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This new phone was causing me nausea. I found another person that had the same thing.

It looks like it's the zooming transition when you launch apps. It's a lot better since I disabled it. Jury's still out if it has gone completely away.

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You know what I really like about the fediverse?

It doesn't matter how many followers you have or don't have. You can have a conversation with anyone.

You can't federate an ego.

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#DailySketchChallenge #WordSketch #scholar

A scholar and a time machine
Once traveled from a future age
To distant Alexandria
To study works of ancient mage.

Alas! The library burnt down,
Destroyed the fruits of that great mind,
But also burned the time machine
That had been safely lodged behind.

So stranded, he went on to Rome
Where all his knowledge did impress.
Renowned philosopher became.
His name? Aha, you'll have to guess!

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This was supposed to be for Junicorn, but life stuff happened, so I only just finished it. Acrylics used like watercolours.

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90% of the DNS queries in my home network are being blocked. (And they're all legitimate blocks, no false-positives or anything like that).

90% !

I don't even know the right question to ask ...

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Χαλκιδική, κάπου δεύτερο πόδι

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It’s all quiet except for the rain. It’s so light as to be nearly invisible on this morning. It’s the sound itself that settles in, the soft collision of falling clouds with leaves and grass and solid ground. It’s the most beautiful white noise machine in the world, really, this kind of rain, the kind of rain that makes you close your eyes and soak the sound in.

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AHHH it's been a while since I updated here!! oops... (>__< I made this lil loop #animation of my oc Víctor in May. It was really fun!

#mastoart #OC #gabyocs

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I have an actual commissions website now!

Official commissions announcement post (take 2)! I'm doing character commissions: Fanart/OCs/real people. Prices $8 - $30 depending on commission type

Please share :)
#mastoart #commissions #commissionsopen #art #fanart #characterart

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Hey, fediverse how is it going this fine Saturday morning? It's a cool and breezy new day around here and I'm looking forward to see what it brings.

How about you?

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shitty UI design take Show more

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Στα πλαίσια του προηγούμενου τουτ εχω να δηλώσω το εξής:
Γκαστονε Γκαντερ ξερω που μένεις και θα κλαις τα πουπουλα σου ρε κωλοφαρδο παπι

I had a tab open, onlysomestories.com

I remember I found the link here on mastodon. The author said they would be happy if we read some of their stories. Well I read one, and I liked it.

Where are you, Shannon O'Brien to favorite your toot?

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TIL There’s a robot that can take your plant into the sunlight or back to shade as needed. It can also do a dance when it’s time to water the plant and even play with you

How very