RT @angealbertini@twitter.com: Protocol: generates ASCII RFC-like diagrams for existing network protocols or user-defined ones

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Wenn der VGN die eigene Verspätung schon einkalkuliert... oder sie erwarten, dass du mit 88 mph läufst.

RT @LiveOverflow@twitter.com: HOW FRCKN' HARD IS IT TO UNDERSTAND A URL?!

A video looking at the underlaying issue of a universal XSS in Chrome on iOS (CVE-2018-6128)


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RT @year_progress@twitter.com: ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░ 80%

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Today's anti-feature: Encode::encode('MIME-Header', ...) in has auto-detection whether the passed string is already a header in "Field: Value" format, but it fails miserably if your input is accidentally like that.
Also shown: The ugly workaround...

RT @recollir@twitter.com: @jpmens@twitter.com Swedish kids are taught about DNSSEC via milk.

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RT @moertel@twitter.com: So I recently got into creating . Turns out you can monkeyisland-ise everything. :D I proudly present: a view with the .

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RT @tiseeg@twitter.com: Ja, die CSU hat viele Wähler an Grüne, AfD und Freie Wähler verloren. Die größte Gruppe sind aber die, die schlichtweg verstorben sind.

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RT @Foone@twitter.com: So this is a FISK ... thing.
It's a floppy disk fax machine! You can fax floppies to other people who have these things.

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RT @SpaceflightNow@twitter.com: NASA says recovery forces are in contact with the Soyuz crew, and they have landed and are in good condition following today’s booster failure. spaceflightnow.com/2018/10/10/

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For me, Google Home is the strongest example of how #technology is generational.

For people significantly older than me (like my partner's parents), it's useful because it's like asking a human to check the weather, make a grocery list, etc.

For people significantly younger than me, computers have always been able to talk.

But if you're about my age, the only ways to talk to a computer are by typing, clicking, & occasionally poking, & conversational agents are slow, inaccurate, & annoying.

Google just can't do anything right: They're either evil because they collect too much data or they're incompetent and reckless because they designed something with privacy in mind and now they're missing logs to know if a bug has been abused to scrape lots of personal information that was set to private.

Tough situation. I wouldn't want to be in those shoes.

When GDM3 is idling, it sends the computer to suspend after 20 minutes by default. Usually a good thing, but it also happens when I am logged in remotely via SSH. The worst part is that there is no documented way to disable that. gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-c

RT @DanFleyshman@twitter.com: $1,300,000 BANKSY artwork piece just “self-destructed” right after it was sold at Sotheby’s auction!🤯😳

(An alarm sound went off and the frame began to shred the art piece.)🚨

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My new PC has a BIOS that allows to take screenshots and store them to a USB drive. Oh, and some options that are meant for "Crypto Currency Mining". Welcome to 2018.

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