for the book for the first time in ... I don't know, a week and a half? My new jobs keep me busy.

Anyway, grid ...

So I'm working on documentation for Web Monetization as implemented by Coil.

If anyone has ever tried to work with or understand web monetization I'd love to hear about your experiences.

Especially bad experiences.

Suddenly attending a virtual TPAC session. My first ever.

This just came in in the spam box:

"KOCH, God made the strongest and named them KOCH."

Couldn't agree more.

The world is returning to normal, never fear.

Just now someone apologised that he didn't have time to discuss something

because he was TRAVELING to a CONFERENCE!

The Layout part of the book is coming along nicely. Flow, box model, flexbox, display, and position done.

Now I'm working on miscellaneous items, and then I'll have to tackle grid.

I am not looking forward to grid. It's such a massive topic.

The default width of inline blocks such as display: inline-block or inline-flex, position: absolute, float: left is ...

max-content, but the max-content they would have if all of their children would have width: max-content as well.

And Gmail helpfully offers to translate a UA string from Corsican.


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