Our Stoptrein into Belgium has seen better days. On the plus side we have the Eerste Klaas all to our selves.

The design will have five-fold symmetry and twelve boards will assemble into a small stellated dodecahedron. Should it have Escher Lizards? Octopus tentacles? Snakes? Something else entirely?

That is a thousand twenty four times more pixels than the first digital camera, the Cyclops in 1976.

Are you an artist looking for commissions/collaborations? Is your medium a woodcut or engraved style? Do you like to work within very odd space constraints? Please get in touch!

Multilingual pun 

"Jurassic Park" level protection from the purple dinosaur.

Help! I have been nerd-sniped by this park and can't leave until I figure out this puzzle.

A new aerial chariot, a machine constructed for flying like an eagle, by Viscount Carlingford.

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