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I just published my new redesigned homepage at ! Let's not all live in centralised walled-in social networks but create our own proper corner on the web as it was designed for!

I released some fine-tuned transformer models for Dutch : NER & PoS (CGN tagset), built on BERTje or RobBERT. Usable with huggingface's transformers, rust-bert, and later with the upcoming DeepFrog!

Want to process an existing FoLiA XML document with spaCy and have rich FoLiA output? spacy2folia can do that now! (alongside plaintext to FoLiA via spacy)

Sympatiek initiatief om het zo openbaar te doen, maar ik ben wel erg skeptisch over de van vandaag, we moeten eerst bij de kernvragen beginnen, los van welke app dan ook. Wel mooi werk van CodeForNL
met en publieke (technische!) discussie.

We just released new versions of our full software stack: Frog, ucto, libfolia, timbl, mbt, ticcltools, PICCL and more (all in LaMachine), this will be the final release by esteemed colleague and main developer Ko van der Sloot before his retirement!

If there is to be a app for contact tracing to prevent the spread of in the Netherlands, then aside from all the obvious privacy requirements (decentralisation, anonymity, open source, transparency etc), there should be an open protocol that everybody can write their own clients for rather than a single authorized app (which won't work on all platforms).

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Software is like an onion. If you open up the inner layers you start crying

Our dog misses his best furry friend in times of quarantine... Technology to the rescue! Telewoofing together!

Ik snap die nieuwe elleboogbegroeting niet, is dat niet dezelfde elleboog waarin we geacht worden te niezen? Kunnen we niet gewoon een beleefd doch afstandelijk buiginkje doen zoals de japanners?

For comfort and explanation in time of a worldwide corona virus scare, let's turn to mathematics!

If I switch TV channels or turn the lights on or off, there's a big chance my doorbell rings; either I have very elusive pranksters in the neighbourhood or I have a bug in my

这儿在Mastodon有没有中国人?我学习汉语和找会说汉语的朋友门! 谁想跟我练习汉语?

I just published my PhD thesis "Constructions as Linguistic Bridges" on my homepage at, feel free to ask difficult questions in preparation for the upcoming defence!

Я сегодня узнавал казахский певец "Димаш Кудайберген". Весь день я слушал его ангельский голос! Могу рекомендовать!

Today I discovered there is a G5 paper format used for dissertations in the Netherlands which is way smaller than A4. Result: A whole day of fun with resizing table and figure placement in LaTeX ...

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I mean, all this was pretty common before social media ate the internet. People hosted things that was personaly valuable to them, and that stuff turned out to be valuable to other people too. It was neat! Authentic , interesting people sharing their passions!

The landscape changed. The primary values are not personal, but ad placement, views, viral-ability, SEO, and commercial platforms. There's a great reluctance to publish something that doesn't hit most of those targets.

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Doing some final writing on my (accepted!) PhD dissertation!

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Consider: millions of years ago our antecedents gave a massive sacrifice of their left hemisphere.

We lost a tremendous amount of short term memory and replaced it with Broca’s, Wernicke & the phonological loop.

But why?

So we can—talk.

Thus chimpanzees can do this—we can’t:


To help me learn Chinese, I’ve compiled a list of characters I wish to study, ordered them based on similarity, and wrote some software to render it in a nice grid:

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