Just realized no card displays at all on mastodon.social.

RE: link previews, youtube thumbnails, etc.

Well, that's unfortunate.

"Searching toots by their content is not enabled on this Mastodon server."

Hmm. I see YouTube thumbnails logged into other instances, just not here on .social. πŸ€”

Google to Stop Selling Ads Based on Your Specific Web Browsing - WSJ - wsj.com/articles/google-to-sto

The Alphabet Inc. GOOG -1.24% company said Wednesday that it plans next year to stop using or investing in tracking technologies that uniquely identify web users as they move from site to site across the internet.

Dr. Seuss Enterprises has the rights to not publish what they want. You know free enterprise, capitalism, human decency, and respect for their fellows. Isn't that what "conservatives" stood for at one time? Glenn Beck this is just sad.

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Someone send Glenn Beck a dictionary so he can learn what fascism means.

Fascism (/ˈfΓ¦ΚƒΙͺzΙ™m/) is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and strong regimentation of society and of the economy

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Glenn Beck and the rest of the far right have nothing to spread FUD about so they've made up something.


Got my COVID-19 Vaccination. Now I get to wait for 15 mins to make sure I don’t have a reaction to the shot. πŸ’‰

Jim Inhofe breaks with Trump, GOP over election fraud

Are we talking about the same Inhofe? The one I know is a lifetime GOP partisan. Hmm.

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