Hrm... why doesn't the floppy controller status register have its non-DMA bit set, even though I've used a specify command to set it... and why (probably related) do I get only a single IRQ from the read track command...? 💾⚡🖥

Life is a mystery.

I wrote an extended version of the Goodnight music from SNES SimCity because I always loved it and wished there was more.

I found this amazing resource explaining how floppy disks work! Gets way into the technical details. 💾

Intellectual Property is when you dress up a peanut in a top hat and a monocle and get a lawyer to make sure no one else ever does this

So as a first step, I wrote a Pasti STX parser just to verify the file structure and dump it out as something human-readable.

There's still tons to work out about how the format works but at least I can inspect and verify all its data now.

This seems to be the best current reverse-engineering of the proprietary Pasti STX format. There's a lot to learn here before I'd be able to make use of it.

Apparently the last track on this disk was left unformatted as a form of copy protection. 💾🔒

There is an Atari ST dump format that can handle this called STX but it is hideously complicated, closed source, undocumented, and its only dumper program needs to be run on an ST. :(

Three more image dumps from Read & Rhyme.

I don't remember quite how this game played. I definitely enjoyed the space theme as a young child.

I had this educational game called Read & Rhyme for my Atari ST as a kid. I can't find anyone else's dump, and the program seems to crash in my own dump, but its image files are all intact.

surgery sim video game 

surgery sim video game 

surgery sim video game 

surgery sim video game 

surgery sim video game 

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