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Which is writing an outline. yay... Why is writing fiction so hard?

I often get anxiety over things and it kills my motivation to do things unrleated to what is stressing me out. Now that I got that job interview and hrt stuff done, I can finally get back to my game.

I think my job interview went good?!?

Ugh, I have to go back there later..........

God damn fucken centipeed things! They are worse then spiders and there was like 3 of them and im scared

Phone interview apparently went well, because now I have an in-person interview. HELP!!! AHHH!!!

Phone interview seemed to go good. Will know soon if I have an in-person interview.

Last time I had a phone interview, I may have had a panic attack and hung up and pretended the whole thing never happened...

haha phone interview tomorow, and i am sooooo nervous.

@Gargron "Sovereign Citizen" was a new one for me. Had to google what that "meant".

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I feel like Im making no progress at all, even though things are getting done. I made an intro: