Happy Friday everyone! How was your week? What's your weekend plans?

For those interested in , I did a post on software designs. It may be a crap post, so feel free to tear it apart. propersquid.com/posts/simplici

Also, there's a thread somewhere about gamification of the pipeline. So, if an artist makes a publish, then they'll get points depending on if it passes the checks.

I'm not sure what I think of that. Stuff like that can get pretty exploitive, and very Skinner Box like. However, I do agree that promoting fun is important. For example, on thing we did at a place I worked at is display a random funny quote after every successful publish. People really enjoyed that.

Morning! I've been thinking about CG pipelines, and feel like thinking out loud.

If a studio were to build a pipeline today, they'd probably want the following things (on top of the usual needs):

- Python 3 ready
- Cloud ready
- Filesystem tracking and management.

Thanks to @impiaaa for the shout out. Looks like I need to be a little more active on here. So, as a question to people following me and seeing this post on the timeline, what would you like to know about software development in the CG industry?

So, SIGGRAPH is on the verge of wrapping up for the year. It's been a great experience seeing how other studios make magic, and meeting up with old co-workers and friends. Either way, it's inspiring and really cool. Also, had the opportunity to meet some of the Blender core developers, and they're cool people. They are magic workers.

SIGGRAPH is cool. If you are able to participate and in the CG industry, then I highly recommend checking it out.

Anyone here know about doing authentication with gRPC? I'm building an authentication server, and want to make sure my design makes sense.

I now know how to read and write Alembic files. This is more exciting than it should be.

Programming for Maya, Nuke, Katana, and a bit of Blender
Programming in Python, Go, and Rust (Python is my main language)
Designing a production pipeline for animation or VFX (probably shouldn't build one due to working at a studio currently, but will happily do a knowledge dump)
Code reviews
Dad jokes

Good time of day! How's everyone doing? Hopefully your day will be great if it is just starting, or was great if the day is ending.

Good morning everyone! If you're not in a time zone where it is morning, then good local time! How is everyone doing?

Hey, who's learning Python and is confused about classes and object oriented code? I wrote an article on my site to hopefully make it less confusing. If it is more confusing... I'm sorry.


Oh man, Stardew Valley multiplayer beta is out. I can't wait until I have some free time to play. I'm unreasonably excited.

Adding to this, if you're looking at your current public facing application and saying to yourself "Uh oh, I'm vulnerable", there's two ways I can think of solving this for you. 1. Lock all pages behind accounts. They can be free, but it is up to you to manage who has permission.
2. Use random IDs that are unique enough to not clash with other IDs, and use a strong cryptographic random generator.

Also, don't arrest people when they find holes in your software and aren't being jerks about it.

Today I learned about a teenager that was arrested for scraping the freedom of information website in Nova Scotia. By the sounds of it, he had a script that looked something like this:

for i in range(x):

If that's hacking, then that's a terrible website design.

You think I won't do it? You think I won't boost your toot? Try me, pal. I'll boost your fuckin' toot.

For those following me and are interested: I'm creating a file chunking tool that can convert a file -> a cache of chunks (of files) -> to a file. This is designed for up/downloading animation/games/vfx data that may have a lot of repeating data in it. (Compression comes seperately)

Dear power users.

Does anyone know how keyboard ev-dev inputs (ie /dev/inputX) are translated to the correct characters using the default kernel keymap (/usr/src/linux/drivers/char/defkeymap.map) in terminal mode (ie. no X11 nor wayland)?

I am confused and cannot find this answer on the internet and I'm too afraid to read any kind of linux kernel code...

(could you please boost if you do not have the answer, thanks!)

Oh man, global game jam tomorrow. I'm more excited than I probably should be.

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