Also, if you're wondering how far is a first alpha release of Akira, you can track our progress and missing features from here:

Hey folks, Alex here, just a quick heads up that I will be working on Akira full time for the first 3 weeks of January, so expect more updates and news.
Meanwhile, some much needed improvements and fixes are on their way:

Let's talk about user interface design. This is my parents' microwave. The task is to warn up food. How?

Announcing open production for Episode 2

Remember I promised some cool announcement in my last report? So, here it goes!

Production process of Morevna Episode 2 will be public.

That means anyone will be able to access all content, all working files, all stuff while we are working on episode. So, anyone will be able to follow and learn from our working process.

For the coming winter holidays, I'm giving you a quick introduction to enve, a new 2D animation tool for Linux, made by Maurycy Liebner :)

can now do construction documentation, clash detection, and proxy materials and objects. We can do commercial projects completely without any proprietary software. Version controlled with Git. 100% free and open source pipeline to build buildings.

See all the latest updates now:

This. This changes things. A lot.

Go . Go . Quit . Quit .

's Exporter landed in master! It's still marked as experimental, because some things are bound to change. I hope to have that lifted before the feature freeze of 2.82 :)

I see a lot of people complain about the floppy disk icon for "save", but I've never seen anyone complain about the term "paste"....

Wherever you go in the world, there's always a fake HP printer WiFi access point

Congratulations to Inkscape artist Bayu Rizaldhan Rayes! He's our version 1.0 About Screen Contest Winner with Island of Creativity. We're thrilled! Thanks to Rayes for his creation!

Well, here we go. My code for exporting from to Universal Scene Description ( is under review.

Work on the Universal Scene Description () exporter has continued. I'm cleaning up code and adding some automated tests. I'm aiming to get the patch into review some time this or next week.

The LGBT* acronym feels a bit like the pi number past the usual 3.14. It would never really stop at queers, same as you wouldn't expect to memorize 3.1415926 and think that's the end of it :)

Really excited to be a part of @Krita_artists community at . I invite all the @Krita artists and developers to join this forum.

Share your love for #Inkscape with users by designing our next About Screen! Contest runs until Nov. 17. Curious to see how our About Screen has evolved over the versions? Check out our gallery & contest details here:

New local children development centre is called "Intercourse" (Интеркурс).

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