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Hello! People sometimes ask me what they can do to help Spectrum, or otherwise support my free software work.

Well, one thing you can do is give me money! I have accounts on Liberapay ( and GitHub Sponsors ( Until Oct 2020, GitHub will match donations through them, so please use that if you can.

Income from free software is how I pay my bills, and small donations help give me stability and security while I work towards big goals.

Thank you. <3

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Saluton! Homoj foje demandas min kiel ili povas helpi Spectrum, aŭ alie subteni mian laboron pri liberaj programoj.

Unu maniero estas aldoni min mono! Mi havas Liberapay ( kaj GitHub Sponsors ( kontajn. Ĝis Okt 2020 GH duobiligos donacojn tra ili, do bonvulu uzi tiun se vi povas.

Enspezo de liberaj programoj estas kiel mi pagas miajn kalkulojn, kaj malgrandaj donacoj helpas aldoni min stabileco kaj sekureco laborante al grandaj celoj.

Dankon. <3

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who the fuck is scraeming "ENABLE JAVASCRIPT" at my house. show yourself, coward. i will never javascript

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Just tell me what we’re gonna do
On November [4th]
To make sure there’s no government left to elect two years from now

LBs: I helped to organise NixCon. We ran our own Jitsi servers for breakout discussion, and did our own live-streaming infrastructure. It went really well! @worldofpeace was a great MC.

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Assault-rifle mass-murdering racist white guys getting off easy while unarmed black people keep getting murdered with complicity of cops, corps, gov, business and much of the citizenry in your white supremecist capitalist hellhole country.

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Did you know the source code of the Linux kernel has been leaked repeatedly, since its first release?

Just wrote, "A prisoner differs from a slave in that the former’s life is expendable. The only factors that give value to that life is community backlash..." Now is our time to listen, the time to be that backlash. Never forget why we do this, never forget, #PrisonsKill

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Eugene Antifa is releasing thousands of messages from the private communication channels of “Patriot Coalition PNW,” a burgeoning far-right network that includes members of the Proud Boys, 1776 2.0 militia, the Three Percenters, Operation Werewolf, and more. The chats show new evidence of collaboration between police and local far-right violence.

View the chats and our report at our blog here:

When the euro bank notes were designed, they used European-style bridges which were *non-existing*, not to have to choose between countries.

The Dutch town of Spijkenisse claimed them all for the Netherlands by building them on a waterway. #Europe #Netherlands

Full-List of bots:

What nobody seems to be talking about:

Due to the increased hygiene awareness and rules, fewer people than typical have been infected with other viral or bacterial infections since March.

"Our influenza season ended pretty abruptly in March. In the southern hemisphere the influenza season has gone almost unnoticed. Most other cold viruses have also become rare." (C. Drosten)

There is a lot to learn and research here.

Cops in Louisville just got away with murdering Breonna Taylor.

This ruling is just one more shovel full of dirt on the notion that Black people can get justice in US courts. The only way to get justice is to burn the country to the ground and build something better.

#BlackLivesMatter #BreonnaTaylor

I'm at that point in my career where I've taken a job that isn't anywhere near software development, because after almost 2 years of trying to get back into the game, I've been hearing the exact same thing from the exact same types of white people.

So now comes the critical juncture: I can either bust my ass harder than ever to get back into the industry (which is gonna require little to no sleep and potentially jeopardizing my health): or, stay in Menial Job Limbo and accept the fact that white people dont want blacks in their industry.

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