One thing that always really grinds me about online is that everyone expects moderation to be free, instant, simple, exactly what they feel, and done by faceless automatons who react without failure

my gf worked at a shitty awful job doing moderation on YouTube for years to get through college

And what happened is "she got PTSD"

every website is moderated by People. Every discord server is moderated by People. Every service is moderated by People.

Annotate the web here:

Please do submit bug reports, it is a WIP platform and needs your help.

"Student athletes in Florida have to agree to have their period tracked in order to be eligible to play.

The state bans abortion after 15 weeks, no exceptions for rape or incest && parents of a minor have to be notified and give consent.[...]"

This is being administered by a company called Aktivate. They describe themselves as "Modern Software to Manage Athletic Departments".

It just so happens they're hiring a new Chief of Staff (Remote). If you have strong feelings about the weaponization of women's bodies and reproductive health and you have even a marginally related skillset it would be pretty neat to apply for that position. You could potentially get an interview in which you can talk about the dangers to women as a result of their data collection! Even better, you could actually get the job and shut that shit down.

Unfortunately I don't see any tech hirings where you could sabotage the data itself from the inside.

@lightweight I think that argumentation is weak, that "the result can be examined reliably and without any specialist knowledge of the subject"

That doesn't hold for finance or law. Anyway, that's mostly the case now in any country that doesn't use fptp - very few people are able to accurately describe the PR system their country uses.

In any case, digital voting for ordinary people is a crying use case for decentralised tech! Very tricky to get right.

FWIW, don't pay the extra £4 to book a megabus table - they are a joke, barely more than a strip. Have written to them to update the completely misleading booking diagram.

#travel #UK #megabus

#askfedi #switzerland #law #work #fingerprint
Started a new job and authentication to the building is done exclusively with fingerprints, without any other option. I felt very uncomfortable having my fingerprints scanned. Does anyone know if the law has anything to say about this?

@frox IIRC, you can mail order the fingerprints of Elvis in silicon, so you can stick them to your fingers. I would give those a try. Hopefully you’ll be the only Elvis in the building.

Probably a good time to share @fedizine again. Our anarchist introduction to federated social media :anarchy_black:

Someone share it on twitter so we can see some unhinged Twitter takes too :jokerfied:

Our Matrix server recipe now supports bridging with Telegram, Discord and Signal! If you're looking to bridge online community chats, drop in to our Matrix channels to get some help setting things up. We have at least one fellow-hoster using and maintaining the bridges so far... see the configs on

Hawaiian pizza isn't 'Hawaiian' but a colonizer's invention to make tons of money in collaboration with Dole, who helped overthrow our sovereign country, resulting in genocide of Hawaiians, banning our culture, language, etc. (Neither is 'Hawaiian spaghetti')

Imma be on a dopamine fast for a week starting a few hours from now to get back to the baseline. I hope my over-excited brain can cope with masto-fomo.

Mark Twain once said, “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” I would like to talk about two commonly held truths in social / economic science that fall squarely in this category and really negatively impact our world - “Survival of the fittest” and “Fight or flight”. Just the briefest of examination of these ideas will show how wrong and damaging they are. Let’s start with “Survival of the fittest”.

Space Karen 

ICYMI Musk said that he never intended to build the hyperloop, but was just trying to sabotage California high speed rail. #Musk #california

I would certainly be happy if F-droid included apps that use Github/lab in its "promotes non-free services" warning.
But, I guess when too many people suffer from a madness it lacks the merit to be acknowledged.

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I've begun opting for stuff that doesn't live on GitHub/Lab even if they are mildly inferior to their counterparts with code on predatory, proprietary forges. Same if they use funny, private communication channels where I must install a privacy abusing app to participate.

Banana Fish spoilers. Commentry on systemic greed, oppression, resistance, and queerness.

The Necessity of Gay Crime | James Somerton

Calculation of π, from rain falling on two wooden plate sensors, one circular and one square: the number of raindrops that landed on each plate during a storm was counted with an Arduino and π was calculated as the ratio [source & credits:]

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