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India is currently outraging about a movie about a fictional character which disrespects a particular community.

Death threats are being issued to producers, directors and the actors. Truly wonderful times we live in.


@natecull surfing around commercial sites with JS on and no adblocker is like the digital equivalent of unprotected sex

Reminder that if you want a free, decentralized internet, and don't have any desire to get rid of capitalism, you've already lost.

No, The Supreme Court Has NOT Made It Mandatory For You To Link Your Phone With Aadhaar

#aadhaar Though we have to wait till November when Supreme Court decides on the constitutional validity of mandating Aadhaar. #india #privacy #surveillance

The World Wide Web Consortium’s decision to keep votes about DRM secret and that it censured the @EFF for “disclosing even vague sense of a vote” raises concerns.
P.A.Ranjith shows the mirror to us - explains why we have namesake Periyarism and why deaths like Anitha's won't change anything unless we understand casteism.

there is no ethical facial recognition technology under capitalism

I wanted to learn how to model and animate so! I made a POLYGON CAT and put BONE ANIMATION on it! I'm really happy with how it turned out!

Followup: FLOSS Community rallies behind Krita. Raises nearly twice as much money than it needs in 48 hours.

"C is quirky, flawed, and an enormous success."

-- Dennis Ritchie
Remember there is a very special party happening this evening! #GUADEC2017 events/#saturday Somebody on the Bangalore Bikers Club found this guy touring with a dog. Apparently, he started from Hyderabad, visited Goa and other places. !cycling
I missed the funeral of a person I knew very well because I am not on Facebook. He was a somewhat famous person - but from an older generation, a senior citizen - in this country. Since he wasn't active anymore, it took a couple of weeks for the traditional media to pick up the story and report that he passed away. By the time I read it in the paper all was over. Apparently, everything was communicated via Facebook among the circles that knew him. Nobody bothered to inform those who don't use the damn platform. "We shared it on Facebook and informed everyone!" I was told later.
GNOME stands with the affected individuals of the US immigration ban. #IAMGNOME !gnomedesktop 
This is a fascinating solar system. It has seven earth like planets orbiting very close to their star. Since the star is much dimmer than our Sun, these planets have earth like climate.

"if we could arrange to move all seven of these worlds to our own solar system, they would fit within the orbit of Mercury"

Since these planets are so close to each other, they would appear as round balls in the sky.

"For example, on the third rock from this dim sun, the second rock would look bigger than the moon does to us. Compare that our own situation, where Venus is only a bright speck. The TRAPPIST-1 worlds would also move far more quickly across the sky than you’re used to. In a matter of minutes, they would change their positions relative to background stars."

Interplanetary travel would be much easier.

"Our best spacecraft could take you to Mars in six months. To shuttle between neighboring TRAPPIST-1 planets would be a weekend junket."
Well, I might be interested in your new privacy/security related podcast, but if it's behind #cloudflare then forget it. The irony is that cloudflare is a type of MiTM attack.