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Alexandre Prokoudine

The European Parliament just voted on the copyright directive… and rejected! Yes! 🇪🇺 #copyright #europarl #copyrightdirective

Some people get confused by software versions where the dot is not a decimal separator, and thus 2.8 -> 2.10 completely makes sense. But this is the first time I see someone completely losing his shit over this: :)

@jordyd @CountZero

Hi, Pixel art multiview setup in #krita :

1. Activate Subwindows mode in the settings instead of tabs (in General Windows). Then restart Krita.
2. In Windows > New view > (your file) , open as many new view, and do Windows > Tile.

Example with three viewport of same document at various zoom level :

The Seamly2D/Valentina fork last year was one of the most unamusing events in FLOSS.

You'd think, almost a year later, they would be fully separated by now.

But no, Seamly2D still hosts on and now accepts GDPR compliance form from new participants. While having had zero commits on Github since January.

That awkward moment when you go over your own tutorials and realize that a) highpass has been in darktable for 7 years now, b) what the hell happened to the bloom filter?! :)

That awkward moment when you are told that a certain famous scene in one of the most epic Soviet Russian movies ( was actually shot at The Curonian Spit, at the Baltic sea, instead of the Middle East where the action was taking place.

Taking some chill-out time this week at the Baltic sea. No laptops, no big lenses. Regrettably, one use of IRC client on the phone already and some work to complete (gods forbid!).

Tavmjong is back from #LGM. Don't miss the chance to read how he is improving #fonts in #Inkscape and consider becoming a patron:

🇳🇱 De volgende modifiers werken nu in Blender 2.8, mits je start met `--enable-copy-on-write`:

- Armature
- Array
- Build
- Mirror
- Simple Deform

That awkward moment when you receive an email with a feature request for AzPainter.

Hey @Liberapay , supposing we want to claim The process is confusing. E.g. Liberapay tells me my @lgworld Twitter account will be obsoleted for some reason. _And_ I have no idea if team members will be able to join the team and what they would need to do. Any insights?