We were out of mana at Kettle Kin, and he had anti-physical attack magic! I thought we were doomed, but LiamGiiV hung on alone, with the brilliant idea to wait him out until his MP drained!


Cryptovolans - Multiple Stops

(variations on MIDI music once included with Microsoft Windows)


We got to the clinger wingers again, but my internet got a little unreliable and we were tired by then anyway. Some of the netplay consequences of a poor network connection were interesting...

cc @JordiGH


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beer 🍺 

Two of my all-time favourite beers, both by Great Lakes Brewery (Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada).

Hazemama: hazy NEIPA is not my style, but all the elements here set each other off perfectly. I finish one and it lingers on my tongue, and I just wanna drink another.

Pumpkin Ale: I've never liked a pumpkin beer, except for this one. Such a great balance of flavour, and not just a mouthful of spice. Delicious and very pumpkin. Unique!

Third time making spaghetti carbonara. (Have been slowly working through a package of bacon.) I feel like I've got the hang of it now. 🍝

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Been investigating the Apple II lately. More to come soon...

The Rat Race in Battletoads is unusually forgiving with 2 players? @JordiGH and I ended up kinda tag teaming the third race today.


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* When I say "not even hard to set up", I mean it's surprisingly easy to do netplay when you are already comfortable with RetroArch emulation.

RetroArch itself takes a bit of time to learn, though it's less confusing than it used to be, and its actual framework is kinda fantastic.

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