Stephen's Sausage Roll is 85% off???

This is a massively interesting grid-pushy puzzle game, that I highly recommend!

Have been thinking seriously about making a short run of Lizard floppies. What do you think?

If you need to set the resolution / pixel aspect ratio for an existing image, you can find the setting under: Image > Print Size...

The important setting for making non-square pixel aspect ratio work is View > Dot for Dot.

I don't know if you've ever opened up an NES cartridge, but unlike other home consoles, they usually have two ROM chips inside.

Here's an explanation of what that means, and how it made the a little bit special.

The story of executing God's will was added for the Famicom version, actually. In the original arcade game he was more of a Scrooge McDuck greedy treasure seeker type.

The Famicom version of had cutscenes with a story and hints! I think they got removed from the international version because of the religious content: Karnov is a servant of God, here.

I made a longplay of the translation for .

Bats really bring out the worst in game designers. 🦇🕹️

If you'd like to play some NES games in glorious low low resolution, there's a link to a python script you can download in the video description.

I resisted the urge to use this as the thumbnail.

However, people often ask me why I've specifically focused on the NES and not other retro consoles. This video explains one of the reasons I found it such a compelling platform to work on.

Why does an NES cartridge have two ROM chips inside?
A look at one of the more unique design decisions of the NES.

Accidentally playing "Contra in the Dark" because of a test I was doing with the ROM...

Mario isn't even in Kirby's league when it comes to hill climbing.
At least he knows how to have a little fun on the way down, though. ;)

Look at the way Kirby's feet flop right down onto the slope when he rests. What a dream.

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