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Nuevo artículo: "Modelo SIR, modelo epidemiológico, con Python". Ecuaciones diferenciales y epidemias. Quizá lo habrás visto en inglés por ahí. Esta es mi versión en español

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A new work laptop means a whole new opportunity to fork up my Python environment!

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@pybonacci Then you would relocate the station. (And a new village or new neighbourhood would definitely have a clear influence. Area matters.)

I do remember a farmer in America making volunteer precipitation observations who was apparently told that he should never change the position, in principle good advice, and then the inspector found that a huge stable was build next to it with the roof going over the rain gauge. 😊

Anything can happen in real life.

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PhD vacancies 

3 #PhD positions open at MISU, #StockholmUniversity in #Atmosphere science and #Oceanography. Topics include: arctic climate processes, coastal upwelling dynamics, extreme storms.


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As points out, this is a good reminder that many #SciPy and #PyData libraries don't use semantic versioning, but rolling deprecation! Excellent guide by

#python #numpy

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It seems someone is uploading thousands of malware packages to , the Package Index.
Take care if you install whatever using these days. A thread to know more can be found here:

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@pybonacci i don't want to spend time on Amazon platforms neither... but sometimes I you have to make hard decisions...
Also you can watch through youtube-dl if you want to.

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PyboEnlaces de la semana: seaborn, bokeh
, mypyc, mastodon y fediverso para los amigos, Google y Amazon todo mal, serie de evaluación perezosa con python por
, notificaciones de escritorio con Python, fotografía, 'Smart' TVs, música y más

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For better or for worse, I've put my entire Machine Component Design course online. All 9.5 hours spread over 55 videos.

#engineering #education

Lo del MediaLabPrado es de traca. Vamos a romper otra cosa bonita, que funciona, que es algo de orgullo para la ciudad de Madrid para meter a cuatro amiguitos a que hagan sus desmanes sin concierto ni control...

In this page you can check which emojis are available on your mastodon instance:

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Si mi pareja sigue rebajando los umbrales de exigencia a los petipuás se va a crear un agujero negro supermasivo.


El corte inglés prepara un ERE y mis retoños han comido (un poco de) brócoli.

Tengo miedo 😱

@ekaitz_zarraga uys, ahora que me acuerdo. Tenemos que hablar de tus libros. Te mando un correo

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