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rabbit @rabbit

@cynicalsecurity If there were Tweetbot for Mastodon I'd probably only post here.

I really should avoid birbland. It's bad for my blood pressure.

Who should I be following here to get more interesting conversations in my timeline?

@ITSecurity Yeah, clearly I need to save it for when I want some particular action. I guess it's an audience size thing,.

I need to stop complaining about or mocking security and IT products on Twitter. It always ends with curt responses from the CEO of the company.

@munin Sounds like they've either tuned the IPS way too tight or not at all..

@munin You'd think they'd be in high paranoia mode still. The whole thing is weird.

Disturbing fashion practices Show more

Disturbing fashion practices Show more

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Horrible attack notion: ransomware that spreads through backdoors left open by the extant ransomware worms and encrypts ransomware-encrypted files.

Wouldn't THAT be a kick in the head?

@munin Not that I bought any of that, I run pfSense routers, but figuratively the loss of control in general is appalling.

@munin I'm getting really sick of vendors who think they still own the devices I buy from them AND all my data.

@munin on embedded and stand alone devices not having the option should be criminal.

@munin I'm still salty about apps that don't let me turn off password masking.

My employers keep trying to corporatize me, and I keep slowly decorporatizing my employers.

Ticket: "Warnings, Using self-signed cert with weak hash algo."

Closed: "Resolved, disabled checks for hash algo."


@lojikil So from ~100 tweets to ~32 toots

@Tinker Sadly, I know you're not lying.

@Tinker *cuts and pastes a part about a spreadsheet full of passwords*