Our special deals continue through ! Save up to $180 on your Proton VPN and @protonmail subscriptions, and get free early access to Proton Drive. Contribute to a better internet while keeping more $ in your pocket. Sale ends Dec. 1, 6:59am CET. protonvpn.com/blackfriday

is here! Get up to 50% off Proton VPN Plus and @protonmail Plus plans. With our bundle deals, you will also be one of the first to get exclusive access to Proton Drive for free. Sale ends Nov. 30. protonvpn.com/blackfriday

ProtonVPN’s official command-line Linux app is available as of today! We’ve completely rewritten the code to improve its security, stability & performance: protonvpn.com/blog/linux-vpn-c Special thanks also to our Proton community, who made the original Linux app possible.

At Proton, we're always looking for ways to support organizations that align with our mission of providing privacy and security for all. This year, we’re auctioning Lifetime accounts and giving some away in a raffle. Help us choose our 2020 beneficiaries. Accepting suggestions until Nov. 27: protonmail.com/blog/lifetime-a

ProtonVPN is now officially supported on Chromebook devices! Simply download the ProtonVPN Android app from the Google Play Store, or via our app APK link, to start securing your Internet connection, streaming your favorite shows, and more: protonvpn.com/blog/unlimited-c

In the recent macOS Big Sur release, Apple placed 56 of its own apps, such as FaceTime and Apple Maps, on an exclusion list allowing them to bypass firewalls and certain VPNs without users’ knowledge. This seriously undermines macOS users’ security and privacy.

After thorough examination, we confirm that on ProtonVPN’s macOS app, no traffic is excluded from the encrypted VPN tunnel when Kill Switch is enabled (including Apple apps’ traffic). More details here: protonvpn.com/blog/big-sur-exc

Our early bird sale is here! For a limited time, get up to 50% off with bundle deals on ProtonVPN and @protonmail and get exclusive early access to ProtonDrive for free. Own your privacy while supporting our mission to build a better internet. protonvpn.com/blackfriday

Last week, Google announced its own VPN service. Trusting Google's VPN would be like trusting a VPN from the NSA. Here's why giving Google direct access to all your online activity is a terrible idea: protonvpn.com/blog/google-vpn/

Note: As long as you have a paid Proton subscription, regardless of which of our services it is for (ProtonMail, ProtonVPN, or, eventually, ProtonDrive), you will earn your Storage Bonus. And as a ProtonVPN user, you automatically have a free ProtonMail account. All you need to do is sign into ProtonMail using your login credentials for ProtonVPN, and you will be taken to your ProtonMail inbox where the additional storage you have earned will be automatically applied.

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Proton is powered by our community. To thank you for helping us spread privacy to all, we're offering an annual Storage Bonus to paid users. You'll now receive 1 GB of additional storage for each uninterrupted year you've had a paid subscription. Read more: protonmail.com/support/knowled

It’s time for the and we’re anxious to follow this matchup between the and the . Stream the NBA Finals live online with ProtonVPN, by connecting to a Plus server in the US: protonvpn.com/blog/nba-finals- Who'll take the trophy home this year? Make your bets below.

The results of our annual server poll are in! Our community has voted to expand the ProtonVPN network to Cyprus, the Philippines, and Thailand, among other countries. Thank you for helping us prioritize where we should acquire and provision new servers. Stay tuned for updates! protonvpn.com/blog/2020-vpn-po

Third: Peru 🇵🇪 We also added 3 Basic and 5 Plus servers in Lima. protonvpn.com/blog/peru-new-se With these 24 new servers and our recent launch of protonvpn.com/es_mx/, we are increasing access to privacy in Latin America.

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The ProtonVPN server map in South America is starting to get crowded! We just added three new countries:

First up: Colombia 🇨🇴 We added 3 Basic and 5 Plus servers in Bogota. protonvpn.com/blog/colombia-ne

Our website is now available in 15 new languages, thanks to our dedicated Proton community! Click the link to read about it, and join our project to help us spread privacy and security to more users around the world: protonvpn.com/blog/translation

In the past few weeks, we added 100 new servers for our paid users and improved servers' capacity for free users. New servers were added in the US, the Netherlands, Russia, Norway, France, Germany, Canada, UK, UAE, and Singapore! protonvpn.com/vpn-servers

You can now catch the excitement of every race from anywhere! Learn how to stream F1 and watch the British Grand Prix race this weekend in Silverstone. Read more here: protonvpn.com/support/watch-f1

We just installed servers in a country that is in high demand with our community! With 3 new Basic and 5 Plus servers in Hungary 🇭🇺, we are increasing our VPN bandwidth in Europe. More details here: protonvpn.com/blog/hungary-new

Every social media app collects information on its users. However, in 's case, this data could eventually be turned over to the Chinese government. If this is concerning, read more on how you can delete TikTok and take back control of your privacy: protonvpn.com/blog/how-to-dele

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