I'm happy to see more activity over here. How is everyone?

Follow recommendations are greatly appreciated :)

Sooo... does Mastodon (or the fediverse at large) have any good breaking news accounts?

Man, the bird site gets less fun all the time.

Well that's cross posting sorted. I just need to figure out how I want to keep a pointer to tweets that haven't been twooted.

All I really want is to be doing something useful. What I do now helps no one- the people paying me to do it don't even use it.

There's this thing where it's implied that when you reach a certain career level you must somehow understand how careers work.


God I need a new job. I miss the hospital.

I really should avoid birbland. It's bad for my blood pressure.

Who should I be following here to get more interesting conversations in my timeline?

I need to stop complaining about or mocking security and IT products on Twitter. It always ends with curt responses from the CEO of the company.

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Horrible attack notion: ransomware that spreads through backdoors left open by the extant ransomware worms and encrypts ransomware-encrypted files.

Wouldn't THAT be a kick in the head?

My employers keep trying to corporatize me, and I keep slowly decorporatizing my employers.

Ticket: "Warnings, Using self-signed cert with weak hash algo."

Closed: "Resolved, disabled checks for hash algo."


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