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Holy mackerel! Just under 48 hours since it launched and the @BlenderArtists Discourse migration Kickstarter campaign has already hit its first funding goal! The Blender community never ceases to be incredible. Let's see if we can hit the next one!

#b3d #artwithopensource #linuxartists

Okay, so GIMP 2.9.8 is finally out. On-canvas gradients editing, faster color space conversions, slightly improved PSD support, bugfixes etc.

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Rolf Steinort (Meet the GIMP)

One of my favorite things about getting out to LGM2014 in Leipzig was getting a chance to meet hte one and only Rolf Steinort - creator of "Meet the GIMP" ( and @creativecommons advocate

The new Clip Warning display filter in GIMP visualizes under-/overexposed areas in an image. It works nicely (for floating point prcision images only), but, as all display filters go, is rather cumbersome to enable. That's something the team is interested to fix. Oh, and the feature was added after it had been requested in our mailing list by a user. Here's a short video:

So I built LibreCAD_3 for shits and giggles, and it has a friggin Ribbon UI (obligatory disclaimer: it's nowhere near completion)

@Liberapay Read your faq, puzzled about withdrawal. Where/how do you send the funds to, exactly? Paypal? Wire?