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I found the blog of an illustrator who makes high-quality enviro commission for next to nothing. I thought maybe she was very fast but it seems each illustration takes between 7 to 14 hours to finish. So I guess maybe she lives in a country with a low GDP? I can't find any info. Anyway, artists who sell commissions for peanuts lower the minimum wage for the whole profession. It impacts everyone, so if you're an artist, even a beginner, think about it and please don't do it!

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What happens when you watch my BBC Ideas video on Surveillance Capitalism or if you embed it on your own site?

That’s right… you get tracked! And you expose your visitors to third-party tracking.

Isn’t #SurveillanceCapitalism fun?



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I wrote a small incident report about the attack that happened earlier. :mastodon:


I hope it might help other instances and be useful to us next time this happens. I also think it's important to communicate with you about the issues affecting us. :breathe:

Thanks again to @Gargron and @CM_noelle for there help !


I had decided ti wait until blender 2.8 proper was out in order to save myself from the usual beta frustration period (too hard to go back, too nerve-busting to stay) but the more screenshots I see around the more tempted I am. It looks awesome.

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I spent my weekend ensuring plume docker builds (and others) were more stable and can be built reliably on arm32 and arm64.

I need to loop around to sort out a VPN kill switch.

if you have some spoons and access to an arm64v8 computer (of any form) I could use some help with plume. im seeing some odd build errors and have no real experience with rust... it looks like one of the dependencies has a nested dependency on a no longer supported library that's broken on arm64v8 and unlikely to receive a fix.

with our tumblr expats having a federated blog that is pre built for arm64v8 (raspberry pi 3, orange pi, aws, scaleway, others) is a HUGE deal

if we can work together as a community to nail this.... the federverse gains an important option for self hosting.

the plume docs are solid but builds for docker are a pain (I have notes to share). lets build this out shall we?
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Hello !
Here is my Xmas holidays card that I'm offering freely to Mastodon users for their loved ones if you don't know what to send when the time comes :)
The terms of use : it's mostly to use with emails (but not corporate emails).
Don't make money out of it.
Don't post it on any social network (except fediverse if you like).
Don't post on a website that is not paid by you, and/or displaying ads.
Don't modify it.

If you like it and use it, buy a kofi you can :)

#Mastodon #XmasCard #mastoart

Why would you ever need 1GB of ram to play a game from 1992?

Using firefox sync to send a tab from my phone to my computer totally freezes firefox and takes the operating system with it, both on linux and OSX.

Only the mouse barely moves...

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We decided to christmas-decorate our home, after so many years :-)

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I have done it! I caught this lil one coming in HOT 🔥, letting the tower know & landing gear, out! & now that I've had a closer [slower] look, evidently this is a 'rare' for CA Mexican violetear (Colibri thalassinus)!? You can hear their wings flutter coming in and their ADORABLE sound as well as eating! They come back about once an hour. Filmed via iPhone XS at 1080p 240fps slo-mo & slightly overexposed to bring out their blues & greens. #MastoArt #CreativeToots


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