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Another non-binding question: would you prefer Prismo to release a GraphQL API or JSON:API API ( with syntax similar to the official client-server specs of AP) ?

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Dark theme has landed on !

You can change it in Settings -> Preferences

We have our first "Help needed" task on gitlab.

If you feel confident in and want to help with Prismo performance improvement, please have a look here:

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It's not any kind of decisional question and results will not finally change anything but as Mastodon supports polls now and i'm really curious...

Should Prismo frontend be completely separated from the backend? (Deployed as a separate process and maintained/developed independently)

Prismo is working again! Sign-ups are opened.

Sadly, we needed to change the domain name to so update your bookmarks and bookmarklets!

I'm super sad to announce that in cause of bad server configuration, entire production database of has been accidentally wiped out. Without option to restore it.

You can't imagine how angry i am right now but i assure you i'm gonna write an extended post about that incident with description of everything that happened and lessons learned.

I'm super sorry for your loss, i hope fediverse will forgive me one day.

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It does work! So you can now reference albums and tracks from in Mastodon via their url and get an embedded player for free!

(it will land in Funkwhale 0.19, but it's already on the develop branch if you want to try it ;)

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#Prismo has gotten a couple new contributors in the past couple weeks. Great to see more activity in the project.

If you're interested in a link sharing site (think reddit, HN, lobsters) on the #fediverse, head over to the repo and join in.
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