Thanks to too many childhood viewings of the old BBC Chronicles of Narnia movies, I tried some Turkish delight candy tonight.

I was not delighted. ☹️

Today involved way too much driving (140 miles round-trip) just for a routine dentist appointment because insurance plans are dumb.

But coming home to enjoy a good book on the porch and some leftover roses from weekend guests: not at all dumb.

Tried out the “App Limits” feature in iOS 12 (public beta) today, and oh my gosh, I hit one hour of social media time shortly after breakfast—even as I was trying to use those apps sparingly. 🤦🏻‍♀️

@Sylvhem @rachelskirts In case you haven't seen this feature yet: some folks choose to filter out hits from that domain, which you can do from the menu on any profile

Tried to follow posts that are tagged with “Chattanooga” or “Tennessee,” and 99% of the results are from escort/adult bot accounts. What the heck? Is this an issue with all location-based hashtags/searches? :yikes:

Do any iOS mastodon clients save your timeline position?

Spent the weekend walking through the woods, eating an obscene amount of cheesecake, sitting on the dock at my favorite lake, and staying up way too late with my darling cousin and her boyfriend. More of that, please.

The response to this has been so lovely and so welcoming, just in the last few hours. I’m smitten, y’all. 💕

This site feels OVERWHELMINGLY populated by men. Ladies, where you at?

Important finishing touch in the powder room.

Not ready to abandon my legion of Twitter accounts entirely, but I do already have two Mastodon accounts! (IT WAS AN ACCIDENT.) Great start, great start.


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