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Futurists are why we can't have nice futures.

Serious question:

Was GoT just a lot of people's first fandom?

so the real game of thrones was the games we throned along the way.

me leaving job yesterday: “phew. no more 20+ year old c++.”

me today: “mmm dealing with permissions issues on p/invoke’d win32 process apis in c#. This is the life.”

there were two reasons i started playing piano:

- (damn you)
- building mode songs from the sims 1 soundtrack

only problem being everyone gonna be all calm and relaxed and living their truth thanks to relaxing neoclassical piano then i'm gonna break out the big guns

leaving tech to be “that guy that plays the music during the cooldown period after yoga classes”

Anyways I’m taking a week off to find myself and experience true, passionate joy (aka sit around and play video games).

Then I’ll be joining as a junior assistant bagging associate and aisle cleanup specialist.

(Sorry but I will never call a job an adventure unless I am given a vine cutting machete and choice of which historical artifact to track down on my first day.

Then I’d just quit anyways because fuck colonialism.)

After ~7.5 years, today is my last day at Mozilla.

Onto the next thing that sends me money for the lifeblood that is my time.

If you are ever curious about how many users migrated from lewd tumblr to lewd twitter after the aporncalypse, all you need to do is:

- post a picture of a buttplug
- have it go mildly viral
- watch the likes/retweets

For everyone asking about the original tweet: Yes, ButtSaber is a real thing, and no, it's not finished yet. I'm working on a new version of the Game Vibration Router to support it.

And doubly so since that book they’re assuming you read cause you can write that way probably did not have words like

- startup
- lean
- programming
- agile
- atlas
- shrugged

in the title

People keep telling me “you’re an engineer no one expects you to write in that format”

but they don’t understand the pure, unbridled feeling of power that comes from having people think you read a book once

Until such time that I finally decide I hate being able to "afford things" and relent to these demands, I will continue to speak both "French" and "Humanties Conference" at a "high school level".

Every time someone is like "you should get an HCI PhD!" I wonder whether it would make this better or worse.

them: "how's the beat saber buttplug mod coming along?"

me: "Pretty good! I feel like I'm creating a really interesting space for technologically embodied intimate ludic interaction"

them: "'ve been writing humanities conference abstracts again haven't you"

me: "shut up"

big missed opportunity to name this "numtot centipede" but still can't wait to play it

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