And here it is, review 26. I've reached the midpoint of this series of posts faster than I expected.

H. M. Hoover's The Winds of Mars will be the last novel review for a while.

Here is my 25th review of the year. The Rains of Eridan by H. M. Hoover. This novel is a turning point in Hoover's career as she tackles both heavy violence and several forms of love in one YA title. , .

When Tesla inevitably gets into heavy arms...

art by Patrik Rosander

For my 24th Review, I offer the Old School Essentials: Basic Rules. This marks the second time I have done 3 reviews in week, and marks another 5 gold stars review. What an excellent set of rules. , , .

I got my digital copy and ordered my print on demand. This update changes very little, except to add the excellent artists names, page count and to provide links to DriveThruRPG. This one has also been added to my 5 of 5 star listings. Once I get my POD, it might shift to five gold stars. , , ,

Here is my latest review of H. M. Hoover's The Lost Star. Join Lian on an expedition to Balthor in search of archaeological treasures and exploding stars. , ,

Just in time for the end of of his Kickstarter for Into the Wild, I had Todd Leback's Hexcrawl Basics Review pop up as one of my top 10 blog post.

I have updated my AD&D Character Sheet offering on DriveThruRPG. It now includes a second foldable character sheet with instructions on how to fold and staple this one page into a 20 page booklet. If you have already ordered this product, you will find the additional files in your library as an update.

As far as I know, there has been zero interest in a 20 page character sheet.

Thank you for supporting my insanity.

#drawings today, trying texture stuff from Terryl Whitlatch with some of the face stuff I was thinking about last weekend.

Hmm. I have too many games and too many books. I honestly believe that I could work up a Traveller campaign from just the works of H. M. Hoover. Sometimes, you need to read to play.

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