I'm doing a QnA. Ask me questions either here or on youtube if you want: youtu.be/CvBquTITmkg

New episode of DisContent! This one stars @ReviewerRadical and discusses the gross negligence of the USA in dealing with and other natural disasters and what can be learned from anarchists and communists:


MAJOR announcement! the DisContent Leftist Content Collective is ALIVE!

Here's our first episode, remembering the true history of labor day:


I made a quick vlogy story time thing about my experiences being lgbtq in boyscouts. It's kinda personal and was a bit hard to make, but yeah here that is:


My cat is so terrified by the vacuum cleaner. She hid under the bed for hours. Finally got her out with treats. I wish it wouldn't terrify her as much as it does. Poor cat.

I've noticed a lot of overlap between people who have problems with content warnings and people who demand spoiler warnings. Have a little empathy, folks. Just as you don't want Game of Thrones ruined, other people don't want to relive their trauma over and over again.

I'm working on my next Marxian economics vid. These take alot of reading, especially this one! I have 300ish more pages to read. Next vid will be on transportation, merchant, and finance capital. So if you want to know how Marx would understand amazon, walmart, and Wallstreet, stay tuned!

I'm going to give mastodon another try. Honestly mastodon feels more like a large discord server then Twitter, so I am going to stop thinking about mastodon as a Twitter replacement.

Recently, 2 youtubers I know came out as bi. I have been trying for a while now to think of a video where I can publicly come out as bi. I can't really think of a video topic where I could mention it, so I decided to just put it in a rambly post.

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