I'll be on the SwitchedToLinux livestream at 12:30 ET today to talk about Signal and other encrypted messaging apps. youtube.com/watch?v=PFi-VI7_T3

Digital Self-Defense led by @diggity, starting June 4 on the @privacysafe Learning Commons.

Your is under attack. What will you do about it? privacysafe.tech

@Main_Tomato The question doesn't really make sense to me.
What I *use* is an entirely different question to what I would recommend to *whom* for *what* exactly?

The given mutually exclusive choices for answers don't make sense for any of the multiple questions.


Federal Judge Stunned by Facebook’s ‘Unscrupulous’ Violation of the Law, Warns of Much Deeper Problems

A U.S. district judge in the District of Columbia signed off on a historic settlement Thursday, putting an end to 8-year-old litigation between the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and .


What we can do is keep mentioning alternatives, and the websites that collect lists of those, at any opportunity we get.

Always suggest foss, when someone does software/stack selection for work or pleasure.

And when someone wants to connect with you on you say "Gee, I only have Jitsi / Jami / Matrix / or-what-have-you. And I have issues with your suggestions, because.. [, plea follows]" and the you talk about the advantages of foss

DAY TWO of starts at 10:00 am EDT with Lukasz Olejnik and "Increased Cyber Risk During the Pandemic"

and continues w/ Cory Doctorow, @diggity, Ashley Dawson, Mikalai Birukou of 3NWeb, and Scott J. Shapiro!

Register (Pay What You Can): flattenthecurve.tech/register

Periodic reminder that Graphene OS is totally worth the switch & provides over-the-air updates:



"...leaves these set to the standard four URLs to blend into the crowd of billions of other Android devices with and without Google Mobile Services...it isn't desirable to stand out from the crowd...disabling the feature will likely reduce your privacy by giving your device a more unique fingerprint..."

IRC chan #grapheneos

#privacy #deletegoogle

Protocol Removed From EU Contact Tracing Website Without Notice - CoinDesk

EU researchers are concerned and confused after their proposal for a decentralized contact tracing system was rejected without explanation.


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