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Futurists are why we can't have nice futures. Ok I just got this email as I was setting this up and I have 2 Kiiroo products sitting on my desk right now WHICH ONE OF THEM IS READING MY MIND "Sex Tech Engineer reviews Sex Tech Porn" posts will be sent to Patreon/Github Sponsors every couple of weeks.

or as I remember to do them.

or as people bug me about it.

or as people send me porn to review.

Did you enjoy me being a complete ass about the portrayal of VR and tech in porn?

Would you like to see more of that?

Join my Patreon (or Github Sponsors), where thanks to, it's now a tier reward!

Great article in about Sex Tech hacking and security, with,,,,!

We interrupt cartoon dog fucking machine critique to bring you the following update:

Earthquake. If any researchers out there have pre-FA references (VCL, print, etc...), pointers would be much appreciated.

'cause, like, not real sure what library I'm gonna be able to hit for texts on this. Join me next time, when I present "Advances in Machine Mediated Cartoon Dog Fucking: From Taurin and the Yiffing Machine to h0rs3 to Present Day", taking a media theoretic approach to analyzing portrayals of technological advances in sex tech via furry porn. Art in question is at, NSFW, is actually good and cute and in no way deserving of my comments, not gonna repost here because I don't have anyone's permission and also 'cause I still, somehow, 12 years into birdsite hell, still don't post porn on main.

me: Ok, worked out, now time to finish ML homework, then do some research work for a client. Busy evening ahead!

also me: Behold my new hobby, writing extremely serious UX critiques of Furry Porn VR sex machines.

( Once again: I am so sorry)

Not the first time there's been a watch controller for toys. SenseBand was part of the SenseX (?) toy line, which was a watch with an accelerometer in it for tracking wrist motion.

Buttons on the watch seems more accessible than a phone touch UI, but also seems easy to lose?

Imma be the Tom Waits of the penis half pipe vibrator watches

Because of my 5 penises

Have you ever had a vibrating half pipe on your penis and been like “gosh I wish I had a special watch to control my penis half pipe vibrator?”


That said, respect to github for having community management responding in a responsive, positive manner.

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Watching the incoming feature requests on the Github Sponsorship repo is a fantastic way to find out how many developers should never, ever, ever be allowed to touch money with code.

The lack of foresight about security and possible social engineering attacks is just wiiiiild.

part of me kinda misses the whole "produced on a 2 track we beat with a hammer before hitting record" sound, but god damn the clarity of studio recording really does work for them too.

driving while listening to "air conditioning" is probably illegal

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