Twenty years ago it was popular to crap on windows machines for needing to be rebooted monthly for continued operation.

Now my portable devices run a *nix derivative that reminds me that I should reboot every seven days for best performance.


vinyl is better than CD because its capable of reproducing so much more sound than was even originally recorded in the studio

why am i in such a good mood today, and not grumpy?

not complaining!

ok that did not work out at all like i expected. and the steak should still be good according to the package, but cutting off the outside and eating the center doesn’t seem right, either.

off to taco bell i guess.

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starring toots thinking some of them will show up in followers feeds because of this

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“This shouldn’t take long.”

they’ve been on this screen for over 5 minutes now, and the ipads have now locked.

not sure why the screens look different, either.

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At Least 31 Dead, 3500 Structures Destroyed in Northern Bitcoin Fires

CDA, D66 en ChristenUnie mogen alledrie een kandidaat voordragen als nieuwe vice-premier. Dit maakte VVD-leider Mark Rutte, die in het nieuwe kabinet weer minister-president wordt, donderdagavond bekend.

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