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Trammell Hudson

@qrs The cat rescue operation has entered its third day. No word on the feline's wellbeing.

Brooklyn Bridge Park has an elite cat rescue team?

Is gcode older than Fortran? Does that make it the oldest programming language still in widespread use?

I got a cookie for helping someone make their first PR to scikit-learn today 🎉

My Glowriter, a glow-in-the-dark scrolling message board, will be on display at the 9th annual NYC Resistor Interactive Show tonight. Come see it and lots of other fun projects!

RT 🐦: Really cute video demo of the hypertext documentation in Symbolics Lisp Machines:

The speaker carefully explains why links are a good thing! It also lists history in a pane (rather than a back button) and has a stronger notion of navigating hierarchies.

320ns for a random read from 600 MHz DDR3 DRAM is not going to work.

Plan A seems to be working fairly well.

New blog post! Looking back on "Teaching Python: The Hard Parts"

This self contained polargraph carriage holds position well, but the motion was much too steppy. oh well, back to plan A.

Today could have been bettert. Was unable to synthesize a DDR3 DRAM controller, burned up another motor controller due to my bad soldering, and while biking over the Brooklyn bridge I was hit in the face by a pigeon.

Monitoring flash memory access patterns in early boot firmware with an FPGA based SPI tool reveals possible TOCTOU issues.

The AS5047D's quad Hall Effect sensor is really neat - contactless sensing of the motor shaft position for closed loop servo control.

Art-by-Computer™ is here!
See Jan 78 Byte for brochure.
(c) LCS, 1978

Mechanic's workshop nestled under the tiller between the steam pistons on the Nachez river boat.

If you ever wondered, like me, what the freck is up with no/fake pockets on women's wear.... thisll sort you out


I met a traveller from an antique land who said: Three vast and trackless stanchions of stone stand in the pony field... near them, in the grass, on a pedestal these words appear, "Look upon my hovertrain, ye mighty, and despair!"

Upgrading my polargraph whiteboard plotter with closed loop servo controllers to eliminate missed steps and a self-contained carriage to reduce the setup for faster deployment.