is known as a cryptocurrency but in italian it's just a powertrain system

Dell are crap. this is probably my second worst purchase in the last 22+ years, right after the Asus Vivo stick that cannot update its Win10 because of the 32GB total memory 2/3 of it already in use for the OS. there's a saying in Italy: "chi più spende meno spende" -> who spends more spends less. don't buy crap tech because it's cheap... you will end up spending money again to get ahold of better tech after a short while

you can't believe how heavy an empty core wallet, trying to synchronize, is for your system resources

question of the week (since 14 may 1948): how to bring peace in Palestine/Israel?
easily for only €33,99 ⬇️ *snap!*

icelanders have worked one day using Caterpillars, I suppose, in the attempt to slow down the front of the lava field. from this still pictures thier work seems pointless but, good luck!

when I trim my beard I probably look 10 years younger. but I'm lazy and I don't do it often

is a weird serie, I usually like weird but this one... hmm, not sure... they've mixed the sci-fi, the black comedy, the demential, the goonies, the drama. it's too much... I'm gonna see the end though or at least I'll try to


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