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sun tzu you idiot, I will keep my enemies far away, so they don't kill me. you total nincompoop

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today I propose to reinvent the car
*tech investors nod silently*
the first issue is capacity, a car only holds 4-5 people. I suggest chaining together many cars
*tech investors begin to smile*
the second is safety, they crash all the time! I propose a fixed route for each car chain
*tech investors are talking happily to each other in agreement*
the third is price, much too expensive for many people. I propose this system be publically owned
*tech investors scream as they head for fire escapes*

started playing stellaris and this is going to be a real problem. just noticed it was 4 hours later than I thought and I'm not sure when the last time I ate was

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foss is now a registered trademark of the microsoft corporation

ever hear music that you almost like but can only describe it as being "underseasoned"

I had a 450 day duolingo streak, but the stupid heart update was so bad I uninstalled the thing

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this cat got that supervillain energy

was looking at new internet plans and found these minimum requirements... for internet?

Ontario has voted to stay in daylight savings forever, but apparently only if Quebec and New York do it which seems like a big caveat

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seen a lot of articles complaining that the discovery got an A after the registry number despite not being destroyed, but it was destroyed (according to all Starfleet records) 930 years before this refit happened. it makes more sense to give it a new registry than to be like "we got a 1000 year old ship still running"

latest ep of star trek discovery was easily the best of the series, glad I stuck with the show to see it

overdraft fees are the most bullshit thing. don't have money? that's gonna cost ya

there's a loophole in the lifetime terms of members of the supreme court, in that if you just kill them, their term ends

it is only a "burger" if it originated from hamburg, germany. otherwise it is a "grilled meat disk"

worst state couple

video game instruction manuals from the 90s made me think everyone's blood type was a much more shared fact than it really is

anyone here do freelance web development? I'm being offered some work but have no idea what to charge hourly(sounds like the project'll be around 10-15 total hours)

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