Receiving a photo of RMS as a meme in a chat now feels like... "Oh... kay, I'm sure you mean well" :)

By the way. for those who were wondering how that fish image turned out... I'm currently exporting the walk-through-tutorial-commentary thing and it ended up being around 7 hrs!

Damn this looks good!

Here are a few impressions on what you can do with the Rain Shader. All so far, but I'll probably test it in as well. I will release the Shader this weekend! :)

Did I mention how AWESOME it is to create files with ?

The brand new Blender exporter is now available as super experimental code as part of IfcOpenShell, check it out here:

You no longer need to export to to produce files. Do it directly in Blender! There's also an importer ;)

More features on with

Create object aggregations, object types, use modifiers and arrays, and use Blender 2.8's collections features to quickly create beautiful building designs right in real-time rendered view.

If you ever needed that push to stop using and and move to something else. This is it.

I'm cleaning up my backlog, and this is one of the interviews I initiated in the springtime.

The actual story is really fascinating. The original thread at started with people grumbling about Guitarix and Rakarrack.

It then escalated into writing and testing actual software now available for everyone (for a few months already, in fact). Clearly, not your average turn of events and something we as community could do a lot more with :)

There haven't been many news in the digital photography department this past week, and I think I'll focus on animation stuff (Synfig, Pencil 2D) the next time.

I'm really curious how much direct Lua support in @GIMP is going to affect it. And JavaScript could be a real game-changer. We'll see.

For @krita, it looks like version 4.3.0 is shaping up into a very interesting release (too early to talk about it though, I guess).

Featured artwork by Gesy Bekeye.

Should a time machine land you in the Neolithic, the perfect time to do some #woodworking, no problem - use stone axes and bone chisels.

One of the fun (no, not fun) cultural differences between US/Europe and Russia is that Russians don't use the word "please" nearly as much as the other guys.

One guideline on translating software into Russian I once read literally said this: "Drop the word 'please' when translating from English into Russian. It is not culturally accepted. You do not ask, you instruct".

That's why I think this idea for a sudo alias is hilarious, and I've just done it :)

Episode 1 of LibreArts podcast is out and features an interview with the @krita team that I did in early June at LGM.

There's one caveat: I have no Apple devices in my household and I don't live in a country supported by either Google Podcasts or Spotify. That means three aggregation options are out of question for now (VPN isn't helpful either). But I'm really new to this and I'm probably missing something.

Please let me know what you think about the podcast!

New week recap is out. Highlights: great new features in @GIMP, @krita, and RawTherapee, new digiKam release, better sculpting tools coming to Blender 2.81, GSoC project in Pitivi bringing better UI and features, Ardour devs improving regions workflow.

Featured artwork by Jakob Scheidt.

Forgot to post an update on Rain last week!
I continued to upload the project files onto the Blender Cloud until the first batch of tutorials is ready.

I'll release them real soon! :D
Here's a look at the new stuff:

Watching free software adding support for raw fles from my new camera for the first time since 2005. That's how often I replace my gear :)

Back with a week recap, this time — a mix of recent and not so recent yet important events and releases.

Highlights: tons of exciting news in the Blender department, Natron is back, GIMP 3 progress is strong, Krita devs are working hard on bugfixes for v4.2.x series and new stuff for v4.3.0, MyPaint has a new active contributor, Ardour's development is still mostly under-the-hood (until after v6.0 release).

Featured image by Ozant Liuky, made with Inkscape.

🏆 New Staff Pick: "Batcat" modeled in Blender, 3D printed and painted by hand by clintjohnson (from Cookie Gallery)

Krita 4.2.5 released (please update if you have 4.2.4; important bug fix!)

I've just realized I've had this laptop for almost a year now, and I didn't have FontForge on it. Fix coming right up! :)

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