ProtonMail: Nutzerdaten für die USA dank guter Zusammenarbeit mit Behörden | Steiger Legal

ProtonMail, nach eigenen Angaben ein «sicherer E-Mail-Dienst aus der Schweiz», liefert Nutzerdaten an Sicherheitsbehörden. Nutzerdaten gehen auch an Strafverfolgungsbehörden in den USA, wie ein aktuelles Verfahren zeigt.

"Für Sicherheitsbehörden in der Schweiz ist ProtonMail ein Glücksfall, denn viele Nutzer glauben fälschlicherweise, ihre Daten seien bei ProtonMail tatsächlich durch die 'strengen Schweizer Datenschutzgesetze' geschützt."


@qbi "ProtonMail: User data for the USA thanks to good cooperation with authorities | Steiger Legal

ProtonMail, which claims to be a “secure e-mail service from Switzerland”, delivers user data security agencies. User data is also sent to law enforcement agencies in the US, as a current court case demonstrates."

@qbi @scops Echt jetzt? Habe Account doch gerade mal einige Wochen.

@mj @qbi sieht wohl übel aus... letztlich; E-Mails sind Postkarten. wer sichere Kommunkation will darf nicht auf E-Mails setzen :( Oder eben PGP einsetzen...

Das ist in der Tat ärgerlich.
Vielleicht kannst du noch zu einem anderen Provider wechseln.

@qbi Auch wenn ich den Account nur nebenher nutze werde ich das wohl machen. @scops

@qbi Da sieht man mal wieder: Streng ist der Datenschutz in der Schweiz nur dann wenn es Banken betrifft und man damit anderen bei der Steuerhinterziehung helfen kann.

@qbi Correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I translated it, it proves that PM is passing info to USA authoritys?

@tpheine @qbi Hi Thomas! ProtonMail cannot be used for illegal or criminal activities. As a Swiss company we do not comply with legal requests from foreign authorities, but if Swiss authorities open a case, we are obligated by law to assist to the extent possible. In no circumstances is it possible to compromise our encryption. Mr. Steiger's allegations from 2019 that ProtonMail volunteers real-time monitoring are false, and have also been refuted by the Swiss public prosecutor.

@protonmail @tpheine @qbi

No mail service will say that it encourages illegal activities through its service

Then it would be necessary to look at what the data exchange agreements say, for example, if the person is in Belgium, which agreements Switzerland has with Belgium or whatever the country

@protonmail Thanks a lot!
Do you also have to comply with legal requests from your local authorities that only forward/support requests from foreign authorities? Do you interpret "illegal or criminal activities" only under swiss law or also overseas? Do you publish information on the numbers of legal requests?

@lbehm Hi Ludwig! When it comes to foreign requests, we only comply with those that have been duly instructed and validated by Swiss authorities through an international legal assistance procedure and determined to be in compliance with Swiss law. Please know that legality is assessed on Swiss law only. You can find more about this, along with numbers of legal requests, in our transparency report:

@protonmail Awesome! That's what I've been looking for! On the other hand it's very disturbing to see the increasing number of requests from foreign european authorities. One every 2 days against the same mail provider is way too much!

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