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By Jove!! WHAT a lad!! I'll google him up a bit...

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Hey friends another lovely dispatch of @ranasafvi Mam now arrived in my kindle store. the living city of Delhi is a third dispatch of author in continuation of Delhi. Here she integrates the stories of past with present vibrant culture of these historic bylanes. Hope I will going add some more reflections during journey of reading this amazing compilation.

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An 1830 painting done by Colonel Robert Smith (1787-1873) of a procession proceeding to Bara Imambara, , .
This painting was sold by Christies in 2008.
Robert Smith was an and an workin under .
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My review of a new book by Ziya us Salam called Women in Masjids.
Can women pray in mosques?
I quote my experiences too

‪Aapka intezar rahega aaj ‬
‪Aankhen dhoondengi aapko‬

I explore the life of Urdu journalist Maulavi Muhammad Baqar, who recorded the siege of Delhi during the 1857 mutiny in his paper Dehli Urdu Akhbar.


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A big loss to the country.

Bhopal Gas Tragedy Activist Abdul Jabbar Dies. His group fought for justice to the victims, survivors and their families, conducting organised demonstrations, seeking not merely allowances and compensation, particularly for widows who lost their loved ones to the disaster, but also employment opportunities.


celebrates the bitth anniversary of

Akbar Allahabadi, in a letter to his friend, requesting him to send some mangoes during the mango season

naamaa na koii yaar ko paiGaam bhejiye
is fasl meN kuchh bhejiye to bas aam bhejiye
aise zaroor hoN ki unheN rakh ke khaa sakooN
puKhtaa agar hoN bees to das Khaam bhejiye

maaloom hii hai aap ko bande kaa "address"
seedhe "allahabad" mere naam bhejiye
aisaa na ho ki aap kaheN jawaab meN
taameel hogii pehale magar daam bhejiye

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"Forts, havelis, temples, mosques, streets, food, culture, history... It’s all there in Shahjahanabad
@ranasafvi on a great then-and-now view of Old Delhi, a remarkable settlement that has, over the centuries, seen both grandeur and tragedy."


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From , we have this OLDEST surviving example outside of , the holy book of the .
The copy was produced sometime between 1660 and 1675, probably in or .
After the demise of the 10th and last at , in AD 1708, it was proclaimed that henceforth, there would be no Gurus and this book, the eternal Guru would be the guide for the panth (Sect).
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I had the pleasure of visiting this cathedral in Isfahan and it can't be described in words

"The centuries-old Vank Cathedral (locally called Kelisa-ye Vank) is widely referred to as an everlasting masterpiece of architecture."


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From , , 'An emamelled Gold & Jewel encrusted Inkstand' in form of a Barage, made in in 1870's.
Presented as a memento to King Edward VII, (then Prince of Wales) by the Raja of when he visited the on 5th Jan, 1876, this object has 19 components & include inkpot, scissor, pens, nibs, knife, paper cutter etc.
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If you are in Delhi, don't miss Jashn-e-Rekhta. It is what India is. Diverse. Music, Poetry, Art, Heritage, Insights, Unlearning and much more just in one place. This is one festival in the country that truly represents the cultural ethos of this beautiful country. Do spread a word and let people know about it.

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Eklakhi Mausoleum located at Pandua, Malda, Bengal, India is the Mausoleum of Raja Ganesh's son, Jadu, who later ascended the throne of the Bengal Sultanate as Jalaluddin Muhammad Shah of the Ilyas Shahi Dynasty. The Mausoleum is so named because it had cost 1 lakh Rupees to be built during that time.

Picture Credits : @ranasafvi

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Jashn-e-Rekhta is an example of how a language can be celebrated, rejuvenated and popularised by someone who has not inherited it by birth. I asked Sanjeev Saraf, to write a manual on reviving native languages & cultures. He said he could write a manual if each language had a evangalist who could spend time and money, like Saraf has.

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Now, isn't it excellent!
From we have this c1895 photograph of the at or by unknown photographer from the .
Completed in AD 1268, it is the finest surviving example of era temple dedicated to God .
Notice the intricate carvings.
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"In bravery, he is not to be surpassed. Who can excel him in the love of country? He is rash and impetuous, say some — and if he has the dash and rashness of a warrior, he also has the prudence of a statesman — he is pure as a crystal, he is truthful beyond suspicion. He is a knight sans peur, sans reproche – the nation is safe in his hands.”

~Mahatma Gandhi (on October 3, 1929)

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