I'll be discussing practical hardware implant attacks and defenses against the BMC and x86 SPI flash chips at my talk, "Modchips of the State", 22:50 on 27 December. See you in Leipzig! fahrplan.events.ccc.de/congres

My current software engineering methodology is "Conference Driven Development".

Early morning trip to JFK with a brief layover at Rockaway boulevard.

Tiny CPU die in a WS2812 addressable RGB LED.

High latitude sunrise was very VΛPORWΛVΞ

What should I do with these four still panelized FPGA dev boards?

Windows will now reboot Fulton Street station.

For instance, this case is easily printable on a FDM machine and also uses the NATO strap to hold the components inside the watch.

NATO wrist straps are really easy to use with 3D printed watch cases since they don't require precise pin holes.

Any ideas why the Linux kernel hangs in the "Calibrating delay loop" stage when running under qemu-system-arm? It looks like jiffies is not being updated and still has the INITIAL_JIFFIES value of 0xFFFF8AD0 = -3000.

Building Linux 2.6.28 (from 10 years ago) requires downgrading make, gcc and other tools. Free Software might be forever, but the build systems aren't.

If you're in NYC and want to learn the command line, come take my class! It's beginner/intro-level, no experience is a plus. eventbrite.com/e/intro-to-comm

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