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Rainer Müller ✅ @raimue@mastodon.social

Bad first impression, the @ in the URL was stripped. Who is to blame? Needs some better software for this than @IFTTT.

Testing integration from mastodon.social/@raimue to twitter. Not sure yet how to achieve the reverse without creating loops.

Is this how capitalism ends? All companies and sectors of the economy being owned by Amazon?

"Google Chrome is required to run the new Google Earth."
Google just replaced a desktop application with a website–which can only be used in Chrome. What…?

Not sure if cross-posting from is the way to go forward with this while considering that most of my followers came from there…

Must have had a hangover from that New Year's Eve. I can't even remember using Safari that day back in the year 4001…

*jumps out on stage* For my next trick, I'll make this cookie disappear. *nobody is impressed, but I'm very happy anyway*

The downfall of Mastodon will be the first admin that just shuts down their instance with a few thousand users without any warning.

Mastodon is really missing the ability to hop between instances. Otherwise the local/global distinction is useless when we are stuck on the one instance because we don't want to give up our following.

There should be an easy way to migrate from one instance to another. That includes moving/copying all (public) toots to the new instance. It seems like many people are now joining random instances without any idea who the owner actually is.

There is something which scares me on mastodon. I see more and more people installing instances while they don't have a clue about what they're doing.

Then their instance is going to be listed on the website and people will be randomly redirected toward them when someone wants to use mastodon.

But then what happen?

Hosting someone's services is not fun or anything. It's a liability and I hope you have that in mind.

Also, pick carefully your instance.

Could it really be that Hacker News made Ubuntu drop Mir/Unity in favor of Wayland/GNOME? I hope not.


PSA: If you are in the web view of a remote instance of some user or toot, you cannot directly reply/boost/fav.

But you can copypaste the URL into your local Mastodon server's "Search" field, then it allows you to interact!

Wasn't obvious to me, so maybe boost this if it helped you. :)

Complaining that there is not one single app or service for Mastodon is like complaining there is not only one app or provider for email. Journalists need to wrap their head around that.