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Futurists are why we can't have nice futures.

Have you told someone you like their penis today?

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oh no the spam robot had a stroke in the middle of writing this email

Wow, you can now make Logix spaghetti outside of Neos!

(Alpha build, expect bugs, h/t for finding this)

Depending on your online tax situation, it may be a bit more than this. I ended up with it being $395 or so. But still, cheaper than normal.

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For anyone that wants to be able to feel oontz but also wants to spend less money, the Woojer Edge Vest is on sale right now and there's an additional 10% off code from the Shelter VRC Club.

The 5 scariest words someone can say to you at a party:

“I remember you from livejournal!”

Being kinky is using a feather

Being perverted is using the whole chicken

Being a young furry is seeing this tweet, screaming “zoophile!” and writing a multipage google doc arguing to have me banned from the fandom

Since we're all apparently using meme template for this now.

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cancelling my preorder of the steamdeck after finding out its not the combination of a cleveland steamer and upper decker like i thought

I thought I'd gotten some nice murder in with the "tribute band to themselves" comment then someone forwarded me this absolute bloodbath of a review of VNV's latest album from 2018.


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jfc try to install my steam deck preorder so i can play it and i get this dialog

this is bullshit

God bless 'um, VRChat has a HÖR Underground world and it looks like Gordon Freeman circa HL1 about to bust in and drop a bangin' set on us.

For those of you who don't remember (or possibly weren't alive then *shudders*), MS had this idea decades ago but the Literally Everything wasn't there quite yet. Didn't stop them from committing huge teams to trying tho.

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Microsoft unveils Windows 365, and those of us who worked on Hailstorm are like "Well it's about fucking time, eh?"

(BTW this isn't to say that it needed/needs to go anywhere or trying to yuck someone's yums, it's still fine for the "got a good beat and is easy to dance to" for goths, just wondering if anything happened that I missed)

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Ok serious question outside of the shitpost thread.

Did futurepop ever actually go anywhere?

Every time I’ve tried to revisit it since the mid 00s it’s felt like it became a bunch of tribute bands to itself circa 2000.

Am I missing something or do it just be like that?

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