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Futurists are why we can't have nice futures.

The moon has a butt.

It's just on the dark side. We can't see it.

The moon needs buttplugs.

That quote is the most accurate portrayal of me as a black metal listener in 2018

“Yeah, I saw that guy drink goat’s blood on stage one time,” Hansberry added. “It’s somehow more off-putting seeing him drink a Dr. Pepper. All the sugar in colas is really bad for you.”

Adding another to the list of "books I desperately want to read the shit out of once I've got $100 to spend on a book"

(Or, a fox/cube that works with technology, as it were)

Between the python naming change, Linus's LKML email and stepping back to take things into account, and many smaller but just as meaningful changes I see daily here, it's starting to feel like maybe some day it will not suck as much to be a human that works with technology.

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any time you see a programminger talk about "UB"

that's just short for "Undefined Buttplugs"

You also can't turn off blogging about rust.

Which is also a good thing.

"We need descriptive names in computer science regardless of people's feelings, otherwise it won't be clear and we won't know what they mean!"


The hardest problem in computer science is people actively believing there is no ideology or politics in computer science.

Well huh.

Parasite Eve was a documentary, and led to most of the content on my twitter timeline.

Well played, Square.

Apparently this hurricane is dropping albums that I'd totally be into?

Ok well I munged live tweeting that talk but it was great. I'm really looking forward to more of Dr. Middleweek's research, including a possible ethnography of the doll community!

Really interesting points on the usage of "revolution" and "spatial" metaphors in news media and their relation to human/technology intimacy as well as human/human(s) intimacy.

Common use of "nature metaphors" such as the repeated use of the word "storm".

Research is using proquest to dig articles from 1986 on, creating a qualitative view of sex robots in press for the past 30+ years.

"We could draw up a way to communicate in news media about sex robots" YES PLEASE.

Using Heidegger's "poiesis" as a foundation for the intimate relation of humans and robots.

Time to and 4 slides. Yay reference literature definitions for this question!

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