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I am annoyed! is not doing what I want. I am really bad with constraining surfaces... And I am just demotivated... :/. Nothing is working as I want it to...

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»Die vierte Welle wird ja wohl kommen, aber zum Glück haben wir ja mittlerweile diesen DAMM ...«

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Why is everyone talking about #Windows 11 these days? We are waiting for the free #Debian 11 instead! Who too?

We'd like to take the opportunity to thank all the Debian contributors for their work in the past and on the upcoming #Bullseye release. Thank you for reliably powering Codeberg since day one!

will suck... like ... because has no reason to publish a fast, stable, reliable, user friendly, privacy protecting and beautiful operating system. Why would they put effort into it if people buy it anyways?

Screw , screw
All love to , and :)

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I can't believe people are actually thinking about leaving Linux for #Windows11.

I mean, yeah, the new UI looks quite good, but it's still a #bloated and proprietary OS. Ads are in the settings and the privacy policy is a disaster.

Microsoft is just trying to attract the Linux/FOSS community with its new products, like winget or WSL.

Don't forget that it's a terrible and #capitalist corporation, that is contributing to the #ClimateCrisis, and also forcing children to work in some countries.

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Haha the #Windows11 logo nearly sort of looks like a wi... ohhhhh I get it.

Like, 30 years later.

Well, I'll go back to hide under my GNU/#Linux rock again then.

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I already stated that but I really really love the and its "stock" firmware . I really hope that the devlopers especially @JF can keep up their motivation for this project.
And to help at least @JF to keep up his motivation I am now donating 3€ a month to him :).

Please consider to do that too if you also love the infinitime/pinetime project as I do :D

Just finished my circuit board for the cooler. It seems to work properly :)

Currently building an cooling device. It has an temperatzre sensor attached and toggles a relay which controls a 12V fan that blows air onto the water surface. I also attached an oled screen to show the current temperature and threshold. The threshold can be turned up and down by the attached buttons. Everything is controlled by an .

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We are seeing Distributed Denial-of-Service attacks doing huge numbers of parallel "git fetch/pull" in parallel. We are mitigating by banning all IPs involved in these attacks.

If you are accidentally affected of this block, for example because you are running a TOR exit node, because you did a legitimate request to one of the repositories in question while the attacks were running, or because you are the owner of a repo in question, please contact us so that we unblock your IP.

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May 15 is ! 🚮 Here’s why WhatsApp users should consider joining Threema instead of accepting WhatsApp’s controversial new privacy policy: threema.ch/bp/why-threema-inst

@threemaapp this article missed on your paged. Good job!


I am facebook free for 2.5 years now and I really don't regret it. Important people got and my family is using Threema for 7 years now. I think Threema is a the best messenger out there. The only problem is that people don't understand the importance of their privacy so they think that Threema isn't worth the money which it definitly is. It would still be worth if the money would be charged monthly.

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Hey, @Tutanota! I've discovered that in your Android app the file name of an e-mail attachment is cut off if it's too long so that it's impossible to see what file type it is before actually downloading the attachment. That's highly dangerous because the user needs to be able to check whether the file is legit or not before doing something with it. You know, the "holiday photo.png.exe" (or .apk).

@opensuse the worst thing about this is that I haven't got enough time at the moment to fix it. So i need to fallback to which is a nightmare...

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@opensuse today is the third time an update destroyed my entire installation. I really like the operating system but this is just unacceptable. In my opinion tumbleweed should be marked as "unstable" or "experimental". I think I will switch to or back to .

Finally got the time to create a custom for my with . I changed some things to improve my 3D printing workflow. And simplify the printer configuration.

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