You are underestimating the compounding awesomeness of continually fixing small broken things.

I wonder what DELETE AND REDRAFT does? (Oh, I wonder why EDIT isn't a good idea)

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Members of the Addams Family don't high five. They Fest Bump.

Sorry to keep raging on Twitter here, but the lack of strategic fore- thought is staggering.

I think Twitter is no longer sending notifications on DM arrival... which is just... stupid.

I have weaponized my short attention span.

I am liking the you get what you followed aspect of Mastodon.

Wherein I try to figure out how many users are on Mastodon:

My follow protocol is currently: (a) have you set you profile picture AND (b) have you sent at least one message? (I feel like it was similar on Twitter in the early days)

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i do not sincere post very often but just so you all know i deeply care about camping and nature. Today is the anniversary of national parks being created 102 years ago. As a show of my appreciation of them id like to share one of my favorite things the parks have provided

this is a link to a live bear cam in Alaska the stream is very calming and relaxing for me to watch and i hope some of you tune in to watch the bears fishing and having a chill one.

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Is Halloween just universal cosplay, or is cosplay just perpetual Halloween? Discuss.

Staring at Mastadon. Trying to think about what to do next.

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