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Alyssa Ross @qyliss

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@ibutsu oh? Don't think I've seen any of that.

tfw someone signs up for mastodon and only follows you~~

@ibutsu you managed to sign up!

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Well, the Internet Archive has surpassed itself: full in-browser emulation of the early Apple Macintosh has been made-available.

It is a work of love, beauty and, quite frankly, skill.

The Internet Archive are really making an effort to preserve our IT history.

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dungeonfs: A FUSE filesystem and dungeon crawling adventure game engine

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this is that dumb gag i toot of:

following on and i put up my own mastodon, in which no communication at all can occur.

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I'll believe "guys" is gender neutral when straight men talk about how many guys they've had sex with

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Are there any Mastodon instances with a) expiring access tokens (line 26) or b) refresh tokens (line 42)? Would be great to test for Tootbot :)

@0xabad1dea (I'm sure there's a name for that I don't know)

@0xabad1dea I really like the high-pitched-ish bit starting at e.g. 1:25

@nanoha oh, you're back. Cool!

I've had a few links from Mastodon not work today — turns out Amaroq's awoo mode replaces "toot" with "awoo" even in URLs!

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