A gold star playthrough of Alwa's Awakening for NES... this game looks pretty complete to me at this point. :)

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Finally got my hands on some Famicom Lizard cartridges and they're so beautiful. 😚🦎

Hell yeah, Jurassic Park SNES! This soundtrack by Jonathan Dunn was legendary.

I baconated my Kraft Dinner and it was a moment of true decadence.

Used the last of the roux tonight for another fish curry. Now that I've made this dish 4 or 5 times, it's hard to describe how powerful it's gotten. πŸ›πŸŸ

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They also make a ginger beer. I think I like this even better than the root beer.

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Alcohol, beer 🍺 

They also had this strange, very pale Sweet Shoppe white milk stout. Huge coffee bean flavour in this one. It's apparently first of a new line of dessert stouts, and it really works well for that. I like the malt-shop devil on the can. 😈πŸ₯›πŸ¨

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I realized I hadn't had rootbeer in a long while because @JordiGH kept talking about it... and then I remembered they make a pretty nice craft rootbeer at a place just down the street from me.

Out of curiosity I looked up tickets through cineplex... the nearest open theatre is apparently in Saskatchewan. 🀣

(That's only about a 28 hour drive from where I am.)

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Only in cinemas??? Now???

I am most certainly not getting over there.

My #NES collection!

I think next purchase will be Alwa's Awakening once it's released. Should come out soon, I think. Not sure how long it will take to produce the carts.

I also really need to get a Blinking Light Win. I missed the last round and now it's going for like 100 bucks on ebay.

Hmmmm... should I just go for it anyway? Who knows when the next round of production will come out, and they sell out fast.

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This was a good reminder to buy what I needed from someone other than Amazon. :P

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Great Value might be the cheap brand, but I'm convinced they have some sort of mad flavour genius in their employ. 🍁

Amazon's attempt to get their customers to provide free support to each other is still working perfectly.

This is Spook-O-Tron for the NES, by Sole Goose Productions. It was a really nice Robotron style game with a Hallowe'en theme.

It also came with a SNES to NES adapter, which was great for having 4-button directional control.

Yes, I play my NES games with an SNES controller. ;)

I have a nice adapter that I got included with Sole Goose's Spook-O-Tron.

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