somehow managed to set up a site all the way from creating it in dns to it having a working ssl cert, something i haven’t done in years

it took 20 minutes until it returned any data, so i worked on organizing my broken yarn while waiting

i deleted some duplicate videos from that disk, freeing up about 293 MB, and Photos opened just fine after that (it was also fine when there was only 33 MB free)

pro tip: don't completely fill up your disk that Photos uses, leave a few dozen MB or else…

[logging into namecheap for the second time this month]
ugh, why can't they just use like google authenticator like everyone else does, instead of sending me a text?!

namecheap, after logging in:

when you use a sustainably grown tree instead of an endangered tropical hardwood? that's ethical non-mahogany

a fun tip for happy children: you can remove anti-homeless bars by unscrewing the “security screws” with a security torx such as the ones linked below this post

i think it was colder in the grocery store than outside.

it’s 57 outside.

‪coworker: it rains wherever i go.‬
‪me: you should go to a desert!‬
‪coworker: it rained when i was in dubai!‬

“Untitled Moose Game” you’re a moose and you’re trying NOT to bother anyone, but you’re wreaking absolute havoc on the town because you’re a gargantuan clattering moose

i love consuming content on the information superhighway

[discussing movies]

8yo: “why watch a remake when you can watch the real thing?”

if you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot empowering a human face - forever
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