How about a little Weekend Rewind. This is a review of Magic Items by The Raging Barbarian aka Simone Tammetta.

The ship has sailed on 2019... I need to plan my next session for this campaign by the second week of January. I have some ideas in store short term, but long term is all rather cloudy.

We are at the end of 52 Weeks of Magic.
These last two items are linked by a story from my campaign on the Peninsula of Plenty and real life events capturing the spirit of Magic and the Holidays.

May you and yours have a wonderful celebration and a magical new year.

I found a new favorite title over on DriveThruRPG. Here is another 5 star review of SM00 A Traveller's Atlas of Dunromin and the Land of the Young.

I'm on a streak with finds on DriveThruRPG.

And it's the other thing... The King's Cold.

This magic items is in possession of the Kobold King. The King's Cold is, again, is a magic item being inappropriately used by the tribe of dogmen.

Fun with Kobolds. This magic items is in possession of the Kobold King's Sister. The Scryer's Beads are being inappropriately used by the tribe of dogmen.

One last item for tonight in my series of 52 Weeks of Magic. This is 41, so I need to do more than one a day.

The Empty Bouquet protects against disease.

Yet again I'm playing with styles and markers.

Yet another magical device. The Miller's Device, again with different artwork.

I have a high magic campaign were magical consumer devices are often found.

Go, Dad, GO. My Dad loves making models and this castle is exceptional. Check out the post for a video of the completed Crusader Era Castle.

Game Review Time! G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T.: Glorious Adventures in Science Loosely involving Generally Historical Times*. Insanity in the Victorian Era. This is a great set of rules with a set of rules to make your own minions and villains.

*The title took longer to type than the review...

This is not an RPG post, but I hope you see the connection.

I'm totally bragging here.

My students, staff and my children are amazing people. So, what do you get out of it? Photos of my minis, which are not the star of the story.

I schedule a post this morning about how The Thought Eater Blog and Frothcast rounds up everything you need to know about the OSR in a week.

Froth found it before I shared it. How is that possible?

What did I miss? My blog is called These Old Games, I'm not reviewing anything new.

But I love podcasts. This week's highlight reel is They Might Be Gazebos! 'cast called Playing It Wrong: NPCs. This episode isn't too old, from Dec 1st, but I missed it the first time around. My campaign lives and dies on NPCs and any advice I can get on their usage is very helpful. Give They Might Be Gazebos' Playing It Wrong a listen.

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