Sometimes, I just abandon projects.

This project was abandoned sometime in the 1990s. The goal was to make a Zentradi Battlepod in the same scale as Battle Tech.

Just a minor website update to show off a new image gallery. I'd like to use this to display my painted figures in the future.

This gallery shows off a Lego T.I.E. Fighter and my new affiliate links to the Lego Store. I'll be running some new types of ads in addition to some new content like lego products.

I don't have much time on my hands, so I read a story by @larry Hamilton and watched a video by @Reverend Fox. It made me realize that I had a story sitting out on my blog in draft mode.

A brief update from
the blog. I cover Theif Envy, rolling too many dice, and otherwise causing headaches for myself.

God, I'm tired. I wrote a 1000 or 2000 word post and either forgot to share or left it in draft mode.

This one is a two pieces post about the trouble I've brought on myself at the table plus one especially cranky and troublesome player at my table.

Yesterday, wrote about variable and standard 1d6 damage in B/X. I am all the way variable damage, but after some reflection, the standard 1d6 damage seems like an excellent opportunity for different gameplay options.

I spent some time sorting out all of my reviews. I now have all 96 reviews sorted by category and genre. The main categories are PnP Games, Video Games, Movies and TV, Novels, and Other.

In this Five Point Friday, I crawl through all kinds of randomness. Hexes, F-Stop Fitzgerald, Columbia House CDs, Facebook, and finally, some D&D.

I've got a shortlist of stupid human tricks for Hexcrawling. In this post, I share some tools and tips that would work in almost any hexcrawl.

Session two of my hexcrawl. The party is slow to advance after a ghoulish discovery but gives a good accounting of itself in combat.

This week's Antiquity Tuesday is also my first guest post by @ian Borchardt. Ian took the time to comment on my post about the Sarcina and expanded on how this device fits into the daily life of Roman Soldiers.

First time playing Old School Essentials with Into the Wild for a hex crawl. Things went great!

The party battled a couple of sea serpents who created more problems than they were prepared to deal with.

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