I wrote a post for the Mixxx blog summarizing how we spent 4 months to maintain support for proprietary OSes.

Development Teaser: I'm working on a self-hostable #bandcamp alternative - implemented as a static site generator written in #rust

As a small tech tradeoff and an experiment I'm integrating a soft paycurtain: Albums can display a price tag, (including a user interaction for setting a price for "name your price" albums), payment directions are given (Liberapay, SEPA, etc. as configured), but the payment itself is not technically enforced, i.e. the listener is asked to affirm by themselves - by clicking a button - that they have paid for what they want, and only then given the download link. I'm open to experiment further with this when I've released faircamp (current codename) to the public. I could also imagine an option for integrating a hard paywall based on entering a token that could e.g. be made exclusively available to your backers on an external platform (ghost, patreon, steady, paypal, ...).

Been fleshing out the first prototype all day today, and having a blast! ✌️

Mixxx faces big challenges moving to Qt6. Maybe someone skilled with graphics programming and Qt can give us some advice? forum.qt.io/topic/121746/deter

I don't want you to put "BLM" in your display name. I don't want you to put "Black Lives Matter ✊🏾" in your bio.

I want you to unfollow the friend who posts racist jokes.

I want you to confront your parents when they make racist comments.

I want you to stop ignoring the racist coworker b/c they're old.

I want you to donate your time/resources/expertise to local groups making a direct impact on their communities.

I want you actually SHOW black lives that they matter while they're alive.

Finalized one of my video drafts from December :) Touch rubberband selection is coming to Inkscape 1.1 and it does help making selections faster. I think you are really going to like it!


Weekly recap: new releases of BlenderBIM , Shotcut, Surge, and liquidsfz, new features in GIMP , @darktable, @krita, @Blender, ArmorPaint, Olive:


Featured artwork by Gioele Muscolino, made with Blender and GIMP

To keep up with the current development pace, we have decided to keep releasing 2 major versions of per year :
* one for summer solstice
* the usual one for winter solstice.

Those 2 major releases will ship new features, while the dot releases (like 3.4.1, which will be frozen next week) will only ship bug fixes.

We still need a lot of translating help for Asian and Arabic languages, the dev team being EN/FR/DE/ES.

Showcases are not only people painting environments with Krita, sometimes it's tailors designing garments with free/libre Valentina software :)


Here's your periodic reminder that, although GitLab loves to rush up and shout in the ear of every FOSS project mistrusting GitHub, in reality GitLab is yet another commercial "open core" vendor trying to lure you in by offering the first hit for free.


Shorter-than-usual week recap: new stuff in GIMP, Krita, darktable, new releases of @zrythm and Guitarix, and the usual roundup of new tutorials and artworks made with free/libre software


Featured image by Juan Hernandez

Happy to do another artist showcase, this time — with Evelyne Schulz who uses GIMP for digital painting!


Calling all Inkscape artists!

You're invited to enter our traditional About Screen Contest for the upcoming Inkscape version 1.1!

Find all information about how to join the drawing contest at


We're looking forward to seeing your art!

#inkscape #contest #drawing #ArtWithOpenSource

To hell with 2020! Here is what you should be expecting to happen _this_ year in free/libre software for creative professionals:


I'm sunsetting Libre Graphics World to replace it with Libre Arts. Here is the why and how:


This is a shorter-than-usual week recap: new releases of Krita and Shotcut, new features in Siril, Blender, Olive, some interesting ongoing development in darktable (will land to dev branch after v3.4 release and after some heavy modification, apparently).


Featured artwork by Seefat

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