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This may be the most English thing I have ever seen.

You're not glitching until you're glitching captouch with an automotive ignition coil

Messing around (ab)using ESP32 capacitive touch sensors for non-contact water level measurement. Can tell when the water level is over an electrode.

(After all these sensors are intended for measuring when bags of mostly salt water poke them...)

Refurb & upgrade of my electronics bench is going alright

(Pink is primer, although makes me wish I'd picked a more interesting colour for topcoat...)

My new "USB cable drawer" is working out great

Seen a lot of Bad Takes about the fatal Uber accident in Arizona. This (IMO) is a good writeup based on public info to date

Popular Science Publishing, 1945. Two years before the transistor, and valve radios are the technology uniting the world and looking to the future...

Also recommend this talk about working remotely by @johndalton … (what it's like, and tips for making it work for you)

Many familiar parts from my experience of working mostly remote for over 5 years now(!), and 90% remote the past 18 months.

The story of the first trans-Atlantic telegraph cable, with so many echoes to modern engineering team dynamics and failure post-mortems. Informative and highly entertaining talk

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An earlier prototype has much the same chips, but no big ARM logo.

I think VLSI were the first ARM licensee - there could be an ARM in there, and given the label, I think there must be. Perhaps needed to setup the board for the PPC to boot.

@galaxis @projectgus

From Twitter comes a few clues:

Apple not the designer for these, Daystar.

A "real" PowerMac 6100 of the same era has no VLSI chips at all.

Similar era 68K Macs have lots of VLSI chips but nothing marked ARM.

Any vintage Apple buffs that can explain the ARM logo on this Macintosh Processor Upgrade Card (PowerPC 601 PowerMac, circa 1994)? I know Apple & VLSI were seed investors in ARM. Do old PowerPC chipsets have an embedded management core?

Asking kids on forums to post text instead of IDE screenshots. I'm officially a Grumpy Old Linux User.

Looking for a cable for your PCI Express port expander design? On a budget? Look no further than USB 3.0 Type A to USB 3.0 Type A!

An "NSA backdoor" proposed TLS extension finally turns up inthe wild: in random Canon printers that fail to work with TLS 1.3...
As the blog post points out at length, gee this spy stuff can be super mundane.

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Rant about browsers Show more

"Patreon doesn't want to be a money services business"

(When "innovation" is really "ignore the rules until you're the market leader...")