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"Ciphers hold no mysteries for her: Local matron decodes cryptic messages for Treasury Department" (1937 Washington Star article about Elizabeth Smith Friedman) chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lcc

"She breaks up smuggler's plots by decoding their notes for Uncle Sam" (1934 Washington Sunday Star article about Elizabeth Smith Friedman) chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lcc

@cynicalsecurity Do you have any references for the CM-2's underlying architecture to help build a simulator? I've collected some of docs and reports when we were constructing the MoMA machine's panels last year: trmm.net/CM-2_references

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"I know that storks do not really bring babies ... and why ... and why ..? Please answer, as my mother is quiet on the subject and I hate to grow up in ignorance." (1921)

Other than limited BRAM, the iCE40HX4K could fit quite a few 6502 CPUs in there running at 36 MHz.

"Owing to the unhappy system of education that has hitherto prevailed, by which children acquire a very imperfect knowledge of the structure of two dead languages, and none at all of the structure of the living world, most persons preparing to travel are overwhelmed with the consciousness of their incapacity to observe, with intelligence, the country they are about to visit." (Francis Galton, 1879)

Twenty new bridges over the past few days. Still over a thousand to go.... Perhaps I need to apply some TSP to plan a route to photograph the rest.

More FOIA mail! Haven't actually received it yet, this is the USPS' "Informed Delivery" preview of what will be in my (physical) inbox sometime in the next few days.

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