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howdy. i'm the sheriff of bad unicode support

TIL: has


and, like, why isn't this default? :P

Our Enemies in Blue Show more

Our Enemies in Blue Show more

Our Enemies in Blue Show more

"To equate dissent with subversion, as intelligence officials do, is to deny that the demand for change is based on real social, economic, or political conditions. A familiar example of this is the almost paranoid obsession with the 'agitator.'"


Our Enemies in Blue (fascism in Spain and Chile mentioned) Show more

Our Enemies in Blue; collusive bargaining Show more

Our Enemies in Blue; fuck police unions - oppression is not work Show more

"The police have unionized and gone on strike - but continue their role as strikebreakers. They have pitted themselves against their bosses and the government, but represent a threat to democracy rather than an expression of it...
[but] Working people cannot afford to extend solidarity to the police, and we cannot let the reactionary goals of the police unions restrain us in our attacks on injustice."

- Our Enemies in Blue

Our Enemies in Blue Show more

"Where conflicts arise between workers and bosses, between the rights of one class and the interests of the other, the machinery of the law is typically used as a weapon against the workers. Even where the law is contrary to the demands of powerful corporations, the police often act not from principle or legal obligation, but according to the needs of the ruling calss."

-- Our Enemies in Blue by Kristian Williams

Our Enemies in Blue Show more

Our Enemies in Blue Show more

"The usual form of conflict was not open warfare or even vigorous enforcement of the law, but a kind of rivalry or dual power. The police and the Klan became counterbalancing forces rather than outright antagonists. Under such conditions, police may have limited the Klan's worst atrocities, but they did little to protect Black people from routine abuse and intimidation."

- Our Enemies in Blue by Kristian Williams

conflict resolution Show more

Our Enemies in Blue by Kristian Williams Show more

"So long as the police defend the status quo, so long as their actions promote the stability of the existing system, their misbehavior is likely to be overlooked. It is when their excesses threaten this stability that they begin to face meaningful restraints... Token prosecutions, minimal reforms, and other half-measures may give the appearance of change... but they carefully fail to affect the underlying causes of brutality."

- Our Enemies in Blue by Kristian Williams