Excited to be finally able to talk about the project I've been working on for the last while - BLINNK and the Vacuum of Space, coming to SteamVR and Meta Quest later this year! A comical space-based VR adventure, the game is designed for and with autistic gamers.

Wishlist it now at vacuumofspace.game

Every time 😅 (followed by my long, convoluted answer justifying my career which could be summarised as - "no")


55% is a depressingly low degree of fright in terms of the clear reality of what we all face, and are doing little to turn away from.

Difference between age ranges - and those who will be living with the effects the longest - not even that broad at all..


If you're as angry and concerned about this Bill as me, please email and (for those on Twitter) tweet your MP, sign Netpol's petition (you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions), tell others about it, and generally make as much noise as possible.

It's being debated in Parliament *tomorrow*.

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Hopefully enough Tories can be found with a backbone to stand up for all of our essential civil liberties... 🤞

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For those in Scotland - this is relevant to us too. There are transport policing provisions in the Bill which directly impact Scotland which should surely allow our MPs to vote on it, and while Westminster is also our Parliament any restrictions on our human right to protest the actions of our elected representatives impacts us too.

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The disturbing actions of the Met Police last night, kettling and arresting women at the vigil for Sarah Everard, have now brought increased attention to this Bill, and at the attempt to even further limit the right to peaceful protest, forcing Labour into opposition.

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We know why the authoritarian Priti Patel is pushing this through, and who her immediate targets are, having previously called the Black Lives Matter protests "dreadful", and Extinction Rebellion protesters "so-called eco-crusaders turned criminals".


But the right to protest is a human right, and this law reduces everyone's rights. Once our essential rights and civil liberties have been stripped from us, it becomes much harder to win them back.

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While Labour had looked likely to abstain (as they've done on most civil liberties related laws these last few years when we've needed effective opposition..) they are now thankfully coming out strongly against it following the disturbing events last night

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I hope everyone in the UK catches up on this Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts being rushed through. Unrelated to COVID, it further and permanently restricts our right to protest, with sentences of up to 10 years for causing "serious annoyance" or "inconvenience".

It seems to further restrict even "one-person protests". You can be banned from protesting if you're making too much "noise" or having an "impact [which] may be significant".

Or you know... protesting.

The new Mogwai album is really excellent.

(I say as I hit repeat 🔁)

As Instagram continues to become more and more pervasive in many of our lives, it's worth thinking about its motivations in its design, in contrast to our best interests and mental health. There's some worrying trends in how we're engaging with technology.


Excited to share I've recently joined Changingday as Project Director, working to build a VR game designed with and for autistic people.

We're also going to be looking for talented artists and developers to join the team in the coming months!

Can't wait to share more!


On the other hand, Newgrounds still exists and there does seem to be a community there, which is really cool! Going to dive down that rabbit hole and see what I find..

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There are just about as accessible technologies these days, in the form of generally much better successors to Flash. So what's missing? The right platform?

I guess closest equivalent I can think of for sharing experimental little games would maybe be itch.io?

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Definitely not meaning Flash as a technology there. More.. realising how many little flash animations and games have clearly still stuck with me. How mainstream it was for people to be playing these games, sharing funny animations, mostly all made by people for fun and not profit

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Really cool tribute to Flash games through the years. Nostalgic af scrolling through this, and a little sad realising that with progress maybe there has been something of value lost..


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