Who are you? Why is there no About page?: procedural-generation.isaackar <p>Because I am a mysterious entity who knows what shadows lurk in the hearts of procedural generators.</p><p>Mostly it is because I just never got around to putting up an about page. My original plan wasn’t to make this about me, after all. But now that I’ve made one I put a few details there for people who would like to know more.<br/></p>

Hey, this is kinda random but I just wanted you to know that I deal with the animation for a travel show’s maps and we’ve built a lot of custom code to make the animation part almost entirely generative. I thought you’d appreciate that.: procedural-generation.isaackar <p>That is really cool to hear!<br/></p>

procjam 2018 the annual event where we get: procedural-generation.isaackar <img src="/tumblr_files/tumblr_pgxsbglNQ11uo5d9jo1_1280.gif"/><br/><h2>ProcJam 2018 <br/></h2><p>The annual event where we get together to make things that make things!</p><p><a href="procjam.com/" target="_blank">procjam.com/</a><br/></p>

First look at dungeon exploration in , with placeholder overworld tiles for now. Really liking how wandering around indoors feels after only a few days of work on this system 🎉

Ported my dungeon generator from Java/#Processing to C#/Unity, complete with a custom inspector so I can make tweaks to the without having to run around in . My first custom editor :) It was a lot of fun to make

i'm going to be posting some of my emergent/generative #3d models on here sometimes, here's a few from a recent study of vector multiplication between two spheres

#creativecoding #blender #blendercycles #sverchok #generativeart #procedural #abstractart #scifi #graphics #art

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Its been all rainy today, so in between painting some doorframes i made some proc gen flowers


A Pig, an Angel and a Cactus Walk Into a Blender: A Descriptive Approach to Visual Blending

OK, the first thing I noticed here were the pictures. It’s not every day you see a cactus pig.

This paper, by João M. Cunha, João Gonçalves, Pedro Martins, Penousal Machado, Amílcar Cardoso, presents a visual blending system that uses a structured approach to blend little sketches together.


Level Generation in Ruggnar

The level generator that Cyrille Bonard implemented for the currently-in-development candle-powered platformer game Ruggnar was inspired by Spelunky but takes things in a different direction.

Of particular interest to me at the moment is that it uses a post-processing step to remove disconnected parts of the level.


Manuel Barbadillo

This computer-generated art thing is new, but maybe not as new as you think.

Manuel Barbadillo was an artist from Spain who was influenced by reading Norman Wiener’s work on cybernetics and applied those ideas to his art, which evolved into a modular system of shapes. He used the computer to generate combinations of these and search for ideas. Working from printed asterisks of the shapes the computer generated, he painted the final version by hand.

Looping with Noise

This looping noise trick is one I've used for ages in my VFX work, so I really like this through explanation by Etienne Jacob (who has an excellent Tumblr blog of generative stuff). The post also explores a bunch of different things that you can draw with noise. Perlin (and Simplex) noise is useful for more than just the heightfield maps you may be used to!


My RNN trained on The Anatomy of Melancholy has learned how to add Latin quotes (which are formatted with _italics_ in the original) mastodon.social/media/E6Q9YG6h

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