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want to know more about us? check out this interview for @eff deeplinks. We're proud members of the Electronic Frontier Alliance.

RebLawCon 2019 starts tomorrow! Our Laurin Weissinger and @seanodiggity will be facilitating a Digital Self-Defense workshop at noon on Saturday:

💕 a poignant message of love on V Day: "And that’s why I love free software! It gives you back the control over your machine. It’s something that you can trust, as there are no secrets kept from you..." 💘 @fsfe

@t0k @Purism @privacylab this is certainly an issue with most news outlets. Journalists have no control over the profit schemes of their overlords and I still think it's important to try to reach readers beyond the FOSS / digital privacy choir.

MONDAY Feb. 4 12:00 noon: Intro to Privacy Lab - Join us to find out how you can be a part of our workshops and research (with pizza)! Baker Hall Rm 420

our @diggity on podcast: "Using video cameras and signals from our smart devices, marketers are tailoring their billboards and digital signage based on our appearance and even our identity." cc @yaelwrites


@privacylab Really interesting but I kinda *need* to know more about this ...

"...France, for example, has asked Google to obscure all imagery of its prisons after a French gangster successfully conducted a Hollywood-inspired jailbreak involving drones, smoke bombs, and a stolen helicopter(!)..."

Check out this video of Eben Moglen speaking about at Yale Law School!

Shout out to @privacylab for organizing this event!

Eben Moglen: "Better than Rage Against the Machine..."

new "wizard" is FANTASTIC. Great job @Gargron (and team)!

@diggity Hey didn't realize we had two active in the area! Sweet! long time contributor, we should connect some time and plan some privacy events.

I also host the Hombrew Website Club and organize IndieWebCamp-NYC and IndieWebCamp-NewHaven. You should get involved.

a big thanks to Mozilla Open Leaders and of course Yale ISP, Josefina Caro Magaña, @exodus, Cityfreqs, @fdroidorg for all the support. Go ! Our project:

@switchingsocial Not sure if you already had CryptPad, a zero-knowlege-server-side service that does text-pads (like Etherpad, but actively developed) for code (with syntax highlighting) and formatted text, polls (similar to doodle), simple sketches, and presentations.

It's opensource, you can self-host it and even server admins cannot see any content.

The Chaos Computer Club Vienna @c3wien hosts a public instance.

"The two companies — Apptimize and Localytics, which help optimize apps — receive some of the information that Grindr users choose to include in their profiles, including their HIV status and 'last tested date.'"

@exodus report with Apptimize, Localytics, and 15 other trackers:

Given the tons of attn that trackers are getting it's worth revisiting the Sleep Number debacle with (potential) microphones in mattresses. Courtesy City Frequencies and @diggity we know the app still has code for mics and "snore sensitivity". Might have gotten past the R&D stage?

You do not control your data if it is not #secure.

Our latest #nextcloud 15 allows admins to enforce two-factor authentication, we added new security hardenings and we made 2FA easier. That is how we keep your data yours! #privacy #GDPR #Compliance

I released a new version of my Firefox extension that will forcefully redirect you away from privacy erosive services to better alternatives. It started as a joke, but I end up actually using it.

When I want to look up a place, I instinctively and mechanically start typing "maps.googl...". This extension will instead take me to OpenStreetMaps. It will also functionally translate Google Search links to DuckDuckGo and Google Translate links to Deepl.

@privacylab this is literally the worst possible way to handle border crossing

"Travellers will... upload pictures of their passport, visa and proof of funds, and will then... answer questions from a computer-animated border guard... It will then analyse the traveller’s micro-expressions to figure out if he or she is lying."

Graphic public domain, Wikimedia Commons:

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