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Indian Democratic Education Conference is just around the corner, 28th Nov to 1st Dec, in the picturesque Ettimadai in the Western Ghats, near Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

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The 2 column research paper layout is quite cumbersome to read on a mobile device.

Let's get one thing straight about the "normalcy" narrative. It is not designed to reassure those in harm's way. It is not meant to assuage the fears of those who these new laws hurt.

The "everything is normal" narrative is for the rest of us. The ones who have privilege.

The reason news channels, fake Twitter accounts, and assorted dry fruits from the RW stable are endlessly repeating that there is nothing to fear from the Kashmir blackout, the Assam situation, and the Citizenship Amendment Act, is not because those who brought about these changes are genuinely at pains to explain their misunderstood intentions.

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Big announcement from Jack Dorsey (of Twitter) today about funding an open source team to develop open and decentralised standards for social media:

Understandably Eugene (of Mastodon, duh) isn't happy:

Jimmy Wales (of Wikipedia) won't commit to anything when I had a little chat with him, but looks like he isn't ruling out contributing to existing protocols used in fediverse for his project:

The appropriate way to phrase this is: Twitter wants to make a Mastodon-clone. It's only fair.

today issued notice to the Election Commission of India on a plea by TMC MP seeking directions to the poll body to publish details of voter turnout and final vote counts on their website.
Read more:

India's Information Technology Act is designed to make it hard for states to shutdown the internet. But happen anyway. How?

Mishi Choudhary explains: β€œWhat the states started doing is use the Police Power, a very different statute..."


A month has passed. I'm still unable to cut out Twitter.

In fact, I find that academia is finding out the thrills of social media debates over there on the bird site. And my conversations and timelines are pretty rich.

I'll still be floating around with feet in both boats I guess.

I'm not sure I understand the "artificial intelligence" aspect of the translation software ("machine assisted translation tool trained by Artificial Intelligence") being discussed. Where are more detail on SUVAS (Supreme Court Vidhik Anuvaad Software) available?

When you say it is just a bus or a seat. You have no idea about rosa parks and that very seat in a bus has started a movement for civil rights in the united states. #TSRTC

If you're in Bombay and a writer, my writing group Caferati hosts a monthly open mic at the Prithvi Theatre cafe, Juhu.
Bring your poems, stories, comedy routines, songs. You get two minutes at the microphone (and if the crowd likes you, a suleimani chai).
More details:

When the grammar is so simple (few mathematical rules when applied to a few root words leads to a rich language) do we need /#ANN to build , either for /#NLG? πŸ€”

Admire the genius of Sanskrit. It's even got a tensor of its own!


Where are these people getting money for this NRC tamasha. Economy in free fall. Tax collection not meeting targets.

Idiots STILL can't stop splurging on their communal engineering plans.

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