I have another group of Force feats for my WotC Star Wars campaign. The previous feats had no cost because they were non-combat oriented, while these feats can come at a heavy cost.


And the next review is up: SimEarth: The Living Planet from 1990.

Next time, I'll clean off my desktop before recording. Youtube muted the audio. The music is rather iconic.


I keep revisiting this concept - Campaigns going completely off the rails. I have a series of 5 posts on just a handful of sessions that I broke. The series started back in 2015 and it continues to this day.


I promise not to do this too often, but you can get a Kindle Fire for song. It's only $39.99 for the 7". I wish I had waited before purchasing back in January.


I'm at 41 on the countdown of 52 reviews for 2021. Today I look at Daughters of Darkness: The Mara Witch for Basic Era Games by Timothy S. Brannan. , 


How about a shout out on a shout out? Can you do that? Is that a thing?

Anyway Jeremy "frothsof" Smith mentioned my White Box review in his podcast.


Omg. I found my copy of the Farscape RPG. Back in Jan of 2020, I wrote a review and mentioned you need the PHB 3.x to play the Farscape RPG.

On further review, perhaps that is true... or not true. It's missing the experience tables. And the Challenge Rating information. That's like a page from 2 books. Or more correctly, 2 tables.

I took a moment to update my review, with some other observations.


I'm tired. Here is a collection of posts from Matt Jackson's CollaboDungeon series. There are three room descriptions I wrote for 3 different dungeons. Matt has the full files on his website. msjx.org/.


I have a review of Todd Leback's Into the Wild kickstarter. He is knocking down stretch goals with 10 days to go.


Time for a new review. This is a review of The X-Wing Miniature game. It is review number 10 of 52. 42 reviews more to go.


An older review on the book, Population of Loss. I'm reposting it as I am getting ready to read another book by Mike and Shell DiBaggio.


Trying to get all of my review under one tab on my blog, I am posting  reviews. This is a review of Star Viking, which is available for free as a print and play title.


The  post where I talk about stuff I don't understand and gush about the SAFCO Podcast about Traveller.


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