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Anti-corruption bureu of Rajasthan has taken a sho motto action and has started preliminary Enquiry into RSS’s scam in Rajasthan.

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Dear @TimesNow@twitter.com: One of these days, someone is going to sue you for defamation and empty the pockets of your owners. Defending those against whom an FIR was filed by UP Govt is not the same as defending manipulators of videos. Being Godi media doesn't give you license to lie.

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"जब कांग्रेस थी, तब सब सही था" - एक भारतीय🇮🇳

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They are saying that as mob had Muslim guy, the attack can not be communal.

BJP has @naqvimukhtar@twitter.com or in their fold, does that mean BJP is not communal?

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The topic in TimesNow was how twitter should act responsible adhering to Indian rules.
Along with communal harmony when I pointed out distortion of facts, esp the one by Nirmala Sitharaman regarding G7 the goal post was conveniently shifted by the anchor

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I salute each one of these doctors for risking their lives to save our nation from Corona crisis.

These martyrs braved adversities & hardships but never gave up.

My condolences to those who have the honour of calling them their family & friends.

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The FIR against Twitter, The Wire, activists, journalists and my colleague @drshamamohd@twitter.com is meant to silence dissent. The allegations against them are preposterous. But process is punishment. Still, silence is not an option.

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In this case crores of commission, the activism & seriousness of RSS field campaigner Nimbaram is made on seeing. These people, who keep nationalism on the sidelines are actually the men of corruption.
Corruption & Comm deals inside RSS HQ'

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Dear Troll Mantri,

When was the last time you acted as the 'Health Minister' of India?

Anyways, sending your much needed virtual love for this tweet. twitter.com/drharshvardhan/sta

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After around 30 hours of Delhi HC granting bail to Devangana Kalita, Natasha Narwal and Asif Tanha, Delhi Police seeks more time to verify the addresses of the accused and sureties and also their Aadhar details with UIDAI !!
Three are still in jail even after HC granted bail !!

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So says a Health Minister & Govt, whose “Himalayan Mismanagement” of over last 6 months (16th Jan-16th June) reflects in -:

• Only 3.51% of population vaccinated with both doses.

• Average per day Vaccination is mere 17.23 lakh per day over last 6 months.
1/2 twitter.com/drharshvardhan/sta

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The government talks big about India being the vaccine capital and stuff, but in reality the government has mismanaged the whole situation with a massive shortage of vaccination!!!

Not even 10% of the population has been vaccinated!!!

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1. The ingredients of alleged offences are not made out. The FIR, prima-facia, is frivolous.
2. It's outlandish to slap charges u/s 34 & 120 B against random people.
3. Charges wouldn't stand.
4. The process is the punishment.
5. It will have a chilling effect on free speech. twitter.com/LiveLawIndia/statu

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Arvind Kejriwal is making rhetoric of the developed Delhi model by claiming to contest all the seats in Gujarat. Do they not see issues like the water crisis in Delhi, deteriorating health system, excessive pollution, collapsing education system due to continuously decreasing 1/2

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Since a week few of the media in Rajasthan have played this, but till @INCIndia@twitter.com 's @Pawankhera@twitter.com did a sensational PC, nobody knew about it.

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Terrific expose by Congress leader Sh. Pawan Khera.

Husband of BJP mayor and RSS leader caught asking for a bribe of 10% of 260 crores in BJP ruled Jaipur Nagar Nigam.

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If 570cr Rafael Deal can be closed in 1670cr by the BJP govt.
Then converting 2cr deal in 18cr is a piece of cake isn't it?

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Biggest expose in Jaipur Nagar Nigam bribery case is that a Senior BJP MLA and former Nagpur Mayor used to called BJP mayor for clearing dues of the company.

RSS worker and husband of BJP Mayor demanded a commission of 10% out of 260 crore to release payment.

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Is there anything in which @ChouhanShivraj@twitter.com hasnt done corruption on in Madhya Pradesh?

मध्यप्रदेश में-
—व्यापम के बाद अब अस्पताल घोटाला।

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