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How porn movies conveyed messages of good behavior in the 1970s.

when your connection drops because a is probably hailing your base station

ma quanto gli rode al duca che dopo aver cagato sul ventilatore qualcun altro abbia premuto il tasto start (perché in estate fa caldo) e adesso, tranne rare eccezioni, nessuno se lo fila?

a mela rispondo pera
un esempio? il

...nostalgia de l'Ulivo 🤢

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Nichelle Nichols, who played Uhura in ‘Star Trek’ franchise, dies at 89

She helped break ground on TV by showing a Black woman in a position of authority and who shared with co-star William Shatner one of the first interracial kisses on American prime-time television

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I've watched last night... it was a 5/10

Chris Evans made me laugh though.
He looked like the gay version of Jonah Jameson

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