Fun fact: The number of #mastodon users now exceeds the population of #iceland.

Nice article on some of the basics of Mastodon for newbs like me:

Much thanks to @qinaliu for the detailed write-up.

I nominate to the Mastonauts' Hall Of Multiverse Fame
@qinaliu for the best English blogarticle on Mastodon

What I wish I knew before joining Mastodon
Qina Liu , 2017.04.09

#Mastodon #English #blog #article #introductions #description

#Webosoof #nomination #mastonaut #HallOfFame

In case you missed it, this is probably the best guide out there for getting started with Mastodon. And I"m quoted! 😁

Thank you @qinaliu for writing it!

Huh, I thought the :pineapple: thing was about the :pineapple: being a symbol of hospitality and warmth. (At least where I grew up, in the southern US.) But now I see it's much less sinister than that. @acw

The best guide on Mastodon I've seen yet. Share to newcomers or curious friends:

(Also, my public google doc for creative people to find each other and network here made it into the article! :joy:)

Here's what I learned by spending a weekend on and my attempt to explain @acw's 🍍. Please correct me if I'm wrong about anything and boost for any making . Also thanks to @Katharsisdrill @dredmorbius @nolan @markov & many more for :

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