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Alexandre Prokoudine

In my madness for mean averaging videos a while back, I remembered that I had collected all of the James Bond opening sequences with the gun barrel view.

Here's what they all look like mean-averaged together. :)

I've also included what each of the individual films openings look like as well.

Tavmjong has been hard at work! Get a glimpse of the improvements he's making to #Inkscape at:

Reality check: these days, people probably know me mostly from my participation in the GIMP project, but my Patreon/Liberapay is for working on Libre Graphics World. Am I doing it all wrong? :)

So, GIMP 2.10rc2 is out. Release highlights:

— faster painting, now done in a separate thread;
— gradient fills in linear RGB and CIE LAB color spaces;
— rewritten UI themes;
— on-canvas 3D rotation for the Panorama Projection filter;
— 40 bugs fixed.

The gradient fill tool can now work in linear color space, thus making sure you have way more even transitions. The patch was done by Mitch. On top of that, Jehan renamed this tool to 'Gradient', because nobody else calls it a 'Blend' tool except a handful of Corel DRAW users maybe :) Due to renaming, compatibility code was added for old plugins and scripts to work with 2.10.

Last night, pushed a patch from Ville who rewrote the default dark theme in GIMP.

Highlights so far: actually readable inactive menu items, better contrast.

Still to do: color tweaks here and there, like making the histogram widget in the Curves filter look good.

FreeCAD BIM development news - March 2018 - Yorik's guestblog

In the middle of a workshop on Variable fonts with OSP and students in Typography at La Cambre art school — — 'The result, according to Adobe, is “aesthetically correct” and does not distort the characters.'

So basically when you show people that doing a certain thing is beneficial for the project and instill a good practice, in the long term, it's far better than doing everything yourself :)

On a more personal note, Jehan now updates NEWS regularly (which simplifies writing release notes when it's release time), and he wrote most of the release notes for 2.10rc1. And @patdavid has been helping out with Facebook/Google+ a lot for the past couple of years. Also, @schumaml does a lot of tech support in Twitter. Retirement looks positively realistic for me now :)

OK, so we released GIMP 2.10rc1, as well as a couple of GEGL releases between GIMP 2.9.8 (mid-December '17) and now.

Things to know:

— It doesn't crash as much, and when it does, you now have automatically generated backtrace to insert into your bug report.
— If it crashes, you can recover your data the next time you run GIMP (but no guarantee).
— Stuff like Gaussian blur is 2-3 times faster now thanks to improvements in how GEGL reads pixel data.

Release notes:

Holy mackerel! Just under 48 hours since it launched and the @BlenderArtists Discourse migration Kickstarter campaign has already hit its first funding goal! The Blender community never ceases to be incredible. Let's see if we can hit the next one!

#b3d #artwithopensource #linuxartists

Okay, so GIMP 2.9.8 is finally out. On-canvas gradients editing, faster color space conversions, slightly improved PSD support, bugfixes etc.

Rolf Steinort (Meet the GIMP)

One of my favorite things about getting out to LGM2014 in Leipzig was getting a chance to meet hte one and only Rolf Steinort - creator of "Meet the GIMP" ( and @creativecommons advocate

The new Clip Warning display filter in GIMP visualizes under-/overexposed areas in an image. It works nicely (for floating point prcision images only), but, as all display filters go, is rather cumbersome to enable. That's something the team is interested to fix. Oh, and the feature was added after it had been requested in our mailing list by a user. Here's a short video:

So I built LibreCAD_3 for shits and giggles, and it has a friggin Ribbon UI (obligatory disclaimer: it's nowhere near completion)

@Liberapay Read your faq, puzzled about withdrawal. Where/how do you send the funds to, exactly? Paypal? Wire?