I think I must have been a camel that day I was asked to write a track for Nuclear Power Pants... 🐫❓

I wondering what I was thinking of tooting a few hours ago when I typed this...

City of Burlington getting the Raptors fever, and also the silly names fever.

This obliterates your current branch and replaces it with a current upstream master. The perfect clean starting point to create a new branch for a pull request.

I need to do this all the time, and it took me ages to understand git enough to be able to even look up how to do this

GitHub could really use a button to reset a fork's master branch to the original repo's. i.e.

git remote add [name] [upstream repo URL]
git reset [name]/master
git push --force

(Remote only needs adding once. Push needs force because you're disconnecting the forked branch.)

My brain: Hey that old Kikkoman flash animation song has the same chords as Ray Parker's "Woman Out of Control". Let's listen to a mash-up of the two for the next three hours...

Theory: the algorithm doesn't know the difference between a bunny and a slime?

Obduction is a really wonderful game. Fantastic environmental storytelling, and very interesting spatial puzzles. I loved it tremendously.


Obduction has forever changed my view of concrete spheres.

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