NESert Golfing can now be played on the Famicom Disk System.

(free download)

Had some jalapeno peppers I needed to do something with. Thought it was time for another big pile of burritos. 🌯

I'm still thankful that somehow Samyang hot chicken flavour ramen became a fad here. So tasty. 🍜🌶

This is also a disaster for people that will create Shorts, because they're going to get their videos deleted left and right as the owners of the sampled videos gradually discover and disable this option they never gave consent to.

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Shorts permissions?? When did YouTube sneak this on-by-default option in here?? This is enabled for every video I've ever uploaded now??

Still using that Leyendecker painting as a basis for this little study of pixel resolution.

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So I've had this cheapo digital scope for 8 years now... I think this is the first time where I actually had something I wanted to use it on?

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For reference, both @JordiGH and I could easily 1CC Battletoads in 1 player before we began this challenge.

2 player took us about 8 months of playing once a week. I'm guessing about 80 hours?

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I saw an old publication describing a "Color Killer" mod, but it was for an earlier revision of the board than mine, before they were using the NOR gate?

It also had a more complex idea of using a latch to make this into a software switch. Kinda funky!

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There's a "color gate" logic signal that is used to turn on the "color burst" signal at the appropriate time in graphical modes. They are combined in a NOR to suppress the color burst whenever the gate signal is high.

Here I connect the "color gate" input directly to the VCC of the NOR chip. This closes the gate permanently, disabling colour and giving me BW graphics on a colour TV. :)

The NOR chip is socketed, so later I'll pull it out and make a nice switch. No modifying the original board!

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Apple II is a little annoying because it has BW and Color monitors, but the hardware always outputs colour in graphical modes, even though it can suppress it in text mode.

I found an easy way to block the colour signal, so that I can view BW graphics without a special monitor!

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