Mein guter Freund @puntofisso hat über seinen (und teilweise unseren) Berlin-Besuch geschrieben und es ist sehr gut geworden.

Come work with me at @transportgovuk—we're looking for a Data Executive to support the Developing Data Unit and help shape the transport sector’s use of data assets.

* Permanent
* up to £36,880
* Apply by Sep 14th

I think when Matt Hancock ad libbed about “managed serendipity”, what he really meant was, everyone should go to UK Healthcamp this Saturday #Expo18NHS #ukhc18

This also means that I'm leaving @StGeorgesUni after over 9 years. It's been an amazing time in one of the most eclectic roles I could ever imagine, and that enabled me to have constant fun and grow personally and professionally. I'll be back for drinks often :)

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This also gives me the opportunity to advertise this role in my team, for a data peep who wants to support the Developing Data Unit:

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Folks, I've got some personal news...

In December, I will start my new job as Head of the Developing Data Unit at @transportgovuk.

There's a bit of time before then, but I'm incredibly excited to join a department that is giving data an increasingly central role.

I had never noticed it before but the website of Warren Buffett's company is a thing of beauty

I also moved here with the idea that I'd become an academic. 6 months into my PhD, I quit, and that's been the most successful failure of my life :D

10 years ago I arrived in London, looking to settle here permanently. Time flies when you're having fun!

This is why I love my boss:

"Have you heard that the EU are looking to abolish daylight savings? IT'S ABOUT TIME!"

Last night, I was in my first day of primary school, and the teacher was forcing the whole class to sight sing something that sounded like Wagner.

"When are the most popular days to get married?"
Well played, @ons, and good chart :)

Interesting stuff coming from the @transportgovuk Data Science team: "teaching computers to read", i.e. ML to identify aviation-related news articles. Great stuff, @tomewing1979 & team.

Here's my new project. Featuring ! Rubik's Cubes! ! Government! All in one video 😃

"The World’s Oldest Blockchain Has Been Hiding in the New York Times Since 1995" < GREAT story
h/t @charlesarthur

That @Edent has a talent for giving serious insight while being awesomely entertaining - watch and read this on showing how to use AI in Government... with a Rubik's Cube

I'm working on something - maybe a new talk - I'd like people to share horror stories about trying to apply for (public service) jobs..
Things like @puntofisso 's classic - or this from Beth Fox on the birdsite

Please boost for reach :)

@thimontjack of @instituteforgov for most of the explainer text, @GavinFreeguard for the feedback
@codenberg for the Scrollama library
@mattstutely and @dasbarrett for answering my neverending data questions on and @UKParliData.

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