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Heads up: In addition to me sometimes actually making masto posts, this masto account reflects 2 twitter accounts:


There will be much NSFW content flying through here that isn't CW'd in any way. Beware before following.

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Futurists are why we can't have nice futures.

BTW the av is a rework of a base by and you should buy things from her because she has had to put up with me asking constant questions on her discord when I really should just shut up and actually read Unity docs

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Oh another one to add to the “fuck your ass old” list:

- getting overly excited that you can buy surprisingly affordable prescription lenses for your headset

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and to think, other people’s midlife crises involve buying cars or rushing into parenthood or some shit

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other signifiers of "your ass is 41 why are you in children's vr land":

- I have spent way more hours than I want to talk about in Blender modeling IC! Berlin glasses so I can drop that chonk warby parker shit

- When my tracking goes out I can just buy another lighthouse.

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sxe 4 lyfe

or at least until i'm not in a public world and require naughty bits

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when you need a marker to remember which av version you're using while also letting everyone else know that you are way the fuck too old to be in vrchat

Anyone have a picture of their protogen character I can borrow for horrible reasons?

(Just want to be able to give credit for use/not accidentally use someone's OC)

Do you ever try to plug in a USB-C connector, miss, then flip it over and try again, just to relive the old days?

"But you're a fox, isn't being surrounded by large dogs a sign of success?"

I mean, yes, up until their nasally, out of place voices unite in howls of "I bonded the toy with windows but it still doesn't show up in world and the window is showing 'device loop cannot continue'"

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Anyways, new Intiface Engine today that hopefully crashes less for everyone, VRChat users included.

I think the problem is "the bluetooth library spams the logs too damn much".

Software was a mistake.

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There are few motivating factors like being surrounded by large, colorful dogs, all complaining about different bluetooth sex robot issues.

Testing in production in VRChat is gonna be real fun to explain as a job interview question response in the future.

Explanation for non-furries:

These are trackers used for full body tracking in VRChat/Neos/etc. But when full body tracking is referred to by furries (and maybe others I dunno I ain't got time for more than one fandom) it's always in terms of this meme:

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when you're trying to buy vr equipment but you're also a furry

Please note that the last tweet is a lie.

I never want to deadlift. I hate deadlifting.

Or at least, my lower back does.

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Me working out to Deafheaven:

"I'm dying"

Me too, Deafheaven guy, me too

"Is it blissful?"

Fuck no

"It's like a dream"

Dude what did I just say

"I want to dream"

Yeah and I want to deadlift but apparently we're just gonna be at odds today huh

Finally playing Half Life: Alyx.

Why did they have to go all out on making the game feel "moist".

Like I'm finally living the VR future dream and tbh I was not really gunning for "wow this is so realistically moist, even... damp, if you will."

One of those times where I can’t quite translate why the algorithm has Picked this for me to watch and yet I can’t look away.

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