Last one, I promise! Please diddle this toot!

Full run took: 28m20.61s real 0m14.13s user 0m29.98s system

Well.. my playbooks can get a full mastodon instance running on OpenBSD in just a few minutes... but I can't reproduce the no-notifications-on-iOS thing :(

I was able to introduce a delay by killing the node service.. but that's it

Hopefully this playbook will be handy for someone else :


Moving to as my main ! \o/

For those that haven't noticed, there is an import / export that can be used to bulk-follow your current list :D

@qbit another thing: pass is GPL, gopass ... MIT. \o/

I just messed up an install of !? - clearly I need more coffee!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope everyone has a good time! Don't forget to Belieber in the 🐡!!

So here is mycete ( ) a tool that lets me post from to twitter/mastodon! It still needs some love :D

I sent this toot from and it showed up here AND on twitter! @matrix

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