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Hello! People sometimes ask me what they can do to help Spectrum, or otherwise support my free software work.

Well, one thing you can do is give me money! I have accounts on Liberapay ( and GitHub Sponsors ( Until Oct 2020, GitHub will match donations through them, so please use that if you can.

Income from free software is how I pay my bills, and small donations help give me stability and security while I work towards big goals.

Thank you. <3

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Saluton! Homoj foje demandas min kiel ili povas helpi Spectrum, aŭ alie subteni mian laboron pri liberaj programoj.

Unu maniero estas aldoni min mono! Mi havas Liberapay ( kaj GitHub Sponsors ( kontajn. Ĝis Okt 2020 GH duobiligos donacojn tra ili, do bonvulu uzi tiun se vi povas.

Enspezo de liberaj programoj estas kiel mi pagas miajn kalkulojn, kaj malgrandaj donacoj helpas aldoni min stabileco kaj sekureco laborante al grandaj celoj.

Dankon. <3

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I'm at that point in my career where I've taken a job that isn't anywhere near software development, because after almost 2 years of trying to get back into the game, I've been hearing the exact same thing from the exact same types of white people.

So now comes the critical juncture: I can either bust my ass harder than ever to get back into the industry (which is gonna require little to no sleep and potentially jeopardizing my health): or, stay in Menial Job Limbo and accept the fact that white people dont want blacks in their industry.

I saw this posted in an adhd hashtag on insta and I don’t have kids but I was one once and this is kind of horrifying to me? That is a long school day (an 8am start??) and are kids only allowed one hour of leisure time a day now??

Oh. This is probably fine.

I'm sure your AWS server's RAM is inviolate.

<< Gen. Keith Alexander is joining Amazon’s board of directors, the company revealed in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing today. (Alexander has also been added to the company board’s official site.) A former director of the National Security Agency and the first commander of the US Cyber Command, Alexander served as the public face of US data collection during the Edward Snowden leaks >>


(I didn’t mean to imply here btw that Moria wasn’t already a prison, which it absolutely was)

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Europe is run by fascists and cowards who have willingly sacrificed thousands of people for the purpose of discouraging even more desperate people from looking for help and sanctuary here. !


the European reaction to a humanitarian disaster is to propose that maybe refugee camps should be even more like fucking prisons

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But it gets worse. The fire is being blamed on residents who were upset at the lack of protection they were being given against COVID-19. There were at least 36 people who had tested positive in the severely overcrowded camp.

The Greek government now wants to use this as an excuse to move to ‘“closed” detention camps in which the movement of people will be monitored more closely.’

They’re going to use this as an excuse to make things even worse for these poor people.

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I don’t feel like I know nearly enough about the situation to be comfortable talking about it in much detail, but I haven’t seen it mentioned on here at all even after searching so I guess I will anyway because I think it’s important people know.

Moria, the refugee camp in Greece where thousands of people lived in horrendous conditions, has burned down. Thousands of asylum seekers now have nowhere to live.

Overwhelmingly, students are being required to use tools in the classroom that they are forbidden to study, share, or modify. Not only do programs like Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom invite a potentially malicious third-party into the educational environment, but more importantly, they increase society's dependence on proprietary software, software that denies its users their freedom.


Imagine seeing Russell's letter as a call to dialogue when it's literally the refusal of a public discussion (in the form of televised "debate")

Remember the three pillars of antifascism:

1. Deconstruct the rhetoric
2. Defend the streets
3. Deplatform the speakers

Nothing fruitful comes from dialogue with fascists, do not allow their views airtime in an attempt to have a good faith discussion, because it's impossible. Deconstruct, Defend and Deplatform.

#nopasaran :antifa:

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california uses prison labor as their front line against wildfires

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kamala harris blocked ppls releases from prison so that they could be pushed into risking their lives fighting wildfires for literal pennies

Behind every liberal demanding cop reform and cop training, there is a tech company waiting to capitalize on that reform.

facebook is mask off about who gets to define and enact violence.

Yesterday, I finally pushed my current source code implementing the Exposure Notification API to the @microg git repository.
This will allow using apps that use the Google/Apple framework for COVID-19 contact tracing on Android devices without the Google tracking it usually involves.

The current code is already functional, but still needs some improvements before it's ready for general public, but I am certain it's going to make it in the next @microg release.

Hello, we focus on protests and politics in #slovenia . Especially on the protests against the current far-right government.
Follow us to get regular Updates on what is going on there

Me: so in Japanese, the word gohan can mean rice, or an entire meal; wouldn't it be weird if English was like that

Me, reflecting for 5 more seconds on the word "meal": whoooaaaaaaAAAAAAAA

Were you upset by feds invading Portland? Angry that plainclothes pigs in NYC threw a white teenager in an unmarked van? Did you know that NYPD and feds regularly kidnap dozens of Black kids at once and throw them in cages for years? Thread w/ info on so-called “gang” raids:

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