ThreatList: Amidst Data Breaches, Account Creation Fraud Soars in 2019 - Cybercrooks are using bots to create synthetic digital identities, to carry out various types of f... more: #accountcreation #mobilesecurity #fakeidentities #firsthalf2019 #databreaches #websecurity #lexisnexis #threatlist #thereport #privacy #breach #hacks #fraud #bots

Period Tracker Apps: Maya And MIA Fem Are Sharing Deeply Personal Data With Facebook

For more detail, check @privacyint ‘s feed.

A new clothing line confuses automated license plate readers - Looking for resources to make your own Computer Vision-triggering fashion and fabric designs? Check out the resource library below, and view the tutorial slides from my DEFCON 27 Crypto & Privacy Village Talk to get started. Libraries & APIs: OpenCV OpenFace VeriLook SDK OpenALPR PlateRecognizer TensorFlow Imag


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When we consider what it's like to be "hacked", we should also consider that the companies we happily allow to access our personal are just as nefarious as those we fear.


[EN] A new version of our application is available on @fdroidorg and Google Play. Thanks to @Schoumi and the awesome contributors for their hard work!

[FR] Une nouvelle version de notre appli sur @fdroidorg et GPlay. Un chaleureux merci à @Schoumi et aux personnes contributrice !

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social GDPR exploit: "The security expert contacted dozens of UK and US-based firms to test how they would handle a 'right of access' request made in someone else's name..."

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