Last christmas I accidantally ripped out the conductor tracks of the UART pins and somehow also destroyed the bus 1 of a brand new . Unusable for the project back then.

But yesterday I found a usecase which does not require UART

Attached the display to the second bus and everything works just fine

Underclocked the pi and now it uses 0.6W in idle with wifi and all peripherals attached!

Lesson: Don't throw away partially broken electronics :)

I would like to get some more testers for my based riddle .

If you are interested to take a look feel free to join my demo discord :)

The projects code can be found here:

boosts greatly appreciated :D

The project is so amazing. I am a console and enthusiast and seeing this makes me just happy.
Really need to get my hands onto one.
Preferably the MiSTer multisystem.

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Die Bahn spielt eine wichtige Rolle, um Mobilität für alle möglich zu machen. Gleichzeitig sind viele Services nur über die App zu bekommen. Die sollte man nutzen können, ohne dabei ausspioniert zu werden. Geben Sie unserer Klage mehr Gewicht: #DBTracking

I start to loose faith in @Tutanota .
I regularly swear about the frontent, they still do not offer an IMAP adapter and stock PGP encryption...
I start to regret my subscription.
I am user for years, but they are making no major progress on the in my opinion obvious flaws.

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Do you still wear your mask?

Please boost i wanna get more people to vote
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Wenn sich viele Menschen die steigenden Lebensmittelpreise kaum leisten können, unter tödlichen Hitzewellen leiden, Öl & Gas uns von Diktaturen abhängig machen- vielleicht ist es dann Zeit für Politik für Menschen statt Konzernprofite #PeopleNotProfit

Am 23.09. ist Klimastreik.

What happened that the slot has been "discontinued"?
Upgrade car radio with bluetooth? Not possible...

My latest project: The Octocable!
This cable avoids that the gets powered by the . Peek !!

I left back when bought it and switched to . But I did not like the cluttered ui with features I do not use. So a few years ago I switched to .
And since then I am really happy with my git remote repository for the first time. I really enjoy .
I should probably consider donating...

Currently I am working on a AI based Riddle game.
I select a random english noun and let create a riddle to which that word is the solution.
Userd can then guess the answer and get ranking points based on the position they achieve.

I created it as an called "".

Its working pretty well already :)

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Nachdem an Schulen in Rheinland-Pfalz Microsoft Teams ab dem kommenden Schuljahr nicht (weiter) verwendet werden darf, werden die ersten Stimmen laut, der Datenschutz sei schuld. Nein. Schuld an solchen Entscheidungen sind Unternehmen wie Microsoft, die offenbar nicht in der Lage sind, sich an bestehende Gesetze zu halten. Und das seit Jahren.

#Microsoft #Datenschutz #DSGVO

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Die nachfolgende Link-Sammlung fasst Studien, Analysen und Einschätzungen unterschiedlicher Institutionen zusammen, in denen das Datensenderverhalten diverser Microsoft-Produkte bzw. Dienste untersucht und (datenschutzrechtlich) bewertet wurde. 👇

#Microsoft #DSGVO

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