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Reaction to "genderfuck trash animal joke" on:

Twitter: "This is Good Content"


Facebook: "Why don't those kids get jobs and houses instead of their avocado gender toast and what is a trash animal is that another name for obamacare. LOL!"

Making the same joke on Twitter and Mastodon and switching out the service names is the "band yelling whatever town name they're currently touring in" of social media.

"[research] found that almost 3% of Minnesota teens did not identify with traditional gender labels such as "boy" or "girl.""

Meanwhile, on mastodon, 218% of teens identify as

*checks earpiece*

genderfuck trash animals.

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I think Mastodon folks will appreciate this especially: Uncle Buddy's Phantom Funhouse, a groundbreaking 1993 HyperCard novel, is now fully playable in your browser on the Internet Archive. archive.org/details/unclebuddy social.tinysubversions.com/med

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Beau: vapes
Filbert: vapes
Kid Cat: does not vape
Kicks: vapes
Timmy, Tommy: not allowed to vape, but charge extortionate rates for vape juice
Apollo: pretends he vapes, is afraid to actually try it
Goldie: does not vape
Cherry: has her own branded line of vape juice
Carrie: pretends she doesn't know her kid vapes, but Actually Knows
Punchy: vapes
Isabelle: has a drawer full of vape pens she's confiscated from campers

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Watership turn down for what

The far more interesting part is that I found out about this on an extremely cis het forum, which just brings up all sorts of interesting interaction questions.

Too bad I'm here for the jokes.

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Nobody on here is actually verified but everyone on here is actually animals

TIL people play competitive cock hero over skype.

Would that be considered head-to-head or PvP?

‪Just said the sentence "And even non furries refer to toots as awoos a lot now" in a serious conversation about social media.‬


Do you eat buttplugs? Would you like to see a new movie staring George Wendt? Would you like to see George Wendt eating buttplugs in a movie? Then donate to my Patreon. patreon.com/qdot

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I promised people on birdsite I would tweet "buttplug" for every like and there were too many likes and now I am in extreme buttplug debt.

So I escape here, into the free socialist realm of mastodon, where everyone shares buttplugs freely amongst each other.


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Here are some telegram stickers/patreon reward tier artwork I made for @qdot this week, so that he can continue his work in the advancement of buttplug science and education -

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i do not understand how "aesthetic" became a word to describe a particular aesthetic. that's like making "color" be the word that describes the color black.