Yoast SEO is a royal pain, but for some reason I feel like I accomplished something. I audibly went "Yes!" when it turned green.

I made 12 an optional Roll Again, my partner is not big into horror.

As for different queues with my partner, we'll roll odd-even for who's list we'll use.

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I have too many movies queued up on various streaming services.

So I think this weekend I will Roll For Movie.

First roll for the service, then roll for the movie in the queue, list, or whatever the services uses. Movies only, will skip TV shows.

I only have D6s in the house so I'll stick to 12 (-1).

2.Acorn TV
3.Amazon Prime
4.Apple TV
7.HBO Max
12.Shudder / Roll Again

Merrick Garland announces DOJ will seek to unseal search warrant of Trump's Mar-a-Lago — and he personally approved it

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