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Trammell Hudson

You can learn more about the slightly more secure server firmware LinuxBoot on 2017-12-29 at 12:15 in Saal Clarke on the Resiliency Track.

The uBITX is an Arduino-controlled 10W 3-30 Mhz SSB/CW transciever kit and it looks really fun!

I hate that so much of my footage is 29.97 fps just because my DSLR doesn't actually do true 30fps. Thanks, NTSC.

Today a man came to the CB9 meeting to get a new liquor license because his old one was revoked a few years back due to a cabaret violation (that was later dropped). It gave me so much pleasure to blurt out that the (racist, classist) NYC cabaret laws had *finally* been dropped and had no bearing on his application.

At I will present LinuxBoot, a way to replace the proprietary UEFI DXE blobs in your server's firmware with the Linux kernel and the Heads/NERF runtimes.

From the forward: "The computer revolution is here. Computers open up too many new ways of knowing. Computers offer too much power for control."

‣Bobbing for Apple IIs
‣Autonomous Chairs
‣Seven Instructions in Heaven
‣Duck Duck Robot

The new Top 500 list is out -- listing the top Super Computers in the world.

Which Operating Systems are being used by the world's Super Computers? Luckily they provided this handy pie chart to help us visualize it.

Hackerspace party games:
‣Truth or Datasheet
‣Spin the Potentiometer
‣Pin the Power on the Arduino
‣Club Mate Pong
‣Go Phish
‣Laser Dare
‣Hug of War
‣Paint the Bike Shed

The Olivetti TCV250 is the retro-future video display terminal that we were promised. It's too bad we ended up with the boring beige computer boxes instead.

Alison Knowles 1967 FORTRAN IV generative poetry program, "A House of Dust" on display at MoMA seems like a great-grandmother to @aparrish's poetic bots.