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based Link Aggregation app is coming really soon! 🤠

The day has come. Today we're gonna deploy a closed-beta Prismo instance!

Sign-ups are closed for public but few people involved in the dev/discussion process + all the patreon/librepay donors will get their beta account to help us test it.

Stay tooned! :)

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Do you want to help shape open federated alternatives like @pixelfed, @prismo , @anfora and @funkwhale ?

You can do so very easily at:

It's a set of forums where anyone can give feedback and ideas for these projects directly to the developers. You don't need to be a coder to take part.

#Fediverse #Alternatives #ActivityPub #FLOSS #OpenSource

Anyone knows any examples of nicely designed comment-tree sections?

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Hey there!

#Funkwhale has always missed a dedicated place for the community to discuss. Of course, we have our matrix rooms, but it's not well suited for structured conversations between multiple people.

Thanks to @prismo, we now have a dedicated forum at! also hosts other projects such as PixelFed or Anfora, it will make it easier for everyone to get involve and to collaborate and fediverse projects :)

Have fun!

Good news - yesterday i managed to implement a federated comments! We're getting really close to first official release 😱

Meanwhile - did you know you can have a real impact on development process (without having the programming skills) by joining our discourse forum and taking the floor?

Prismo just received its first donation from @swedneck 👑!

If you want to support prismo development:

Just a tiny update: i'm not working on Prismo atm because i'm actively looking for a new job (btw: if your company is looking for ruby on rails / vue developer, let me know! :D)

Last thing i did was a fully functional activitypub voting. Next thing is gonna be an AP commenting and Prismo is ready for it's first official instance deployed.

Please be patient! :)

What you all think - should first official Prismo instance be published even though activitypub support is not ready yet?

Base functionality is done and ready to be deployed but federation will definitely take some more time to be implemented.

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In view of #Reddit's management becoming mired in scandal yet again 🙄 , reminder that there's an open federated alternative in development at @prismo

#Alternatives #DeleteReddit

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#FOSS works best when we're pioneering something new that the entrenched players don't even want to think about because it's against their business model.

Right now, #activitypub is creating something really interesting and new ( the #fediverse ) by being an interoperable layer connecting previously separate proprietary services. #Twitter, #Instagram and #Reddit won't share content and comments, but #Mastodon, #PixelFed and #Prismo (+others) will...

#Diaspora? 😢

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@deadsuperhero @prismo is there a public instance up? I'd love to try it out!
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Comment threads live-update is ready! Couple of things still to be done and the v0.1.0 will be finally released! 🎉

300 followers! :) Update: i'm back from holidays and working hard on Prismo, official instance should be online in upcoming week.

Out of curiosity: anyone have any (near-to-)production experience with spectre.css? Is it worth trying as a bootstrap alternative?

based Link Aggregation app is coming really soon! 🤠


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