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radian2pi:bird: @radian2pi@mastodon.social

I also made a videogame analysis video on my favorite game: Mother 3.


I need to come on here more often. I have made 2 videos since the last time I did:

The first video is on LTV:

So I made a video on contrapoints, and its also about the nature of making youtube videos:


I made a video arguing against neoclassical economics:


Why did I ever think making a song a day for my game was a good idea? In what world does a "productive" composer churn out 2 albums worth a month? None.

wow, resizing that gif was a mistake...

I regret wanting TAZ balance arc to end.

sliced my thumb and it hurts. also typing on mobile is now hard.

Am I the only person who will want to quit a story right before the ending because its usually obvious and whats the point?

Honestly I'm excited for the adventure zone story to end. It was at its strongest when its focus was on comedy. Excited for whatever they do after this!

roguelikes are something i think i would love if i was better at them. i want to spend time and get good at one, but that costs time. And im not even sure which one to pick. I want to assend in nethack atleast once, but dcss looks like a better game. I know there are others, but idk of any of them are worth getting good at.

Huh, my game feels good on touchscreen. Was worried movement would feel bad.