Last week, the Inkscape team had a hackfest in Kiel and returned with a bunch of interesting improvements, some of them so very long overdue :)

I'm sort of split on this. I definitely dislike what's going on with SVG progress for artists, but frankly, having SVG 2.0 so close to completion after so many (too many) years is a bit of a bliss.

How 2D Tools Let You Go 3D: We Look At The Powerful New Tools That Allow Animators To Create Mixed 2D/3D Animation Projects

Remember LibreDWG, the free library for opening DWG files? Well, after years of barely getting anywhere it got a new maintainer, Reini Urban, who's now making improvements like there is no tomorrow. I've just posted a summary and a short interview with Reini:

Awww, Reddit, stop tickling me, silly!

"In the end without the users the software is a useless piece of code. So ask yourself - who is the recommended user of GIMP? Right now it's limited to desperate people."

We have just done source code release of @GIMP 2.10.6 with vertical text, async layer preview rendering, new filters, usability improvements, bugfixes, and more changes. Builds for Windows and macOS are a work in progress, will be announced separately soon!

I know I tend to complain about the lack of GIMP tutorials, but the past several times users asked us for a guide on a specific use case, I was able to point them to respective tutorials. Shit is getting better, people. Rejoice etc.

I got a chance to talk with portrait photographer Ilya Varivchenko and to showcase some of his amazing work! (Seriously, these are some amazing photographs and a great body of work.)

He's a RawTherapee user as well.

Come check it out!

@Liberapay can't withdraw: "The Country used is blocked (Country) | Error ID: ffd1681e-5b90-4422-8900-f1f462bf694e#1532370680". I'm in Russia

My friends over at @gmic are celebrating a 10 year anniversary!! Congratulations on a wonderful milestone from such an amazing project!

Matching in
gimp radius and add → imagemagick sigma
gimp amount → imagemagick amount
gimp threshold divide by 255 → imagemagick threshold
So gimp radius=2 amount=1.5 threshold=5 results in
-unsharp 0×3+1.5+0.0196

Artist Americo Gobbo brings us an article looking at emulating dry media with Parametric Brushes in @GIMP! Come have a look at his results and how to achieve the same thing.

The European Parliament just voted on the copyright directive… and rejected! Yes! 🇪🇺 #copyright #europarl #copyrightdirective

Some people get confused by software versions where the dot is not a decimal separator, and thus 2.8 -> 2.10 completely makes sense. But this is the first time I see someone completely losing his shit over this: :)

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