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Futurists are why we can't have nice futures.

Ok well I was playing around with just to see exactly *how* fractured metal genres had gotten, and was like "Oh huh wonder what Indonesian Black Metal sounds like" and it brought up and hey this is pretty good shit.

Oh yeah and then there's the CrazyTown and White Town issue.

Which one wants the butterfly to come and which one can't be my woman and honestly is there really a difference?

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I cannot possibly be the only one who constantly mixes up LazyTown, Busytown, and Leisure Town, right?

Like, which one is the scary maniquinesque icelanders and which one is the bendy plastic animals and which one is the childrens books and honestly is there really a difference?

Another morning of wondering when I’ll actually learn to use twitter and stop following people from when I mean to follow them from my slightly nicer named but no less ribald main.

Never sure if that’s more traumatic for them or me.

I got my and wish this year so maybe 2021 will bring us that and duet album

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Like how the fuck did the rest of you live through 2020 and not have Voidgaze as a top genre.

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Another year of letting my genre choices tell everyone how up my own ass I am

Today’s lesson:

Do not respond to the news that new ID badges are being handed out at work with “Glory to Arstotzka!”

Only reason Jones vs Tyson trending right now is 'cause thanks to COVID everyone misses being able to hug like that.

to all of the mid-late teen protogens getting mad at me for truth bombs

i am in my 40s and still involved in furry

i am impervious to your criticism

pray to every god you can think of that you never become like me

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is anyone doing a ych of laughing at crashed protogens during the us-east-1 outage yesterday

if so please take my wallet

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only problem with doing even slight numbers on a tweet about sergals and/or protogens is that you may then have to interact with sergals and/or protogens

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what fool named them "protogen" and not "compusergal"

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an abomination in the eyes of the lord, that's what it is

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