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Peter-Paul Koch

Accidentally made a script spew out a lot of NaN. Chrome now thinks the page is in Haitian Creole.

Linkbait 36
Facebook-bashing edition. (I’m merely quoting other people’s bashing, mind you.)

Yes, I think we should extend progressive enhancement to apps as well.

App UX can be significantly better than web UX, but as long as the web version is good enough that's fine.

Progressively enhance to the app if you want - or not.

Of course, people will insist that the native app and the web version must be pixel-perfect copies of one another. But let's ignore that.

A short Linkbait; not much going on these days. (Or I’m just missing the good stuff.)

Does anyone have a good suggestion for the next Linkbait? I've been too lazy^C^C^C^C busy last week to make a large list.

I didn't exactly do what I planned to do today, but I did a lot of conference work now that Krijn was unexpectedly available and present.

For a moment I thought I had made a horrible mistake and taught web devs a falsehood about mobile viewports for years.
Then I noticed my test page had a - instead of an =.
Natural order restored; I'm still brilliant.

For the first time in more than three years: a Linkbait. Number 33, no less.

Full day, with a new conference idea, some work on my first video tutorial, and random mails to and from interesting people.

Found it; never mind. But finding your own timeline is a bit unintuitive: you have to search for yourself.

There was a tweet here, and I retweeted it, about UC and Chromium 57. But now I can't find it.
Can I access my own retweets somewhere?

UC browser is based on Chromium 57 now apparently. Before that it was a fork of WebKit dating from before the Blink split (AFAIK).

OK, I admit I haven't been here for months.

Anyone have an iPhone (no iPad!) with 10.3.1 and wants to do one quick test for me?

Oh right, have to update iOS10. The latest odes support error messages - I think.

First finding: Safari iOS does not support minlength. I don't care, but a note has to be made.

Doing form validation tests on mobile today. If I don't reply you know why.