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Scott Wilson

Good time of day! How's everyone doing? Hopefully your day will be great if it is just starting, or was great if the day is ending.

Good morning everyone! If you're not in a time zone where it is morning, then good local time! How is everyone doing?

Hey, who's learning Python and is confused about classes and object oriented code? I wrote an article on my site to hopefully make it less confusing. If it is more confusing... I'm sorry.

Oh man, Stardew Valley multiplayer beta is out. I can't wait until I have some free time to play. I'm unreasonably excited.

Adding to this, if you're looking at your current public facing application and saying to yourself "Uh oh, I'm vulnerable", there's two ways I can think of solving this for you. 1. Lock all pages behind accounts. They can be free, but it is up to you to manage who has permission.
2. Use random IDs that are unique enough to not clash with other IDs, and use a strong cryptographic random generator.

Also, don't arrest people when they find holes in your software and aren't being jerks about it.

Today I learned about a teenager that was arrested for scraping the freedom of information website in Nova Scotia. By the sounds of it, he had a script that looked something like this:

for i in range(x):

If that's hacking, then that's a terrible website design.

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You think I won't do it? You think I won't boost your toot? Try me, pal. I'll boost your fuckin' toot.

For those following me and are interested: I'm creating a file chunking tool that can convert a file -> a cache of chunks (of files) -> to a file. This is designed for up/downloading animation/games/vfx data that may have a lot of repeating data in it. (Compression comes seperately)

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Dear power users.

Does anyone know how keyboard ev-dev inputs (ie /dev/inputX) are translated to the correct characters using the default kernel keymap (/usr/src/linux/drivers/char/ in terminal mode (ie. no X11 nor wayland)?

I am confused and cannot find this answer on the internet and I'm too afraid to read any kind of linux kernel code...

(could you please boost if you do not have the answer, thanks!)

Oh man, global game jam tomorrow. I'm more excited than I probably should be.

Redirect ads are the worst. I've been getting them on Chrome for Android, and I'd happily nuke then from orbit if I could. I've turned on Chrome's redirect blocker, so that should hopefully stop that from happening. Either way, this is why I make sure adblock plus and privacy badger are installed whenever I can.

Aww yis. I'm unreasonably excited for building an asset manager for the artists I'm working with on my free time.

For those interested, the main thing I want to tackle is to manage assets that come from one application, and support having it brought into another. For example, publishing from Blender, and opening in Maya.

I feel good. I found someone stealing another person's artwork on a Facebook group and called them out on it.

So, the Global Game Jam is happening in two weeks. We're doing something different at the Vancouver jam this year by having a team of artists help create art for the teams. I'm doing software support, and making art myself.

Today was productive. I managed to test my wrapper around Shotgun's entities by creating an asset browser. So far, it's pretty fast, but some queries are still slow.

Happy Friday! May your work be over quickly, and the rest of the day be great. If you are a cat, my fiance would like to meet you.

Also, you're a really smart cat if you are able to read this.

Also, another programming challenge is creating a path tracer render engine that can predict the number of samples needed per pixel, and the most optimal sampling distribution.

One day, I want to write an API for creating music. So, instead of doing it through the usual set of tools, you can make music through pure code. Why?

1. This sounds like a fun weekend project.
2. I'm inspired to learn how to make music from Mick Gordon's GDC talk on making the music for Doom. "Change the process, change the outcome."

I've been looking at rust (the language), and it is inspiring me to make a game. I should focus on my pipeline, but eh. I'll indulge myself with playing with the idea, then put it away. The one thing I really want to do is to simulate engaging relationships with the agents in the game. Think Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley. But putting more focus on relationships with the townsfolk. Maybe have things like inviting/ being invited to dinners.

Happy Friday! If you're just going to work or school, have a good time. If you're finishing either, then enjoy your weekend. If this is your weekend, then how's it been? If you're a lizard, congratulations on reading this.