mentre le compagnie aeree di tutto il mondo tagliano costi/rotte/posti di lavoro... noi dementi ci permettiamo il lusso, dall'alto del nostro non avere un tollino per far ballare una scimmia, di non approfittare della pandemia globale per eliminare una cancrena economico finanziaria che ci affligge dal lontano 1946. DUMP Alitalia 💩🚽 please

Pioneering drummer Viola Smith has died, aged 107.

Viola was a groundbreaking swing, big band and symphonic drummer, often credited as the inspiration for Louie Bellson's use of double-bass drums - as well as becoming the first female drummers in popular music. Viola died on October 21.

New Zealand's Prime Minister takes a 6-month pay cut so people affected by Covid-19 get the funds they need

#NewZeeland #PM #COVID19

It's the first time I'm watching The Fifth Element and this scene is making me laugh 😆 :smug: cool

“We’re more likely to remember sweet things, which was a real plus for most of our evolutionary history, but this is problematic in today’s world.... We’re still walking around with Stone Age brains.” 🙋🏻‍♂️

Moyale Highway, just outside Marsabit town. A lot to see in the area including small craters and unending hills. 🇰🇪

Earlier this week, a US congressional subcommittee issued a historic report acknowledging that Big Tech monopolies harm society with their anti-competitive practices. ProtonMail was cited numerous times in the report. Here's our analysis:

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