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Trammell Hudson seems like a neat way to visualize binaries, although I wish it had a 1 bit-per-pixel mode to help see embedded bitmaps.

Bug reports and other correspondence should be sent to:

Digital Equipment Computer Users Society
Attn: Adventure Maintenance
One Iron Way, MR2-3/E55
Marlboro, Mass. 01752

The Cyber Version of Russian presidential elections 2018


Since it's yet another weekend and I have no life, I will write a brief overview of Russia presidential candidates.

My scope of interest is very limited, so I will look at candidates' programs from technology standpoint only.

I am including a disqualified candidate Navalny, since I am after tech political climate and not the winner - which would make for a very short post.

@Kensan lookin' for a good time? Come on down to yomimono's House of Cats* and Sewable Electronics! We got FLORA, GEMMA, Lilypad, and all the LEDs you can eat. Hold a genuine RISC-V processor! Cross-stitch your very own souveneir!

*one cat. cat interaction not guaranteed.

This eBay impulse buy will hopefully become a Fallout-themed home automation terminal.

Maybe I will just continue to be a weirdo speaker who writes a new talk for basically every event I attend, and try not to do it too often

C language alignment chart send tweet

A while back, @aparrish posted about the Smith and Wheatstone telegraph system, and my immediate response was to want to turn the code into knitted cables.

Here is my blog post about that. (It didn't really work, but it was fun to try.)

Hey, I just met you
And this is crazy
But here's my email
Send me lengthy, well thought-out, and spellchecked correspondence, maybe.

I mean just fucking look at this thing

its styled like if the ‘60s had access to high-precision plastic technology

and it’s also adorable af

reduce exposure to monitors' blue light that's disturbing your circadian rhythm, purchase a teletype today

“programming: it’s like knitting, but with zeroes and ones”