GIMP doesn't yet support all PSD features, and it used to be difficult to find out why. There is now a wiki page that lists unsupported PSD features and explains:

- what features are not supported;
- whether these features can be hacked on immediately or do they require prior work (and what kind of work);
- whether this prior work is mapped to any milestones in the official roadmap, and thus certain features can only be expected after a certain major update of GIMP.

Totally forgot posting here the link to the latest week recap.

Lots of good stuff as usual, but probably the most epic thing is upcoming CMYK support in babl/GEGL. And filmic in darktable looks quite useful too!

"Davids, a moderate liberal who was previously a professional mixed-martial arts fighter, beat out Republican Rep. Kevin Yoder..."

Damn right she did :)

Just have released last week's highlights: cryptomatte support in Blender, new QGIS release with 3D and animation features, feature freeze in FreeCAD, 3mf support in OpenSCAD, upcoming Flowblade 2.0 and Pitivi 1.0 releases, and more.

One interesting thing I probably should have mentioned is the meeting of FreeCAD and BRL-CAD developers where they discussed possible integration between the two projects, up to having BRL-CAD modeling tools as a FreeCAD workbench.

Blender Development Fund just passed 10K per month!
A total of 405 members in just over 2 weeks. 🚀❤

Join the awesome

Oh the ICC profiles people use for pictures to be uploaded to stock photography sites...

The new week recap is a bit of a monster in terms of its size. I can now go die somewhere :)

Week highlights: @Blender team closing up on the 2.80 beta, Blender Conference 2018, new releases of sK1 and Birdfont, the release of Materialize source code, new @inkscape and Blender tutorials, new @krita powered artwork:

Spring production report: 2.8 migration, pipeline, progress, Eevee or not Eevee ?

"We are currently an estimated 2-3 weeks away from releasing a 2.80 Beta version, which will have all the main features that will be in the 2.80 stable release."

From a daily stock market overview: "marijuana stocks had one of their worst days ever". The WHAT had WHAT? :)

The Contributor Covenant dilemma: the text is fine and pretty much covers all angles, but people who made it and endorse are the kind you would think twice to associate yourself with.

Urban Bruhin made RC1 of the first ever release of LibrePCB. If you do EDA at all, give it a spin.

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