There a few other voice samples in Double Dribble too, which of course had the same problem. They can all be heard restored at this TCRF page:

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Here's the original Double Dribble title sound for comparison. What a difference!

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The poor sound quality of Double Dribble's title screen on the was apparently due to a programming error? The bits of the sample were accidentally in reverse order! Here's how it should sound.

Discovered by EnigmaWave:

Fascinating puzzle! A key is hidden in one square of a chessboard. A coin is on every square (random side up). You flip exactly one coin, hoping your friend can guess where the key is based only on the coins. (Recommend to hit pause and try to solve it!)

People think of Defender of the Crown as an Amiga game, but I think Atari ST had the best version.

It had big gameplay improvements over the Amiga version, which feels unfinished by comparison. The graphics were almost as good, and the music was better!

To celebrate Canada Day, I played a bit of Crosscountry Canada for the Apple II. πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ

Honourable mention: da65

This is a 6502 disassembler with a really simple and powerful input format. Learning curve is low and it's got a lot of utility.

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...well, except IDA Pro. IDA Pro is kind of a dream, but it's also full of stuff I don't need and has an industrial strength price.

I guess I'd rather put time into a simpler but free and open disassembler of my own than purchase an IDA license. :S

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There's a billion disassemblers out there and I can't tell if any of them do what I want. Ultimately it feels like it will take less time to write the one I want than find the existing one that I would actually use. :S

(...and please don't suggest any I've tried 100 already.)

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