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@devBear @Natallini Yes, it was the weapon. I guess I should have said "assaulted with."

I think this is the most I’ve decorated the walls where I live in all my adult life. That’s including my music poster era.

It’s fun to the years and experiences reflected on your walls

We’ve decided to embrace the Asian mode of cooking by using different types of lettuce in hot dishes instead of just salads and sandwiches. We did a chiffonade of butter lettuce in an omelette this morning and it was divine. There’s another green we think of as an invasive species in the US that I love when eating Vietnamese called “water spinach”. Cooking at home is becoming fun again

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@devBear I've been busy working on the guestroom that used to be kiddos room. Painting, furniture, map collecting . . . The usual. :blobcatcoffee:

Good morning. I actually slept and it was good

Gave my wife her reMarkable 2 early. She’s a total convert. “This is the greatest tech ever”-Dawn

I’ve been playing what has the best sound and on which device.

I created the new group chat for September 7th on telegram. I think I have everyone except @devBear

My wife’s ability to fall asleep mid conversation is a testament to how nothing I am.

The photo from the Amazon delivery driver looks magical

Upgraded the hue light strip on the back of the main floor TV room TV (not mounted). MUCH better coverage.

Good morning to @Danacea the only person awake in my time line

Thunderstorm videos on YouTube are relaxing af

Just purchased my wife’s Christmas present. Bought the reMarkable 2 since she’s the most avid note taker and list maker on the planet. She prefers writing to typing and I hate finding ten different notepads around the house. 😁

We’ve decided to make our library very Scandinavian with Birch wood bookcases and linen wing back chairs.

Pictures in later September.
I’ll need @kaydub to remind me since I forget everything.

Hey kids, are we discussing the Apple event here or on Instagram?

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