I learnt a bit of CSS while creating a dark node form my blog (I’m a slave to fashion). In particular, how applying a CSS filter to something affects its place in the order of a stacking context. It may be the very first time I’ve used z-index for a good (and unavoidable) reason! qubyte.codes/blog/dark-mode

Do I go freelance, or get another job? Part of me longs for the freedom of the former, but not the chasing clients for payment or paperwork. The latter comes with paid holiday too. 🤔

Sayonara Wild Hearts might be too good. We don’t deserve it.


It uses a cute trick to do this. Since the site is deployed from git (GitHub) using Netlify, the build has access to a clone of the repository and can clone it into a bare repo in the public folder. A bare repo hosted by an HTTP server is a read-only git server!


My site hosts a mirror of its own git repository. It serves no purpose to do this other than to amuse me.


In case you missed it, is only one day this year so will likely sell out fast. Get your tickets early!!! 5 minutes to go.
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We're just sitting here, waiting to hit the BIG RED LIVE button to switch those tickets and let you hit our site as hard as you can! 👍

@ffconf tickets live in 45 minutes…

‪I forgot to top up the ibuprofen and this ear infection is so profound that the ache from it can be felt as far down as my right tit.‬

‪For the purposes of this toot, I’m going to pretend that people often ask me: If you could give the you of 20 years ago one piece of advice, what would it be?‬

‪My answer? Buy an electric screwdriver. Manually driving screws is for chumps.‬

I’ve developed such a public online persona (seen by friends, family, and colleagues) that when I want to be open in a real way I sometimes can’t be.

One time when I was an undergrad I went for 4.5 days continuously without sleep. I thought I was tired then, but as a dad I look back and think “fujvffhjkbffuhn” because it’s all I’m capable of thinking now.

My eyes are more red than my gums.

Less than 40 lines of pretty readable code too. I got lucky

It worked! I wrote a little glitch to turn webhook requests from webmention.io into github issues for my static site blog. Later I might enhance this to make a pull request against the an article to add the mention. glitch.com/edit/#!/webmention-

Work made me angry last night, and I hate being angry.

Now I’m angry about having been angry, which is worse because now it’s directed at me and not the guy who started this whole thing.

Soon I’ll be angry about being angry about being angry, and shortly thereafter I’ll be angry about losing count. :angery:

I’m too tired for this shit. I haven’t had a good night of sleep in 6 months and my prefrontal cortex is mush. If you call me out I will fight you.

Someone called out my code and technology choices in a public slack channel. They’ve clearly not understood what the code is doing (and it’s some of my clearest).

That’s not important though. What is important when you have a gripe with another’s shit:

- Read it again, harder.
- Speak to the author in private. Ask for their help to understand what’s going on and why.
- If you can’t speak to them directly, speak with someone else who can help *in private*.

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