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¿Queréis un tutorial sobre Python y cómo trabajar con hojas de cálculo usando openpyxl?

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Nuevo artículo: "Modelo SIR, modelo epidemiológico, con Python". Ecuaciones diferenciales y epidemias. Quizá lo habrás visto en inglés por ahí. Esta es mi versión en español

That's very impressing!


In this experiment Dr Rob Thompson of shows just how long it takes water to soak into parched ground, illustrating why heavy rainfall after a #drought can be dangerous and might lead to flashfloods.

Title: A Spatiotemporal-Aware Climate Model Ensembling Method for Improving Precipitation Predictability.

Multimodel ensembling has been widely used to improve climate model
predictions, and the improvement strongly depends on the ensembling scheme. In
this work, we propose a Bayesian neural network (BNN) ensembling method, which
combines climate models within a Bayesian model averaging fra [...]

Authors: Ming Fan, Dan Lu, Deeksha Rastogi, Eric M. Pierce


Title: Global Energy Spectrum of the General Oceanic Circulation.

Since the advent of satellite altimetry, our perception of the oceanic
circulation has brought into focus the pervasiveness of mesoscale eddies that
have typical scales of tens to hundreds of kilometers [5], are the ocean's
analogue of weather systems, and are often thought of as the pe [...]

Authors: Benjamin A. Storer, Michele Buzzicotti, Hemant Khatri, Stephen M. Griffies, Hussein Aluie


Title: Impact of climate change on site characteristics of eight major astronomical observatories using high-resolution global climate projections until 2050.

Sites for next-generation telescopes are chosen decades before the first
light of a telescope. Site selection is usually based on recent measurements
over a period that is too short to account for long-term changes [...]

Authors: C. Haslebacher, M.-E. Demory, B.-O. Demory, M. Sarazin, P. L. Vidale


Title: Site adaptation with machine learning for a Northern Europe gridded solar radiation product.

Gridded global horizontal irradiance (GHI) databases are fundamental for
analysing solar energy applications' technical and economic aspects,
particularly photovoltaic applications. Today, there exist numerous gridded GHI
databases whose quality has been thoroughly validated a [...]

Authors: Sebastian Zainali, Dahzi Yang, Tomas Landelius, Pietro E. Campana


Title: Rapid loss of Arctic sea ice.

Several environmental tipping points and self-reinforcing feedback loops are
still disregarded within the frequently used climate models. Thus, existing
climate models are not very representative for providing projections of the
conditions after the actual environmental tipping points are triggered. In this
contribution, we discuss the presence of the Arctic sea-ice loss tipping point
and [...]

Authors: Beril Sirmacek


Light travels faster than sound, which is why some people appear clever until you hear them speak. -- Unknown

Me acaban de pasar esta web donde puedes ver como era la Tierra hace millones de años, en el enlace hace 66 millones de años, cuando se extinguieron los dinosaurios

Microsoft blocks Tutanota users from own service: Tutanota users can't register a Microsoft Teams account and Microsoft won't change it. This demonstrates why stronger antitrust legislation is badly needed. Let's 💪👇

-Jo, me estoy torrando. Y la playa está petada. Me voy a pegar un baño.
-Mira, José Joaquín, ¡¡un pato!!
-Si, Conchi. Suele haber por aquí.
-No, no, un patito de baño.

¿Cómo ha podido llegar un patito de goma a la playa de Conchi y José Joaquín?

Pues vamos a ver cómo con un nuevo . Bueno, oceanográfico en este caso.

¿Preparados, listos,...?

Title: A new paradigm for medium-range severe weather forecasts: probabilistic random forest-based predictions.

Historical observations of severe weather and simulated severe weather
environments (i.e., features) from the Global Ensemble Forecast System v12
(GEFSv12) Reforecast Dataset (GEFS/R) are used in conjunction to train and test
random forest (RF) machine learning (ML) models to probab [...]

Authors: Aaron J. Hill, Russ S. Schumacher, Israel Jirak


Title: Computing Lagrangian means.

Lagrangian averaging plays an important role in the analysis of
wave--mean-flow interactions and other multiscale fluid phenomena. The
numerical computation of Lagrangian means, e.g. from simulation data, is
however challenging. Typical implementations require tracking a large number of
particles to construct Lagrangian time series which are then averaged using a
low- [...]

Authors: Hossein A. Kafiabad, Jacques Vanneste


Title: Lockdown effects on air quality in megacities during the first and second waves of COVID-19 pandemic.

Air pollution is among the highest contributors to mortality worldwide,
especially in urban areas. During spring 2020, many countries enacted social
distancing measures in order to slow down the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. A
p [...]

Authors: Aswin Giri, Benjamin Schäfer, Rulan Verma, Hankun He, S.M. Shiva Nagendra, Mukesh Khare, Christian Beck


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