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Trammell Hudson

If you only have one tool...

vulnerability hunting capes.

The 32x32 maze puzzle is much more challenging than anticipated.

Prototype maze puzzle, fresh off the laser cutter.

what do we want? serial consoles!
when do we want it? after going through an m.2 to mini pcie to db9 to a null modern and a rs232 USB adapter

Plaintext is vastly underrated as a storage mechanism

Device driver not found: 'BANANA'

Wow! Just think of how many photos you can fit on an 8MB card!

qemu locked up on this test. Hopefully the real hardware does better.

Slackware 3.0 successfully installed in VM. Now to transfer the disk image to the real 486 hardware.

300 baud was "Ouch" in 1995.

sudo is not in the default install set?

The Hugo Award finalist novella "And Then There Were (N-One)" asks "what if, but across parallel universes?".

The Unreal file names are unreal. I can't imagine having to work on this code base.

Something is rotten in the state of the process table.