RIP iPod. You were wired, had less space than a Nomad, but thankfully you were not lame.

I have fond memories of loading my music library onto an iPod to go walk across the BGSU campus. It felt liberating at the time to carry so much good music in one device.

Heyo fedi! Iβ€˜m lampy, an appreciator of cozy pixel art n things. Making games too, sometimes. Most of the stuff I do nowadays is pixely pieces.

DJ Power and his Associates
JD Power and his Bachelor’s

People who clean their bathrooms properly every 1-2 weeks:

1. Are you a liar?
2. Are you in a relationship / family situation where you are empowered to spend energy keeping up with that?
3. Is it an ADHD tax that makes that chore harder than it should be?

(Before I scare people: YES, I clean my bathroom properly, especially before visitors come, but I'm not great at the suggested frequency all the time!)

Wait, does :catjam: actually work?

Best reason yet that I'm back on Mastodon.

Why did you end up coming to Mastodon? Pls boost so we can get some good data πŸ™Œ

If you love be sure to follow @lyonsinbeta and subscribe to his killer podcast Nostalgia Goggles in your favorite podcast app

Disclaimer: I had the joy of designing their cover art!

separation of snurch (snail church) and snate (snail state)


Sam Raimi flexing his horror muscles in the hospital scene from SPIDER-MAN 2.


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