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π™·π™°πšˆ π™Άπš„π™Έπš‚π™΄ πš†π™°πšƒπš‚ 𝙢𝙾𝙸𝙽 𝙾𝙽??

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It's the itch.io summer sale! My games are discounted super cheap if you want some solid puzzling.
Cosmic Express 50% off: draknek.itch.io/cosmic-express
A Good Snowman 75% off: draknek.itch.io/a-good-snowman
Sokobond 75% off: draknek.itch.io/sokobond
(All include Steam keys)

Gonna play a strategy game for NES this Thursday called Armed for Battle.


This article has a few interesting leads on the subject of reading and language in dreams:


"It's impossible to read something in a dream."
This always bothered me, because I have often read text in dreams. How about you? I've kind of assumed that most people do not, because this bit of trivia seems to be repeated frequently.


Mom told me to feed a pet that has been dead for years, so I realized I must be in a dream and woke up. Was bragging to my sister about it, and while she's explaining how tricky it is to recognize that you are dreaming I woke up from THAT dream and felt quite the fool.

My CPU suddenly started drastically overheating despite 0% CPU usage. Very scary!

The cause: apparently the Elgato HD60S drivers like to disable the CPU's ability to idle without asking. Wow this setting was difficult to find. What a nightmare.

Follow up: the repartition worked. πŸ˜…

I may sometimes mock the inscrutable interface of Linux tools like GParted, but I really gotta say having live Linux distros that will run straight off a USB stick is such a critical and amazing thing.


POP QUIZ: from the MS-DOS 5.0 command prompt, how can you tell what drives exist?

That was my problem at the time. I knew about A: B: and C:, but the new D: created by stacker was yet unknown to me. DIR was no help.

10 year old me didn't know anything about AUTOEXEC.BAT. I was used to the computer just automatically running a cool text-mode menu program. Fortunately, I did understand the command line a bit, and after the feeling of terror subsided I eventually noticed the new stacked drive.

It created a new tiny boot partition, with an appropriate script (AUTOEXEC.BAT) to set up the "stacked" hard drive, but it wasn't user friendly, it just replaced (displaced) your old script and booted you directly to the DOS prompt. You had to set all of that back up after...

Stacker was a program that automatically compressed your hard drive, giving you tons more space. It had to be loaded and running before you could use the compressed drive, though, to intercept the regular file operations. After rebooting, it looked like it was all gone!

Using scary tools to repartition my hard drive takes me back to being 10 years old, and installing a pirated version of Stacker on my 286's 60MB hard drive... and afterward it looked like the whole drive had been erased! (It was fine, but I had a lot to learn about AUTOEXEC.BAT.)

A fool and his hard disk are soon GParted. πŸƒπŸ’½

Figured out why I was stuck. Back on the crab... or carts... or whatever it is I'm collecting in Black Box Challenge...

Been having fun with Black Box Challenge, going to keep streaming it 'cause I gotta catch 'em all...

Black Box Challenge continues! (cc: @slydogstudios)
Also I'm drunk AMA.

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