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Hello! People sometimes ask me what they can do to help Spectrum, or otherwise support my free software work.

Well, one thing you can do is give me money! I have accounts on Liberapay ( and GitHub Sponsors ( Until Oct 2020, GitHub will match donations through them, so please use that if you can.

Income from free software is how I pay my bills, and small donations help give me stability and security while I work towards big goals.

Thank you. <3

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Saluton! Homoj foje demandas min kiel ili povas helpi Spectrum, aŭ alie subteni mian laboron pri liberaj programoj.

Unu maniero estas aldoni min mono! Mi havas Liberapay ( kaj GitHub Sponsors ( kontajn. Ĝis Okt 2020 GH duobiligos donacojn tra ili, do bonvulu uzi tiun se vi povas.

Enspezo de liberaj programoj estas kiel mi pagas miajn kalkulojn, kaj malgrandaj donacoj helpas aldoni min stabileco kaj sekureco laborante al grandaj celoj.

Dankon. <3

Teach your kids to asses risk, and then confirm their assessment with an appropriate authority, rather than just teaching them that the world is risky and they need to cling to authority to know when it is and isn't.


here's a vision of team sports for y'all! imagine there's no money in sports. you're a fan of a team local to your area, who plays other teams local to your area. Philadelphia's non-tackle football league has playoffs and then the winning team faces off against New York City's non-tackle football league's winning team. sports aren't gendered; objective measures like weight classes keep things fair, where appropriate. P.E. classes have yoga and dance instruction. no-one is recruited as a child for intense training into an ideal of physical perfection that may break them body and soul, because this isn't big business and no-one needs superhuman players at their physical peak. it's all very safe, even when that makes it less glamorous. twenty-year-olds and thirty-year-olds and fifty-year-olds play side by side. no-one is very good, but it's fun to watch your neighbors play each other, whether in person or on local TV.

a really-substantial portion of anti-sports sentiment is a traumatic response to the forms of gender violence and gendered judgment that are delivered most directly through childhood sports and physical education.

another substantial portion is a traumatic response to having your body destroyed by unsafe sports and getting dropped like a hot potato by your life's dream and the people you spent the most time with.

another substantial portion, at least in the U.S., is resentment that your education was drastically underfunded and stripped of all creative programs in favor of funding sports programs and building sports facilities.

there's nothing wrong with enjoying sports! your hobby is fine. but please try to keep a little bit of perspective, and bear criticism of sports — even inane or over-vehement — with magnanimity. not everyone *gets* to have any positive association with sports at all.

🎶 How many more news stories
Do you need to fucking see?
Until you realize that the enemy
Is the murderous police
Sure you can turn a blind eye
'Til it happens to somebody that you love

ukpol, acab 

ukpol, acab 

You can also support people after the event by writing to anybody who might have wound up in jail, showing up to support them at court dates, etc. The community will keep you informed about this stuff.

If you want to read about events like this and how they went, search for or Squatting Days Freiburg (I’m sure there are lots of others too!).

They won’t always be successful, but sometimes they will be, and a new squat will be born.

Occasionally there will be people organising to make new squats. There are all sorts of roles you can play in this — you don’t have to be the one breaking into the building. The people inside won’t be able to leave until the police give up, and they’ll need a lot of outside support. There will be a demo outside, and being in that will motivate those inside.

At one I went to I went shopping and threw bananas over the heads of the cops to the people behind who were stuck behind the police line.

Read about squatting and search for your area on

Find open events on (not every event there is at a squat)

Go to events, talk to people, make friends, see what you can do to support.

@qyliss the Barcelona squatters' movement is giving me a lot of hope in this regard. Like, there is an alternative to letting people go homeless, we can take direct action to identify empty buildings and occupying them for use.

Squatters groups are an integral part of taking direct action to meet peoples needs, I can't see an anarchist communist movement out there that doesn't make use of them as much as mutual aid groups like FNB (in fact the two complement eachother perfectly)

London has an organized squatter's movement, but it's relatively small considering the size of the city.

I didn’t even touch on the ‘people get somewhere to live’ part, because even though that’s really important for those people and they will form the core of the community, the squat isn’t just for them. They are a very small fraction of everybody who will be touched by the squat, if you succeed.

I think this might be why people who haven’t been around squats don’t understand how important they are. It’s not just the 20 people who live in it that benefit from the squat.

This isn’t the direction I expected to go in when I started posting but whatever.

I will repeat:
I cannot envision meaningful resistance in the west that isn’t centred around squatting.


The best thing about squats is that you’re probably not going to have just one for very long. Squats create more squats. Watching from afar the eviction of a squat I cared about was the saddest and angriest I’ve ever felt. But even the eviction of a squat gives people energy. Get back up and start again, and use the opportunity to start afresh and make something even better, because the last one sure as hell wasn't perfect.

So, if you’re looking at the state of the world and asking what hope we have left, what we can possibly do, I urge you to embrace the squatter movement.

Start hanging out at squats, support them when they’re being threatened with eviction. I guarantee they want to share what they have — use it and spread it! organise there. Try to live in one if you get the chance. You might have trouble, but use it to learn what the next community should do better.
And make more squats!

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