In 1997, @Wired magazine published a long file "the next 25 years will be incredibly prosperous for Humanity" before making a sidebar "unless one or two of these ten events occur". Enjoy !

There is one hard problem in computer science

It's computers

However, it took me a couple of hours to find out that with the Ryzen 7 5700G I need to manually select a 16 bpp pixel format in order to get a framebuffer even on a recent Linux 5.18.6 kernel. Will have to debug some more, but for now video=2560x1440-16 is the workaround.

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I replaced the Ryzen 5 2400G in my desktop PC with a Ryzen 7 5700G. Three product generations apart, but I just had to swap the CPU in the AM4 socket. The mainboard chipset is still compatible. Great job, AMD! 👍

Rein rechnerisch hat ja die Mitnahme eines Fahrrads mit der Fahrradtageskarte Nahverkehr für 6 Euro den Gegenwert von 20 Personen mit einem 9-Euro-Ticket. 🤷‍♂️

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Liebe, warum ist es eigentlich nicht möglich, bereits am Bahnsteig anzusagen/anzuzeigen, dass eine Fahrradmitnahme im RE nicht mehr möglich ist? RE 10 ab Fürth Hbf Richtung Würzburg um 9:12 (+5). Dann hätte ich direkt eine Alternative Verbindung suchen können.

This vacation I avoided sitting at the computer for two whole weeks. Now it feels a bit weird to type on a keyboard and I call that a success.

Die Timeline auf Mastodon besteht mir aus zu vielen Posts, die immer nur loben wie viel toller Mastodon statt Twitter doch sei. 🤷‍♂️

fsck.exfat cannot repair these errors, but at least tells me the broken file names. I got rid of mount.exfat to use the in-kernel exFAT driver:
exFAT-fs (loop0): error, broken FAT chain.
But it still continues to read the rest of the files. That's good enough.

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Indeed, FUSE exFAT fails as well during a recursive copy. Although the message is not that much more helpful, but at least confirms my suspicion.
mount.exfat[7690]: invalid cluster 0xffffffff while reading

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Except when it ends with
libguestfs: error: file receive cancelled by daemon
and you leaves you with nothing else but an incomplete tar file. I guess the exFAT filesystem is corrupted. :-/

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guestfish is a great tool to extract files from a raw disk image backup. Of course this does not reach the performance of a loop mount, but it is just a single command:
guestfish --ro -a sdcard.raw -m /dev/sda1 tar-out / sdcard.tar

my pronouns are they/them/../../../etc/shadow

This post doesn't seem to be getting shared nearly as much as the announcement, which is a shame because it explains all the big picture stuff everybody is wondering about.

My second idea was that switching from dd to cat when creating disk images would save significant time when I change something about the host system and want to build the combined live+installer image.

And it does! Knocks off 3 minutes (19%).

This is because as of GNU coreutils 9.1 (released 2022-04-15) cat will use copy_file_range(2) where possible. So far, no other program in coreutils has that optimization.

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This is worth sharing.

It's an animated GIF where every frame is a valid QR code that leads to the "Never Gonna Give You Up" rickroll.

That's kind of amazing.

Oh well, you have to "quote" toots on Mastodon with a link... The quote feature was added to Twitter because people were already doing that all the time anyway. Sometimes you want to boost and tell your followers why they should read something.

"... and these 'instances' are all on separate servers, so it's totally decentralized. but posts on one instance 'federate' with other instances, except when they don't, which basically half the time. now here's where it gets tricky..."

In any case, the hashtag is the one feature that defined Twitter and the cultural heritage it created will live on.

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