Cool, I have new people following me. Out of curiosity, why?

Python doesn't have this (or need it), because it's dynamically typed, and basically all these checks happen at runtime.

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Man, I really wish Go had sum types (apparently maybe in version 2?)

For those that don't know, a sum type can be thought of something that can be a certain number of types. For example, you can have a basic value that may be an integer, float, boolean, or string. And this will be statically checked at compile time. So in languages like Rust, if your code doesn't handle all of the types in your value type, then you can't compile.

Hopefully a JavaScript developer sees this: I'm working on a website using Quill for doing the text editing and TypeScript for my scripting needs. I had it working once, but now I get an error where the quill class has no constructor. If anyone knows how I'm breaking things, then please let me know!

Yikes. I haven't posted here in a while. How's everyone doing?

I'm a yellow belt in judo now! On to the next one.

I was originally going to have each plugin be its own service, and it can use load balancing to handle the read/ writes. But I'm also okay with the idea of having it written into the service itself.

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Question for programmer friends out there. I'm writing a file server microservice using Golang and gRPC. I want the server to use plugins to offload the work of handling the files (reading/ writing to/from a file system, AWS S3, Google, Azure, etc). What's the best way to implement the plugins? Bake it into service, have them as their own service, subprocess, something else?

Something that bugs the hell out of me: The Video Game Awards isn't an awards ceremony. It's a marketing event thinly disguised as one.

Also, I think I'm on the verge of becoming a rust fan boy. I'm looking at stuff at work, and saying to myself "How can I rewrite this in rust?". I'm also reading the pbrt book on my free time, and I'm seeing a lot of opportunities for doing things in rust.

Morning! Yesterday I started on a server application I've been working on again. It's been probablya month or two since I did any coding at home, and it feels good to be back in it.

Happy Friday everyone! How was your week? What's your weekend plans?

For those interested in , I did a post on software designs. It may be a crap post, so feel free to tear it apart.

Also, there's a thread somewhere about gamification of the pipeline. So, if an artist makes a publish, then they'll get points depending on if it passes the checks.

I'm not sure what I think of that. Stuff like that can get pretty exploitive, and very Skinner Box like. However, I do agree that promoting fun is important. For example, on thing we did at a place I worked at is display a random funny quote after every successful publish. People really enjoyed that.

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Morning! I've been thinking about CG pipelines, and feel like thinking out loud.

If a studio were to build a pipeline today, they'd probably want the following things (on top of the usual needs):

- Python 3 ready
- Cloud ready
- Filesystem tracking and management.

Thanks to for the shout out. Looks like I need to be a little more active on here. So, as a question to people following me and seeing this post on the timeline, what would you like to know about software development in the CG industry?

So, SIGGRAPH is on the verge of wrapping up for the year. It's been a great experience seeing how other studios make magic, and meeting up with old co-workers and friends. Either way, it's inspiring and really cool. Also, had the opportunity to meet some of the Blender core developers, and they're cool people. They are magic workers.

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