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Heads up: In addition to me sometimes actually making masto posts, this masto account reflects 2 twitter accounts:


There will be much NSFW content flying through here that isn't CW'd in any way. Beware before following.

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Futurists are why we can't have nice futures.

To everyone trying to educate me on the difference between "dad" and "daddy":

Listen it's deadlift day here and I'm lifting with my back to my laptop open with this tweet on it so I can imagine him saying "they're great!" about my glutes after every lift

I got this

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dunno why everyone lists their age in their bio now like "lvl 25" or whatever

gonna be weird when they find out about the level 60 cap

computer science: the professional study of getting into a fight with an inanimate object and losing

Twitter trending: too much salt can damage your immune system!

Me, making bedroom eyes at my 3lbs bucket of maldon: only thing I need to be immune to is not having enough salt

I just used the term "frunking the dongle" with a completely straight face and I am pretty sure this means VR has rendered me incapable of emotion now.

Ok so I guess Burial's format is now officially "10 minute songs that are made up of a song, an interlude track, and to finish out, aimless wandering with samples"?

issuing correction on a previous post of mine, regarding the COVID-19 virus. you do not, under any circumstances, "gotta hand it to them"

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Sure, COVID-19 has had its downsides, but you have to admit that it has completely revitalized the "Defcon Is Cancelled" meme.

Blog Post (n):

A weapon of mass destruction, a single unit of which can obliterate large stockpiles of goodwill instantly.

Resulting debris and half-life of toxic content may leave author and/or subjects untouchable for long periods of time.

I had not considered ever actually looking at Electric Deaf in an audio program because it's so comically blown out in the first place (which is part of why I love it so much) but wow it very much just is "let's make the waveform a solid block".


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tfw the robot decides you need to hear Electric Deaf at 11:45pm and now you're definitely going to be up until 5am.

Just saw a band described as “mathcore powerviolence” and I am choosing to believe their songs are so short that they don’t make it through a full measure of their chosen time signature.

There's nothing quite like being proved completely wrong 10 minutes after going into print.

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I have been informed that my perspective in this article neglected to cover the topic of Protogens.

That was on purpose.

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