दिल्ली में रहने के बहुत फायदे हैं।

दिल्ली में काम करने वाला राष्ट्रीय हो जाता है। वही काम असम के अनेक नौजवान करें तो वे गुमनामी में ही रहते हैं।

दिल्ली से निकलने वाला अख़बार, दिल्ली में लिखने वाला, दिल्ली का कार्यकर्ता, दिल्ली का पत्रकार... सब राष्ट्रीय हो जाते हैं। ग़ज़ब!

I will be in Delhi/Gurgaon for a couple 9f weeks starting Sunday. Please tell me what kind of clothes to pack. I'm asthmatic.

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Vajpayee in 1999: "What has INC done for 55 years?!

Became PM and sold 9 PSU's including BALCO, ITDC hotels, VSNL, IPCL, Hindustan Zinc, CMC etc.

Modi Ji in 2014: "what has INC done for 70 years?"

Goodbye Air India, BPCL, Container Corporation, BEML, BHEL etc😥

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bloom.bg/2qrJP5U Big brother is watching. The Modi regime says it is legally empowered to snoop on our WhatsApp and other messenger services.

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Late-night comedy: Stephen Colbert said he was relieved that there appeared to be nothing wrong with President Trump’s health: “I don’t want him to leave the White House feet first. I want handcuffs first.” nyti.ms/37nGHc3

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@CharismaticSal_ @muhfat You do realize that they are mutually incompatible terms - You cannot use Police and Think together.

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Despite being in police custody, JNU students are true to their politics of education for all.

At Kalkaji police station, Students distributed pamphlets explaining why they are protesting against fee hike. Here are the police reading it.


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“Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.”

~Henry David Thoreau

Delhi Lawyers didn't do peaceful protests so why are JNU students standing and waiting for lathis to fall on them...

Statues and Mandirs is what North India wants... not an education

Today it's JNU students

tomorrow it will be your Children who will be beaten for their right for education

students now

help them
protect them

In India, a peaceful demonstration is defined as one where the protesters are in such huge numbers that the Police will be scared to try and attack.

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Ranjan Gogoi’s term was marked by weak processes and inadequate reasoning. Justice suffered

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The students have been taken to 6 different police stations -
Fatehpur Beri, Delhi Cant, Badarpur,
Kalkaji, Hauz Khas, INA

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PM Modi returns from his Umpteenth visit abroad with near to nil benefits for the Nation.
92 nations in 55 months: PM Modi's travel costs hit Rs 2,021 crore. (India Today)
Please be ready for the Jhumlas next
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To put the strife in JNU in context: Is it the NaMo Govt's contention that we cannot afford kids' access to higher education but are more than willing to shower millions of rupees on a couple of telecom czars? Really?


Every day,
a black day;
my calendar,
a ring of black circles
marking the descent
of my country
into madness;
how one hope failed,
and then another
how Ashura
became a month,
became a year;
every day
a black day,
every scar,
every wounded cry
a call towards a better day,
to a calendar
made clean,
coloured in sacrifice
made good,
in a month,
a year,
of victories.
Every day,
one day.

The meditation teacher would ideally want you to stop breathing if you could!


सारी वादी उदास बैठी है
मौसम-ए-गुल ने खुदकशी कर ली
किसने बारूद बोया बागो मे?

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