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sun tzu you idiot, I will keep my enemies far away, so they don't kill me. you total nincompoop

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today I propose to reinvent the car
*tech investors nod silently*
the first issue is capacity, a car only holds 4-5 people. I suggest chaining together many cars
*tech investors begin to smile*
the second is safety, they crash all the time! I propose a fixed route for each car chain
*tech investors are talking happily to each other in agreement*
the third is price, much too expensive for many people. I propose this system be publically owned
*tech investors scream as they head for fire escapes*

what's the deal with all the pornbots now?

milk chocolate? more like shit chocolate. dark forever

calling questionable things sandwiches to start a fight

I don't exactly keep up with the news, but near as I can tell a fellow named andrew yang is running for president of reddit

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the two types of replies on this webbed site 

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ASMR Get Ready With Me [I Go From Looking Like Anyone Might In The Morning, to What Both My UpBringing And Culture Have Taught Me Is Reasonable]

having to dogsit again and I'll be honest: dog ownership seems like a fucking nightmare

very concerned about all the viral ads that say "like a pressure wash for your insides". that's an extremely bad thing

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the more i think about how many people try to claim taming of the shrew as some play of women's empowerment, the more angry i get

twitter, brain worms 

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MEANWHILE, IN CANADA: a woman with a size 7 left foot and size 9 right foot has finally found a woman with a size 9 left foot and size 7 right foot so they can buy shoes together 🐘


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Im v high so i am sorry about my clown+nevada vomit. I just woke up thinking about clowns and had some really deep thoughts about how much I can relate lmao.

canada politics 

server at a restaurant roasted me relentlessly because I drank like 4 glasses of water

politics, green party 

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