Go . Go . Add-on v0.0.200912 has been released with 50 new features and fixes. 100% free software to author and document BIM data fully to ISO standards. It's built by the AEC community, for the AEC community. Get it today: blenderbim.org

Highlights include multiprocessing import by default, smoother workflows for drawing generation, and improved MicroMVDs for certified outputs.

Release notes: community.osarch.org/discussio

Clone my workstation! Update of my guide to install my 100% Free/Libre and Open-Source operating system and tools. "Kubuntu Linux 20.04 for a digital painting workstation: Reasons and Install guide": davidrevoy.com/article783
#kubuntu #kde #linux #krita #digitalart

My silly week recap is belatedly out:


Lots of good stuff happening all around!

Featured Blender-powered artwork by YotaKa.

New video: named workspaces coming to Kdenlive 20.08 to streamline video production workflow:


New episode is out! This week we're speaking with guest Marcin Jakubowski from Open Source Ecology about all kinds of fun things.

#podcast #opensource #artwithopensource #makersgonnamake #makesomething


Take one determined @paperdigits and the will to professionally alter his Fuji XT-20 to block everything below 590nm and voila! Alien Joshua trees in the SoCal desert! Processed in darktable

see more: discuss.pixls.us/t/infrared-jo

Pushed a new week recap last night, and it covers new releases of @Blender, MusE, Zrythm, MuseScore, new release of darktable shaping up, as well as improvements across multiple major projects like FreeCAD, LibreCAD, BlenderBIM, Siril, @krita

The messy part is that a few hours after posting, a new release of BlenderBIM was announced :D


Featured artwork by Fern Hamblin Gadd

New Carla release!

It is a release candidate, sure, but now tagged and will receive bug-fixes only. Try it out and let me know how it works for you.
I always include pre-built binaries for Linux, macOS and Windows.

Using G'MIC and GIMP to create moving photographs by community member Scribbleed! A nice little tutorial to play with (come share your results):


Well, guess what. Weekly recaps are back, at least for now :)

Some of the usual sections like 3D, CAD, VFX have been omitted this time, and some of the topics like releases of Inkscape, GIMP, and Krita are old news. But there's more :)


Featured artwork by @Daroart36 (Twitter).

GIMP has quite a few features that are not very much visible to end-users and sometimes downright difficult to make obvious. Doing basic math calculations in the input fields is one of them. Basically, you can write '2467+7893', press TAB, and GIMP will compute the sum for you. So I did a video about this feature with slightly more details than that :)


Alright, added a gradient editor and connector lines... and merged it.

It should be in the next #krita nightly.

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The hosting company appears to have DNS issues. The website will hopefully soon be back. Meanwhile, you can watch "Tajo de Ronda" Landscape timelapse with @krita :)


New podcast episode is up. This is the second part of the interview with Paul Davis, lead Ardour developer. We talked about fixing big Linux audio issues, the potential of projects like PipeWire and OpenTimelineIO, and why VCV Rack and Harrison Mixbus are so successful


(Yes, it's on SoundCloud for now.)

Edited transcript: libregraphicsworld.org/blog/en

I just though it would be nice to share my process of creating 360 degree spherical panoramas with my drone.



High-quality free ePub books of classics literature — standardebooks.org/
...complete with a real, detailed typographic style guide: standardebooks.org/manual/1.0.

These are built from existing, public-domain etexts at Project Gutenberg, but human edited for structure and typographic detail. (And other, more boring, non-typography things like cover art)


Us, Krita team towards new users: please don't use our beta versions for production.

Deevad, decade long floss user: *casually uses an experimental GSoC branch for production work*

"Why this font is everywhere", the history of Cooper Black in a small 10 minutes video. I LOVE that font but hated it when a client wanted to use it on call to action because making call to actions work on mobile with this one, nope!

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