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@bob android app is in the making. People are hacking on it

@bob have you tried ssb-patchwork? What do you think about it?

I think Bakunin was right. Since the French revolution, repeated independent attempts to run a proletarian dictatorship have never really worked out. Proletarian dictatorships quickly turn into garden variety ones.

This leaves open the question of how to defend a revolution against reactionary forces without wielding a centralized state apparatus.
Changing software doesn't fix social problems.

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IMHO what is great about Ian Murdock is although he passed away 2+ years ago, his institutionalized Debian community can keep going. #twt

The #FreeSoftware movement needs more artists! It needs more graphic designers, UI/UX peeps, people who can draw, people who have a good eye for beauty and usability, people who can design logos, etc.

*ALL* the artistic people are important to the Free Software movement

As of right now most free software tends to be ugly and difficult for newcomers to use. It tends to have weird looking logos or hideous ancient looking color schemes. Artists are the solution. #FreeSW has the coding down, design is next.

"Serverless" is a fake buzz word, but it's useful as a starting point to talk about genuinely serverless systems.

@solariiknight Yes, right. you can continue using it without public invitation. The public invitation connects peers over Internet and acts as an intermediate peer.

If you don't join a pub, you would be restricted to peers within your LAN/WLAN or peers whom you meet and sync from different LAN/WLANs. We become carriers of our data and other's data through our movement and this denotes the actual social network.

Mastodon has made me realize that i want decentralized versions of every social network

I want decentralized youtube, tumblr, soundcloud, all other social networks,

@arunisaac did you receive my direct message? When I sent, it appears your instance was down. If not let me know will send you again.

If I had to give new commies one tip in regards to literature to start with, don't start with the Communist Manifesto. Marx & Engels wrote it for an audience of already committed party members so there are a lot of things they assume of the reader. Also, Capital is a bih to get through, even for the more well read commies. I honestly find that Engels himself is more accessible. Also, is a great site to find free reading materials.

@samtoland Checkout ensipral tales, loomio handbook, ouishare and a book titled "Ours to Hack and Own"

On Bernie Sanders comments about Corbyn, I think it would be going too far to say that Corbyn stood against the ruling class of the UK. If he did do that he would be openly anti-monarchist.

What Corbyn did stand against was the orthodoxy of the Labour party, which followed the idea of capturing a mythological middle ground and becoming "Red Tories". In the aftermath of 2008 if that middle ground ever really existed it has been heavily eroded by a combination of austerity and the action of technological unemployment on traditional middle class clerical jobs.

One small indicator of the depletion of the middle classes is that whenever I go for job interviews there is never any receptionist. It's always a case of sign yourself in and maybe press a telecom button. If there is a front desk it always looks like it hasn't been occupied for years.