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tanks who don't use cooldowns, and the healers who keep them alive despite this


I really, really love Eden 3 & 4. music, mechanics, everything.

I've sometimes just queued for them a few extra times a week just cuz.

haven't tried Savage versions yet, but I've heard and seen things.

[FFXIV] I'm going to get all my crafters & gatherers to 80 this weekend. pretty close as-is

going to be nice and ready for Tuesday's 5.05

SCH main, having a delightful time sharing heals.

but also, gonna cap my crafters and gatherers this weekend.

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spending all my free time lately deep in FFXIV

pretty happy about this.

sassing at this whole farce of a holiday today.

feeling good, though~

it's been awhile since I've posted on here. I hope y'all have been well.

I want to get involved with leftist organizing.

so I will make a goal to figure out how this month.

maybe the answer is to start through the local DSA. I want to do something more than sit at home and think.

18. It is a disgrace that game preservation and archival is a criminal act compared to other mediums. No other major creative industry is as hostile to preservation and history as this one.

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I'm awful at keeping in touch with far away folks.

I also have an inclination to disappear periodically, due to my own anxieties.

I want to be better about this, this year. and onwards.

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feeling nostalgic for people I was once close to this morning.

it's such a heavy feeling.

enough that I even wrote an email to one of them, to see how they've been. someone I've not talked to in... 4? 5 years?

transition, body change, + 

decided that for next year, I'm going to get electrolysis, and finally be rid of facial hair.

gave it a try for 5 years, definitely sure I don't want it

sometimes I'll log-on and catch a tiny piece of communist lit or imagery, and I'll just feel so inspired.

it's such a mood lift, knowing there are (a lot of) people out there wanting to build a world that works for all of us, rather than just one that (barely) works for the very few.

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