Landing today with on Mars.


NASA's rover mission is now known as Perseverance. My boarding pass is ready,!


Looks like Twitter for Android doesn't want to display the animated GIF as profile picture anymore. Is it finally time to upload a new one after only 13 years? 😟

Today I learned Backblaze B2 has multiple data centers for some time, but the region selection is per account. The only way to transfer data between them is to create a completely new account and upload everything once again… 🙄

I would have scheduled this for 21:01:21, but Tweetdeck doesn't take seconds. 😔

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What the hell is Chrome doing to break Compose key sequences that involve Shift and only those with Shift? This also breaks the Compose key in Electron apps for me, for example in Teams. These XCompose sequences happily work in all other apps.

Spotify 2020 Wrapped is delivered in story format, only available in mobile app... Come on, give me real stats!
Looking forward to the last.year review by in January.

"Working in the comfort of one’s own home saves money on travel, lunch and socializing". So why exactly would the state get any less money than before? What do you think happens to the "saved" money? Makes absolutely no sense to me.


Remote workers should be taxed for the "privilege" of earning a living from home, Deutsche Bank strategists say


Debugging, warum die Heizung nicht läuft, erfolgreich abgeschlossen. #Freitag #Gentoo

I want my scrollbars back! Stop hiding them, UI designers!

Ah! With playerctl >= 2.1 there will be better options to control the priority of players. Looking forward to this feature.

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As of the 81, my media keys work with browser content. Sounds nice at first, but now I can no longer pause the music from keyboard when watching a YouTube video. The keys only control the video, so I have to find the music player window to pause.

Back then at university we were coding Scheme on a blackboard in class. At the end, instead of matching every opened parenthesis, we also used to write only one huge closing parenthesis... Not a good idea for real syntax, though. 🤨


I found an amazing Ruby syntax proposal from 9 years ago:


Today is one of those days... I typed 'reboot'. Then my display went blank. Oops, it was the wrong terminal window. Abruptly ending the ongoing call with a colleague. On boot: "[...] has been mounted 30 times without being checked, check forced."

You know what I think the world needs? Weather data distributed by DNS.

Forecast wrong? Blame it on DNS! It's always DNS.

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