The cult of the free must die.

Musings on the Mozilla layoffs, everything being free on the web and the problems that brings, an a modest proposal to build in a donations drive in to Firefox.

For those twelve foreigners who'd like to know more about Dutch politics: today I started a new series of party profiles, in which I will treat all 14 parties that will seriously contest the March 2021 elections.

You are not entitled to free content.

(Repost from 4 years ago because it's on my mind right now.)

Yes, I should post here more often. I forget, though.

New browser on the block: Flow

An interview with Piers Wombwell, lead developer of Flow, a brand-new browser with a brand-new rendering engine.

CSS consists of layout and paint.

Layout has to do with laying out boxes on the page (flex, grid, box model, columns, text direction, and so on).

Paint has to do with decorating boxes (colours, backgrounds, gradients, text decorations, dropcaps, and so on and so on).


Today's question: Which parts of CSS are so important that even a short book aimed at JavaScripters and other programmers should explain them?

Example: I'm going to treat selectors, but not gradients. The first is fundamental, the second is not. What's your fundamental list?

Done. Submitted a board game prototype to the Hippodice competition.

It will likely be months before I hear from them, but at least this side project is also done for the moment.

Tonight's research found an intriguing bit of Welf family history that is a possible explanation of a troubling detail in the 9th century Elder Hildebrandslied,

and then led to a delightful book by none other than Gibbon where he accuses none other than Leibnitz of inventing that bit of family history.

If I'm late for work tomorrow, you now know why.

Months of planning come to a head. @fronteers is considering applying for @w3c membership and appointing @rachelandrew as our paid representative - if members agree.

OK, so I search for Browser Detect Script. First link is an ad, second is to a GitHub page of my own ancient script.
I didn't put it on GitHub. Also, I'm not sure if it's really suited any more.

Meeting some internet celebs in #jsnation

Favourite GDPR Panic Day stories, anyone?

Mine's boring. I found that I'm subscribed to way fewer stupid mailing lists than I thought.

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