Well, looks like we're firing up the fediverse stuff.

We're looking for developers to work on planetary.social. It's open source, decentralized, community governed.

* Job listings: planetary.workable.com/

* Our code is at github.com/planetay-social/

* The go code is at: github.com/cryptoscope/ssb​

* The protocol guide is:ssbc.github.io/scuttlebutt-pro

* The code documentation is: dev.scuttlebutt.nz/#/

Come work on open source decentralized social media, secure scuttlebutt and more. In go, swift, android, js...


Hey fediverse folks. I'm working on building a social media platform using scuttlebutt, its adjacent and hopefully connected to the fediverse soon. One of my audiences are mastodon folks, so can you take a look at these designs i've got for a website and give me feedback? Thanks! docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAI

I'm building a decentralized social media app, planetary.social/ , based on secure scuttlebutt, not mastodon/activitpub and i'd love to share it with people here who are interested in helping me alpha test it.

Hey folks. How does mastodon store / track your associated twitter account? I looked at bridge.joinmastodon.org/ and read the code, it's not clear to me how your twitter identity is stored?

2 million people use mastodon a day eh? that's really impressive

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Here's an interview with @rabble of affinity.works from the most recent episode of This Week in the #IndieWeb Podcast.

🎧 Full Episode: martymcgui.re/2017/09/02/11201 mrt.al/media/KFfzQ-usIUn7cxadI

Ok, how's mastodon going? I've been playing mostly with scuttlebutt lately. Kind of thinking a cross posting system might be interesting.

Listening to podcasts.... wondering about the future of microblogging... glad @biz is back at twitter.

Apparently folks have started using Mastodon now... or at least it's been discovered.


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