Apparently Facebook made a "lite" version of their Messenger app. I wish I'd found this sooner!

Hey if you're in North America now is maybe a good time to look up at the moon.

(Apologies to anyone under some clouds.) ☁️🌎🌒

Maybe this is going too far, but I thought weather might be nice to have.

I always loved the little goodnight tune from Sim City SNES, so I wrote an extended version.

Alright, finally getting back to my NES game project.

Arbitrary heightfield terrain rendering is in! The actual terrain won't be so jagged, but a drunk walk was an easy test.

ZOMGCATBUS! Apparently the Nintendo Famicom Disk Writer kiosks had this very lovely animation running on a Famicom in the kiosk?

in the sopranos game for ps2 you play as big pussy's son, joey pussy

my drunken face 🍺 Show more

my drunken face 🍺 Show more

my drunken face 🍺 Show more

You're Abe Freeman?
The "sausage king" of City 17?

Callou callay! Ripcord can now sit in the taskbar tray instead of taking up space on the bar.
It is now the perfect Discord client. 😍
(Though it was already miles better than actual Discord.)

/me deflates like a balloon while emitting pacman death noise.

I can't believe GitHub has been letting my put my private e-mail address in my commits for years. Why the hell wasn't this option turned on??? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! 🤦‍♂️

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