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@Gargron The ability to block users of certain apps would be a good feature, given that no one has any control of what the apps can do.

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@ppng @Roboron
Also, even if results were for a yes but I got comments like I read I would have never implemented too. Like I said, I didn't know that it could scare people. And that's enough to make me stop it.

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The Android app #Fedilab allows multiple accounts on multiple Fediverse services (incl. Mastodon, Friendica, PeerTube, Pleroma and GNU Social).

It's now charging for its Google Play version while keeping the F-Droid version free of charge, to encourage people off Google Play.

The Play version has a new address:

The F-Droid version remains at its current address:

You can follow Fedilab at:


#Fediverse #Alternatives #Apps #Mastodon

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Full video link in bio. Or check out my youtube page. 😥 Justice for this beautiful trans sister. NOT FAIR! And SADDENS MY HEART!💔 MAY SHE R.I.P

#justiceformuhlaysia #muhlaysiabooker #transbeautiful

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Hello folx. If you are feeling stressed, you may use me as a pillow. Thanks

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A real opt-in or opt-out feature should be done on server side :)
If I don't opt-in, that means no one can see if I blocked their account when visiting my profile and vice-versa.
But only @Gargron can take this decision.

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@tom79 Please don't. This is a safety issue. Even if "yes" votes somehow end up most common, I hope that the safety objections of a "no" minority would be considered.

@Gargron The ability to block users of certain apps would be a good feature, given that no one has any control of what the apps can do.

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Woah, check it out!! It's @owashii !!

(Did you know I'm open for commissions? Contact me for details!)

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Hello folx, I'm now accepting commissions in a fun new format! Pay what you want! Prices ranging from literally nothing to whatever. Contact me for more information!

"Buffer ... allows an individual to schedule tweets, retweets and likes; to schedule posts on other social media sites; and to control multiple accounts at once. It provides a limited free service for ordinary users and more extensive paid services for businesses and social media professionals.

Albright tweeted a complaint at Buffer about a problem she was having... screenshot showed a number of profile pictures from Twitter accounts under her control through Buffer.."

Any way to block this Fedilab thing? They've implemented scheduled boosts, that's the shit Sally Albright does/did.

"Presumably Twitter did not anticipate that users would simply hand their accounts over to another person or campaign to artificially spread the latter’s tweets."

The 'do you want to see who has you blocked' poll, and this shit is quite enough for me.


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Dudes have always been more obsessed with not be labeled a creep than they’ve ever cared about us being safe from creeps. Y’alls self image always trumps our well being and it shows.

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Fix Em All 1989
I am a Mastodon user
410,757,864,530 BROKEN THREADS
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