Interesting talk here previewing an in-development browser-based font editor, Fontra:

(They are saying it will be FOSS when released, since I know someone will ask.)

I'm not sure where I stand on browser-based apps for this. It's been tried multiple times before. I think "the hard parts" of a font editor don't change by making it browser-based, but maybe you get 3X the users instantly, all on one platform, and that's a plus?

I forgot to show you something that many users will praise: the new HSV color selector of #Krita 5.1(beta1), it can be activated on the "Specific Color Selector" docker. 🎨

Another release? Another release!! Don't stop me know 🚀

Penpot 1.14 Beta release is out:
⌨️ Shortcuts panel
🌈 Colors selection
📌 Fixed elements at scroll
­💫 Group library assets with drag & drop

Have a try and let us know.

😩 Summary of my emails with Xencelabs, PicassoTab, Huion, XpPen, Artisul and UGEE: it's hopeless. 😅

The JUCE 7.0 framework is now available with support for LV2 (at long, long last!) and ARA, an open-source extension to VST3 and AU by Celemony

Page tool designs and fixing a serious bug this week in my update video:

Big thanks to all my sponsors who make my work possible!

Doing interior layout for a 500+ page print book in Scribus is possible, but it takes a lot of patience and attention to detail to avoid messing things up.

Apparently the preview branch of JUCE v7 framework now has initial support for LV2 plugin API:

This makes two things easier: 1) building existing plugins for LV2 hosts, 2) adding support for LV2 plugins in JUCE-based hosts

#kdenlive 22.04 is released with more than 300 commits, mostly focused on stability and polishing, ranging from packaging all the way up to user interface enhancements.

The new fundamental panels are all done!
More details at

This will be part of Cardinal 22.05, going to be a great one!

#FreeCAD #News
Minutes from the latest developer meeting (yes, we do have them)
tl;dr it's everyone's favorite topic: Toponaming
It's the main target of the next release v0.21

Go check out this video about my Flatterer addon! It's the first tutorial someone made about it, and it's good too :)

RT @chippwalters
Thanks much to @sastuvel for his excellent addon Flatterer. Here's a tutorial on how you can use it to create a non-destructive workflow. Check it out @glowforge users! Link to the addon (free) in description.

Yes #editBacklog is back after a 3 year break.

2021 Orion nebula. Istanbul, Turkey.

This is more of a technical limitations exercise. It is shot with a sony a6000 and my trusty 135mm Samyang.

Supersampling is used with 21 frames, to reduce noise and increase the resolution. (this is a cropped detail)

The limiting factor here is light pollution more than anything.

2022 CC by-SA

Created using #hugin and #darktable

#artWithOpenSource #photography #astro #astroPhotography

I'm looking for a person who'd want to help me edit videos. For moneh! I am bottlenecked, and I am looking for a way to increase the bandwidth. If anyone here has experience with video editing, prefarably in and would be interested - please message me.

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