RT @ritalbradley@twitter.com: Here's a nifty site for creating color-blindness friendly color palettes:

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Oh, come on, @Spotify@twitter.com! Firefox Mobile cannot be *that* uncommon.

RT @tveastman@twitter.com: I'm old enough to remember when the Internet wasn't a group of five websites, each consisting of screenshots of text from the other four.

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Once again I stumbled across the lack of an implementation for strlcpy(3) in glibc....

As LWN already wrote in 2014: "One of the longest-running requests for the GNU C Library (glibc) is the addition of the strlcpy() family of string functions." lwn.net/Articles/612244/

My current non-smart watch is 7 mm, while affordable Smart Watches seem to start at 10-12 mm thickness with more than 40 mm diameter, which I think is too bulky for my taste.

Also, why are "wearables" limited to wrists after all?

RT @mitsuhiko@twitter.com: On days like this where another backdoor has been found in an npm package I feel like sharing my essay on trust scaling again from a few years ago: lucumr.pocoo.org/2016/3/24/ope

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RT @disabilisaur@twitter.com: Europeans: this is a 2 mm wire

Americans: so how thick is it

Europeans: 2 mm

Americans: this is wire gauge 2

Europeans: so how thick it is

Americans: 0.2576 inches

Europeans: *blinks*

Americans: that's 6.544 mm

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RT @Oatmeal@twitter.com: Two days until Insight touches down on Mars. Here's everything you need to know about the landing: theoatmeal.com/comics/insight

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@qyliss I feel like I was brought up in part by some groups of people on the internet and I am grateful for what they have taught me. I think that I can understand the parental fear that your child might see something “not good” whatever that might be, but I do not think that it is worth taking away free access for that reason. Teaching might work better than hard regulation in the general case!

RT @Astro_Alex@twitter.com: I found a locker on the @Space_Station@twitter.com that probably hasn't been opened for a while... / Ich habe hier auf der ein Fach gefunden, das vermutlich schon seit einer Weile nicht mehr geöffnet wurde...

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RT @TorstenBlum@twitter.com: Some are promoting the move of DNS from UDP to TCP+TLS or even TCP+TLS+HTTP while at the same time others pushing for HTTP(/3) to be moved from TCP to UDP+QUIC.


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Now I only need a proper way to drive the DHT22 from a GPIO pin to save even more energy. Putting it on RX (power) and GPIO2 (data) seems to interfere with bootup mode selection right now.

With just one tiny red wire connecting GPIO16 to RST this module is now capable of deep sleep.

RT @jancborchardt@twitter.com: 👀🎙
There’s a lot of camera covers & stickers out there.
They all miss an important detail.
Here’s a design proposal:

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The white DHT22 temperature sensor on the left is 2-3°C hotter then the one right next to it. Only due to the heat emitted from the ESP01 WiFi there.

Time for another prototype with a better board layout. Or maybe power savings with deep sleep would avoid the heating?

RT @CommodoreFormat@twitter.com: We’re playing that C64 version of Limbo and yes, it’s really real 😯 Just a demo for now but looking amazing!

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RT @ElishevaAvital@twitter.com: Today is the 80th anniversary of .
A personal story:
My grandfather fought in WWII. He never spoke about it, so we didnt know much about his time in the service, but based on the patches on his uniform, we think he did something in intel.

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