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heyyy uh

quick reminder

ESR took a cool counterculture and got his shitty right-wing UNIX ideology all over it—he's not just a bad person, he's a exceptionally bad historian and you shouldn't take his word for anything, the jargon file that he "curates" reflects nothing like an actual 70s/80s programming culture.

here's a pre-ESR jargon file for reference:

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> Microsoft be like: Hey companies this is our Enterprise Linux subsystem, it can run lolcat and cowsay
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Holy crap. Malware hidden in a strand of DNA hijacks the computer that analyzes that particular gene sequence.

We're going to live in a very weird world man.

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petition to bring back rainbows in computer logos

rt if u agree, fav if u agree

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Fun saga of official defcon badge hacking activities.

The silkscreen art on those things is very clean!

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Here's a picture of me in my new Aira glasses. Aira is an on call service that gives blind people the ability to get visual tasks done. It's like having a co-pilot who gives you directions and visual information. My Aira agent helped me line up the picture and then snapped it for me using my phone's camera.

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Wife: "Have you heard of «infrastructure tourism»?"

Me: "I haven't, but it sounds wonderful."

W: "Oh haha the Japanese Wikipedia page hasn't been translated to any other languages..."

M: "Of course."

In other news TIL Tokyo's astounding underground water storage cathedral has been re-opened to tourists :squee:

This may be the most English thing I have ever seen.

You're not glitching until you're glitching captouch with an automotive ignition coil

Messing around (ab)using ESP32 capacitive touch sensors for non-contact water level measurement. Can tell when the water level is over an electrode.

(After all these sensors are intended for measuring when bags of mostly salt water poke them...)

Refurb & upgrade of my electronics bench is going alright

(Pink is primer, although makes me wish I'd picked a more interesting colour for topcoat...)

My new "USB cable drawer" is working out great

Seen a lot of Bad Takes about the fatal Uber accident in Arizona. This (IMO) is a good writeup based on public info to date

Popular Science Publishing, 1945. Two years before the transistor, and valve radios are the technology uniting the world and looking to the future...

Also recommend this talk about working remotely by @johndalton … (what it's like, and tips for making it work for you)

Many familiar parts from my experience of working mostly remote for over 5 years now(!), and 90% remote the past 18 months.

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