This photo has all kinds of digital and analog degradation. Grain, film scratches, gif dithering, banding.

I scanned the negative without backlight and then stretched the constrast. I kinda like it.

on the desktop though it's kinda difficult to follow the timeline...

Yay, with the new hashtag layout my thread looks awesome, at least on mobile:

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πŸ–₯️ πŸ—“οΈ hey are the 2019 model Computers any good?

πŸ€”β“ i have a 2017 model Computer and it still plays all the latest spreadsheets, but maybe that won't be true much longer?

i know they say buy the new Computer every year, but...

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My camera is hanging from my neck. Film loaded and ready. Every snap counts. Lack of color means light is everything. As I walk by, two silhouettes in the middle of a well-lit alley attract my attention. I bring the viewfinder to my eye. Black. Crap. Cap.

As I lower the camera, they lock hands, I think I hear a giggle and they start running towards the horizon. I'm glad I didn't see this through the viewfinder.

Why did I ever allow facebook to send me notifications in the browser?

Who was I?

Bar Sunshine

I'm pretty positive the sun hasn't shone in there for many many years...

Now that I don't get Error 500's anymore, have a . (cw:eye contact)

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Here are today's prints.

Posted from my alt because error 500 on .social

cw for eye contact
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Adding a whole bunch of older photos as well as some newer sets to πŸ“· πŸ–€

Printing went okay. Still a lot to learn but yay πŸ˜„

The first episode of the build log is live :-D and I'm really excited to show you what I've done so far.


I developed my first roll of film in upwards of 10 years. Tomorrow I'm going to try my my hand in printing.

For now you can have a look at digital photos of the negatives

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I've written an article about how to view files on , starting with tools with but also talking about other IFC libraries.

If you work in the AEC industry, please support IFC development. The industry is stuck with proprietary tools developed by monopolies, and needs more and international standards.

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