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‮xnucniuq ‭ @quincunx@mastodon.social

it would take 19 toots to post all of the filenames

Browsing Without noscript Considered Harmful


💩 ⌛️ 🎦 🐖

2.5 hours later, i've finally finished swapping 2fa to a new device

the future is 2fa fatigue as every site on earth (slowly) adds some kind of 2fa support

Browsing Without noscript Considered Harmful

maybe i should stay alive a bit more

is there a way to override the font used for just one site?

ok, it's the font sent by the server, which doesn't explain why it only badly renders in firefox

wtf happened to my browser this is bullshit

bleh i don't want to fuck with elk just to make a stupid graph