"Beat Saver" is such a wonderful addition to "Beat Saber" VR, although the community of people who are motivated to build custom songs also tend to be the Expert+ level players and they create Expert+ level content.

The awkward ergonomics of updating my own firmware.

I feel like I need to add "ELF Herder" to my bio but I've run out of characters

When I last used Advanced Circuits for PCBs it might have been in the 56K era. Glad to see their website hasn't been updated since then...

Revised Charliewatch design adds a much needed button, drops the currently unused RF parts and shrinks the board to be exactly 645mm^2 (1 square inch). Should fit in a 38mm wrist watch case.

testing a 40mm case for the Charlie watch. seems to fit fairly well, although the exposed LED pins short in a very bright way sometimes.

70ns from read command to SDRAM data valid. Almost fast enough! Now I need to separate the page address command from the burst offset and implement refresh hold-off during reads.

the antiseptic shelf at nycresistor is ready for all sorts of events

Don't let your CMOS input pins float! Looks like 10uA/pin on the CC430 using the Energy Trace function: github.com/travisgoodspeed/goo

The white LED version of the Charliewatch appears to draw closer to 20 mA, which might be why the battery died so quickly...

Using the CC430's Energy Trace, (and Carrot Industries' energytrace-util) shows that the amber LED Charliewatch draws around 0.2mA, which should be four months of runtime on a 600mAh CR2450 coin cell battery.

@qrs these amber LEDs should be visible down to 2.0V.

The white LEDs in the Charliewatch were probably not the right choice - their forward voltage is 3.0V, so once the 2032 or 2450 battery draws down a little bit they dim and turn off, even though the CC430 CPU will run down to 1.8V.

the Charlie watch PCBs arrived and the cc430 is blinking the LEDs!

Cabinet of Curiosities, by Hans Op de Beeck

Knitting is now called "playing with string". Sorry, I don't make the rules.

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