Recording cassettes is a completely pointless exercise, but because (depending on your deck) you have to sit through the entire recording and tune the recording level or bias knob, it makes you listen to your music very, very attentively.

I'm always thrilled when I discover new things in music, like every time I upgrade some headphones or speakers. But this time it happened just by focusing the attention on the sound.

Should have known this, but it was still unexpected, so I obviously didn't.

I got my cassettes this week. Gonna record all the synthwave onto them. Yellow ones with glitter. Silvery mirrored ones. Two-tone red and black. I have them all!

Let's bring back 90s Internet culture and netiquette. It's not like we didn't have heated discussions back then, but even among an anarchic horde of anonymous peers there was more respect, less rudeness and twattery than today.

Tomorrow I'll spend some quality time with my very last Windows game, Nioh. When that ends, it's time to delete that partition.

I've been Windows-free from 1999 to 2014 or so, so this was just a brief interlude, and no attachment grew out of it.

Also, that game be dark. As in: badly lit and damp. In times when people like Kaczyński, Orbán, Erdoğan and Trump have power, the world needs more Super Mario.

That's my three favorite topics in one heck of a misshapen toot. I can stop tooting now.

Body hair 

Owning a hairy manbody that sheds all over the place is an endless source of entertainment. Whenever you are done vacuuming the bathroom, you're ready to start vacuuming the bathroom.

Food, Puyo Puyo 

I'm cooking a thousand little slimes from Puyo Puyo! But they're all green, shouldn't they have dissolved each other by now?

Game opinion, gross 

The Witcher 3 on PS4 is an undigestable clump of hair lodged forever in my throat. It's the 30 fps hard lock that does it. Everything is sluggish and stunted and too late. The combat barely works. Also, foliage clutter.

On PC (well, WINE+DXVK) at 60 fps it's tolerable, though still a bit of slog just because of quest structure and world size.

Breath of the Wild manages to avoid all these problems and still just be 30 fps. Nintendo does have magic powder somewhere.

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Protip for Chrome users: to improve your security when using Google Chrome, uninstall it and use a browser that’s not from a company which makes its money from spying on you 24/7

So, is one a total square if one has an account on and nowhere more specific? ⬜

My CRT-based retrogame streaming will not be happening, my current camera just can't deal with 60 Hz no matter what I do (tried 1/60 shutter speed but there's a seam, and I have no good multiples thereof, so pretty stuck). Sometimes auto mode randomly works, same settings in manual don't.

So instead, I'll just stream from emulators. Friday evening around 7 CEST is the next test stream, Akumajo Dracula stage 9. The channel is at and I promise not to spam it here much.

If I were a person who is likely to squee, I would squee at the Game Boy shaders that have been in RetroArch for a while (I only found them now)

Do people still squee?

I discovered that Castlevania: Rondo of Blood for PC-Engine CD is a completely different game to Dracula X/SFC thanks to ZeldaBlade doing runs of all the Castlevania games in order on Twitch:

I'm meant to be going through Akumajo Densetsu, but Rondo of Blood has so much more polish, I find it hard to continue. And the Red Book audio! I fear it'll even dethrone Super Castlevania IV in my little world.

My CRT filming plans are sort of dead in the water. My better camera has a 1/60 shutter setting and the pixels itself look glorious, but 1/60 is not a refresh rate that seems to work. There is a thin "ghost" of a shadow passing over the image every so often.

Since I don't have good multiples of 60 until well into the 1000s and that would be way too dark, I'm stuck. I don't want to buy a new camera either. Some more experiments tomorrow. At least audio works great now.

This weekend will include an experiment for higher-quality CRT filming using a better camera (Sony RX 100 III). If the thing has an 1/60 shutter setting or a multiple of 60, it might just work.

Depending on the quality I might invest in an HDMI capture dongle to stream CRT gaming that way at 1080p60.

I am most displeased with the high amount of unshakable compression artifacts the current webcam produces. It's a CRT, man! Has to be perfect! So let's hope it will be.

I've started streaming games from real consoles and a real CRT (filmed via webcam).

Still tweaking the settings, but it's looking a lot better than I expected. As soon as I have some way to get audio directly from the consoles to the streaming lappy, I'll toot the next stream. Should be next weekend.

I only know one other person who does this and they've stopped around the end of 2017, so time to pick up the torch.

Bayonetta opinion, sexualized (?) characters 

Just finished Bayonetta. The writing and visual style is what stood out most for me. The combat was often too rapid and nervous to fully make sense of, so repeated successful combos all the time, no experiments. Never felt fully in control. Maybe I'm old.

Not sure what to make of the "strong female lead" situation combined with those crotch and tit shots. Fan service? Empowerment? Neither? Both? 👠

Did some patient gaming on the weekend and I must confess that Red Dead Redemption's writing is pretty excellent for a video game.

Sad that Rockstar Games is so anti-consumer with their crazy Rockstar Social Club and adding a second layer of (broken) DRM. I'd buy more of their games if the writing is equally good.

Fun fact: Even though you can back up Steam games, you can't actually install them again while offline.

The backup function's only purpose is to save on bandwidth so you don't have to download things again. To really have local copies of games, you'd have to buy from GOG or other DRM-free places instead.

We've frowned on Facebook logins for third-party sites for what, ten years now? And the public is catching on as well

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