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Futurists are why we can't have nice futures.

Obviously this farmers market will be run in the parking lot of jumpstyle furniture.

Listen this stuff sounds like an unholy marriage of Atari teenage riot and amnesia scanner and I need a place where I can buy locally sourced organic vegetables that will appreciate that ok

me: finished at farmers market it’s a nice day i should roll down the car windows

music streaming service: hey remember when you were listening to indonesian gabber last night here let me get that for you again

I need to find a farmers market amenable to gabber modus operandi

Just explained the NP Hard complexity class as "The BME Hard of Computer Science".

People have definitely lost fingernails and nipples on NP Hard problems. Can you just imagine the raw, cursed power of a LinkedIn profile where the top 3 endorsed skills are:

- Sexuality Education
- Invention
- Butter (Plugins two ways = but also I was the unfortunate partial owner of the Firefox NPAPI plugin module for like 4 years) Ok actually I'm not giving enough credit.

She also endorsed me for:

- Electrical Stimulation (I'm guessing this is for physical therapists? But I'll take it)
- Plugins (Wow this could go two ways)
- Butter (p sure is what came up when "Buttplugs" was typed in)

Somehow endorsed me for "Sexuality Education" on LinkedIn and it refused to show it on my profile until I approved it just now.

12 people endorsed me for C++.

Only 1 for Sexuality Education.

Please, please help change this ordering.

n case you’re curious about why there’s Bluetooth Buttplugs controlled by Electron apps, all of which can be hacked as shown at Defcon yesterday, I wrote a thread just for you:

It's buttplugs and deadlifts day, apparently.



I'm really glad that I built my own home gym, so that when I spend an hour sitting next to my power rack, making a gigantic twitter thread about Buttplug Security, there aren't strangers staring angrily at me.

Countdown to someone making crobonez their fursona begins now

And tbf, the long handle is an interesting idea and I do get why the blob is shaped the way it is. There was some thought behind the design.

I’m just all about the aesthetics here.

Anyways thanks to flesh blob on real bones for educating me about whatever this is.

Even though I’m still not sure how to use it.

And no I’m not watching the video.

“But isn’t a human just a sex toy that’s a flesh blob on real bones?”


It seems fitting that 2019 will now be the year of the Florida Sex Toy.

Sorry Japan. Gotta up your game. (And no you can’t just do cervix onaholes again)

Years of human focused sex toy design: we must use gentle curves and pleasing, non-flesh colors to create positive intimate experiences for our customers.

Crobonez: flesh blob on a plastic bone SHIP IT 🍖

Dear every sex toy I ever called “Cronenbergian”:

I am sorry but I must take back that title. This plumbus lookin’ motherfucker right here is the true Cronenbergian Sex Toy.

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