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Hey , you know everything you buy from Decathlon has a long-range UHF RFID tag on it, and I have a reader with 10m range?

145 unique tags scanned from a quick walk around the Milliways area.

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Dear participants: If the soap dispensers at the toilets are empty, please do not throw them into the trash. We collect them regularly to refill them.

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"The Fairy Dust rocket as you know it didn't exist at the first camp in 1999. Instead, we had this:"

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@dbrgn@twitter.com Thursday Kemistry Lounge 22h-23h. Don't miss the party at the !

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Ein wenig Feintuning noch ABER LEUTE IHR LIEFERT JA MAL ABGEFAHRENEN SHICE \o/ \o/ \o/

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Eben Leuten erklären müssen, dass die Bauzäune nicht zum daran Pinkeln aufgestellt wurden. Fragt doch einfach nach der nächsten Toilette!

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Like all hacker camps, is a "Leave No Trace" event. Please don't litter.

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travel log: At I observed a sort of invisibility: A fellow traveler was sitting alone among a vivid crowd. I thought of this as rude, until I learned that the red glow on their was alerting others of their need for some time to withdraw, which was respected

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@_Freakyclown_@twitter.com Posting it to you is secure, as it's illegal to open someone else's mail. ^JGS

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The ambiguity of "git checkout" and "git add" was always one of my pain points of the git user interface, but at this point I am afraid it will only add more confusion than it will help. It will take years until these are available universally, so they can be used in docs.

Git 2.23 announcement: "Two new commands "git switch" and "git restore" are introduced [...]" as correctly named alternatives for the different forms of "git checkout".

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@torresariass@twitter.com No PE or DWARF but here's a prime that is an ELF file :) 0x7f454c46010101000000000000000000020003000100000054800408340000000000000000000000340020000100000000000000010000000000000000800408008004085b0000005b0000000500000000100000b32a31c040cd80597ec9b11d

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