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Played The Last of Us (PS3) for the first time on the weekend. Atmosphere and characters, 10/10, but that bug-ridden combat? A 5, maximum.

I flushed down the bad aftertaste with some JYDGE right after 😋

My JYDGE review is up. I promise it isn't as badly written as my previous toot.

There is a worrying trend of more and more new 2D games with an always-on screen shake effect. Some people get nausea from such effects. If you do too, feel free to join our Steam group that tries fight against this trend by asking developers not to force such effects on players

I played a lot of JYDGE and I'm liking it. It's a top-down action game, but each level demands a different approach and new customizations of your character. Currently 55% off on Steam.