#Inkscape is proud to release versions 0.92.4 & 1.0 alpha of its free, professional vector graphics editor! Available now for Linux and Windows 32/64 here: inkscape.org/release/ #FLOSS #collaboration

The issue however then becomes: What kind of rules of thumb are good to use (heuristics) and what kind of icons convey to the non-technical user to slow down a bit.

So I'm going to try and figure that one out:


One of the big issues we keep having is how to convey to our totally not technical users how technical parts work in #krita. For example, we notice a lot of people trying out animation want to do a full 1h 60fps movie inside Krita, which just isn't possible RAM wise.

One way to solve this is education(users should proly use Krita together with kdenlive or something), but we can also try to improve Krita's memory reporting, by adding icons, for example.

And now for the unusual news. Meet Seashore, a native (Cocoa) free/libre image editor for macOS with @GIMP roots, GPLv2 license, and, since a few days, availability from the Apple's App Store:


Two small but nice additions to #FreeCAD source code over the past weekend: 1) new dimetric and trimetric views; accordingly the existing "Axonometric" view was renamed isometric, because that's what it was. All three view modes are grouped under the View --> Standard views --> Axonometric menu
2) Setting the default view orientation for new document (Preferences/Display). I've always felt that default top view (XY) is not logical for a 3D program...

I've written an article about how to view files on , starting with tools with but also talking about other IFC libraries.


If you work in the AEC industry, please support IFC development. The industry is stuck with proprietary tools developed by monopolies, and needs more and international standards.

Week highlights: improved performance in @GIMP, better smudging and initial filmic support in MyPaint, more HDR work in @krita, various improvements in Olive and other NLEs, stereoscopy rendering is back to @Blender viewport:


It's hard to "introduce" a project that's almost 10 years in development and currently at version, even if most people in the community are probably not aware of it. But it's entirely possible to interview the man behind it :)

Meet PhotoFlare developer Dylan Coakley:


Winter break highlights: MuseScore 3.0 release, Blender turns 25 years old and Google joins the Blender Development Fund, lots of improvements in @FreeCAD, @GIMP, and Olive, better HDR support in @krita.

libregraphicsworld.org/blog/en for more!

in a great end-of-the-year tradition, the nerds at darktable have a brand-spanking new 2.6 release now available!

congratulations darktable team on a fantastic release!


also, contributor Matthieu Moy has written up an extensive blog post detailing some of the awesome new features - give it a read as well:


Week highlights: @inkscape gets fallback for SVG2 features, @GIMP team merges smart colorization for the next stable release, there's more HDR work in @krita, Shotcut and Olive video editors get new releases, and more.


Here's a screenshot, currently doing some rework on the USB chip

If you think we already have all non-linear video editors on Linux we will ever need, meet Olive :)


— a solid basic set of cutting tools
— hardware-accelerated playback
— GLSL effects with animated properties

My first hands-on review:


Oh, totally foirgot. Week recap is out: a new Kdenlive release, new maintainer for Blender's video sequencer, lots of Blender add-ons updated, a new release of Krita, new features in darktable and GIMP, first public release of the reference AV1 decoder. As usual, comes with bunch of tutorials to share.


We've got a first HDR-enabled build of Krita working! There's still a lot of work to do, of course, but that it even works is already pretty amazing given how immature the technology is. Also, pity that the Windows snipping tool doesn't support HDR content...

An illustration of Piranesi's perspective trick, where the same transformation is repeated for each part (each letter in this case).
Compare with a 'true' perspective (below)

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