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I've been slowly learning about egg-based cakes. This is my third experiment. Finally got myself a proper egg beater, so it's much fluffier than its older siblings! 🥚🍰


Also, in a strange coincidence the web emoji for 🎲 here (based on Twitter's?) kinda looks like it has a horizontal 2 as well, though only at small enough renderings to distort the perspective. Weird!

Other versions: emojipedia.org/game-die/


The 2 side of this big rubber die is a little unusual. Don't think I've ever seen the pips in a horizontal line like this, rather than diagonal? 🎲⚁


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The creators of massive free-to-play success Clicker Heroes explain why they're selling the sequel for $30 up-front.

"Do you even have bludge?"
-- Overheard at a store counter in my dream.
(They did not have it, and had never heard of it.)

I had high hopes for Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy, and it's even better than that!

An utterly fascinating control scheme, with a tremendously well refined, terrible almost impossible challenge of a mountain to climb.

I love it so much already.



Woah woah woah when did add a setting for this???
I've wanted this forever!!!!
!! !! !!

(Now if only would bring this option back. 😶)


You play a game with too many cats by accident, but the profiling feedback gets into a bad loop. Suddenly all the games you play have too many cats. All cats. Cattlefield 27. Super Cat Fighter 35. The Cat 15. Cat of Cat 21. Cat. Cat cat cat 🐈 🐈 🐈 all your games are cats now.

Dark vision of a horrible future of :

Gamers always online, profiled & recorded into massive databases used to tune design decisions on the fly; part of standard library API of commercial engines. Tries to make "optimal" game for each player. Next level level scaling.

Season 2 episode 5 of Stranger Things is called "Dig Dug" and seems to take place in part in underground tunnels. If Hopper explodes a monster with a hose I'm gonna scream.


maybe I should provide context for this toot Show more

What does "Lizard" even mean? 🦎

Justice League was worth it just to get to see that weird un-moustache on the big screen.

I don't know if you've ever been to Ash Lake, but it was my favourite place in Dark Souls. The quiet home of an ancient dragon, deep underground, hidden out of the away from the rest of the game. Missable yet profoundly important.


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so like were early cray computers designed to be benches, or

What is this great internet conspiracy to try and trick me into watching videos that I didn't want to watch?

I feel like there is some sort of "use it or lose it" bandwidth policy going on and they're afraid they'll lose their budget if they don't autoplay videos at everybody.

Animal Crossing is too big to fit comfortably on my puny old phone, so I appreciate everybody sharing pics that I can use to experience it vicariously.

(Also I like getting to enjoy the fruits of your labour without having to go shake trees and tap on a billion things myself.)