A few new weapons for Star Smuggler. I feel these are balanced for the scenarios presented and as a result of balance, they are not overpowered. They are situational at best.


Well, this has never happened to me before. We played out 10 combats in one session, which covered 13 days of game time.


A slightly compressed session update for B2. We had two mini sessions and one large one all combined into one report. The party is finally clicking, but is playing fast and loose with dangerous moves.


Ok, back to your regularly scheduled D&D posts. I'm thinking of replacing the Mad Hermit in B2 with a witch from one of @Timothy Brannan 's OSR books. Somehow, the player dodge the hermit and well, being a hermit kind of implies he won't look around for them.

A witch on the other hand seems like a great way to get the party's attention.


It's definitely embryonic, but I had a new idea for a blog.

Consider it a preview of more to come.


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