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अग्रेजों के सामने दुम हिलाने वाले मुझे देशभक्ती का पाठ ना पढाये जिन्होने कई सालों तक अपने कार्यालय पर तिरंगा नही फैराया वह देशभक्ती की बात बता रहा है:- काँग्रेस प्रवक्ता @Pawankhera@twitter.com जी @LambaAlka@twitter.com @AnumaVidisha@twitter.com @NayakRagini@twitter.com

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Congress leader Mr @RahulGandhi@twitter.com to interact with farmers via video conferencing tomorrow at 10 am

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Rape &Muder of young Nazia Begum in Moinabad allegedly by local TRS guy. It happened 4 days ago. There was an attempt to hush up. They filed lesser charges 354&306 IPC

This is Afreem Begum, the sister of Nazia Begum who was raped an murdered.

Hope for speedy Justice.

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Around 1,239 cases are pending in CBI as on Dec 2019 of which 744 cases are pending for over one year.
As per rules, CBI has to complete the investigation in a case within one year.
Some channels are questioning CBI in Sushant Singh case for not completing the probe in 41 days !

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The agriculture laws are a death sentence to our farmers. Their voice is crushed in Parliament and outside.

Here is proof that democracy in India is dead.

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मैं निजी तौर पर किसी के विरुद्ध नहीं हूँ लेकिन जो भी देश से प्यार करता है, उसे आज देश की पत्रकारिता को लेकर चिंता अवश्य करनी चाहिए twitter.com/bodkheshilpa/statu

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@GautamGambhir@twitter.com I respect u Gautam ! But there is nothing wrong in idolizing someone with whom we are inspired . We can be a better version our self if we adept good quality of the one who inspire us. Sanju respect and Adore dhoni and wanted to play under his captaincy it was his dream.

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Anyone ever heard somebody wants to be like Gambhir?

RT @GautamGambhir@twitter.com

Sanju Samson doesn’t need to be next anyone. He will be ‘the’ Sanju Samson of Indian Cricket. twitter.com/shashitharoor/stat

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थोड़ी देर पहले एक शो पर @BJP4India@twitter.com के प्रवक्ता के साथ किसानों के मुद्दे पर चर्चा हो रही थी। जवाब ना होने पर ऐसे बौखलाए कि पाकिस्तान की बात करने लगे!

भाजपाई अलग ही प्रजाति होती है!

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Chhatisgarh CM @bhupeshbaghel@twitter.com will bring resolution against fams bills.

"Bills were passed in an 'unconstitutional' manner".

“We will follow up with legal procedures if they force implementation”.

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CBI is better than Mumbai police no! Must be more than a month of investigation no! :)

RT @PTI_News@twitter.com

CBI says it has not reached any conclusion in death case of actor Sushant Singh Rajput and all aspects are under investigation

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The current @BJYM@twitter.com President @Tejasvi_Surya@twitter.com knowledge about development, be careful about @BJP4India@twitter.com and its candidates.

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BJP MP @Tejasvi_Surya@twitter.com calling Bengaluru, a global city known for Technology and Innovation, as an epicenter of terror is highly condemnable.

GDP growth has crashed and with such statements, which investor will come to Bengaluru & Karnataka?

Will PM and FM @nsitharaman@twitter.com answer?

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अगर भगत सिंह आज होते, तो सरकार को नींद से जगाने के लिए ऐसे 10 ट्रैक्टर जला देते। अंग्रेज़ सरकार को जगाने के लिए उन्होंने संसद में बॉम्ब फोड़ा था। उस समय अंग्रेज़ी हकुमत उन्हें आतंकी कह रही थी, जैसे आज भाजपा हकुमत किसानों और युवाओं को आतंकी कह रहे हैं।


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All Netas except Rahul Gandhi Ji. Our leader has always stood for human dignity & strived hard for religious unity but then you people in the media don’t want such leaders do you? You pull him down & endorse those who do just . So please practice what you preach. 🙏 twitter.com/sardesairajdeep/st

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Was to participate in Dharna against Farm bills at Khatkar Kalan

Unfortunately one of my legal juniors tested positive yesterday evening

Erring on side of caution as a responsible citizen I decided to recuse myself
I had informed @capt_amarinder@twitter.com , @INCPunjab@twitter.com & @harishrawatcmuk@twitter.com

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Mr @kcvenugopalmp@twitter.com :

Congress President has asked Congress ruled states to explore possibilities to pass laws in their states under Article 254(2) of constitution which allows state legislatures to pass a law to override a Central law which then comes for Prez Assent

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RT @saptagiriulaka@twitter.com

Will Shri @Naveen_Odisha@twitter.com pass laws in Odisha against anti-farmer legislations, that they opposed in Parliament, under Article 254(2) of the constitution allowing state legislature to pass law overriding Central law which then comes for President Assent. Dont think so twitter.com/kcvenugopalmp/stat

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