If I understand this correctly, a npm package with over 20,000 dependents injects a tarball download from their own server for the sole purpose to track installations. This was only revealed because the URL was down. The JavaScript ecosystem is broken beyond all repair.

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@lukejacksonn@twitter.com As we cannot rely on NPM downloads counter, so we had to build our own analytics system relying on an external module. Basically it helps us crunch analytics and have this realtime dashboard: map.keymetrics.io/

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Another great paper from Samsung AI lab! @egorzakharovdl@twitter.com et al. animate heads using only few shots of target person (or even 1 shot). Keypoints, adaptive instance norms and GANs, no 3D face modelling at all.
▶️ youtu.be/p1b5aiTrGzY
📝 arxiv.org/abs/1905.08233

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Facebook “took down more than 3 billion fake accounts from October to March.”

Billion. With a “B”.


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With Mozilla looking for a replacement, @HackADay@twitter.com published a look back on IRC's history: hackaday.com/2019/05/23/life-a

Unfortunately I will probably never learn whether they messed up the umlaut or not.

You can have your name be etched onto a microchip to be sent to Mars with the rover next year. NASA does not even charge for this. mars.nasa.gov/participate/send

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What happens in your head when you do 6 + 8 ?

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Cernan: "Charlie, we're looking for the Earth right now. We'd like to show it too ..."
CAPCOM: "Roger. It's down there somewhere."
Young: "That's a smart comment."
CAPCOM: "Ask the navigator. He should know."
Young: "He's the housekeeper right now."

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Remember the 3D Pinball from Windows XP? It was actually an inferior re-make of a board in a pinball collection called Full Tilt Pinball developed by Maxis.

You can now download the superior version (higher res graphics and sound, music, better physics, smoother gameplay) for free, as it is now abandonware. And it works on Windows 10.


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** Today, Chelsea was not only put back in jail, but Judge Anthony Trenga ordered her to be fined $500 every day she is in custody after 30 days and $1,000 every day she is in custody after 60 days. This is unprecedented. sparrowmedia.net/2019/05/state

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So @metpoliceuk@twitter.com has been running facial recognition trials, with cameras scanning passers-by. A man who covered himself when passing by the cameras was fined £90 for disorderly behaviour and forced to have his picture taken anyway.

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Microsoft are backporting CVE-2019-0708 RDP patches to XP and Windows Server 2003 - which are out of extended-extended-extended support, which should suggest to you how bad the vulnerability is.

Plus they’re using the word worm.

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Having trouble keeping all the CPU vulns that dropped today straight? Understandable. There's a lot.

This is going to be a thread.

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Kernel and microcode updates providing mitigation for MDS will be available for @debian@twitter.com 9 "stretch" and unstable shortly. For full mitigation, you will need to disable hyperthreading on most Intel CPUs.

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In our latest update, we disclosed a group of vulnerabilities called Microarchitectural Data Sampling. Learn more about the steps we've taken with our partners to address MDS for @Intel@twitter.com products: intel.ly/2E8hhSp

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Forget Spectre/Meltdown. New side-channel vulns discovered in Intel CPUs allow speculative execution attacks that leak arbitrary in-flight data from CPU-internal buffers (Line Fill Buffers, Load Ports, Store Buffers), including data never stored in caches. cs.vu.nl/~herbertb/download/ri

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Hey @Google@twitter.com, can you please explain why @GooglePay@twitter.com needs these permissions? I didn't find anything about this in your privacy policy nor do I see a reason why it should need these.

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