watch this if:
a) you want to get goose bumps
b) you want to see how nuts rally fans can be
c) with great power comes great responsibility🕷️

my dessert tank warning light is lit like the petrol indicator on cars ... I have signs of abstinence

why am I hypnotised by the 6:30h recorded MPs debate on new Brexit deal? I dunno but I would like that Speaker as Speaker of the Italian Camera dei Deputati.... ORRRDERRR!!! 😮 🤣

quando leggo queste notizie e ripenso a quei ... che vorrebbero abolire le carceri, in un certo senso potrei anche essere d'accordo, a patto di trasformare questo materiale umano in compost, l'unico modo in cui questa potrebbe essere utile al mondo (link nuovo perché il primo titolista non aveva capito un cazzo)

io mi spingerei oltre... oltre al voto togliamo anche il diritto di parola, cosi almeno non sentiremo più le sue coglionate

the game keeps crashing when I use this monster truck... I would want one though

I must make another four of these, I have some cream left😋

more than 4 hours into the first all female spacewalk 👩‍🚀🤝👩‍🚀

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"Prima di fare quello che ho fatto, l'imprenditore, ho cambiato 22 lavori per cercare qualcosa che mi piacesse. Con questo sono 23"

:thinkerguns: Eurochocolate 18/10/2019

bella zio! 🍫😬

in Italia c'è una cosa più insopportabile ed ineliminabile dei politici di merda, dio cane! altri 350 milioni buttati nel cesso! 🤬

there's a blooming of online document converters, how safe can that be? *All data submitted/uploaded is deleted after 1 hour* MY ASS! 😏

this week I'll take a break from baking... I'll make some instant Crema Catalana instead 😏

Why I'm always up so late... in few hours I have to run to the bakery for fresh bread and to Coop for fruit and somthing else I haven't planned yet 😴 goodnight! 👋

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I should subscribe a new 2 years contract for gas and electricity, I can't do it at 2:30am 🤨 the offer ends at midnight today. and here comes Hamlet... should I wait for the new offer? will it be more convenient? the NG future on the monthly is close to the minimum so I guess there won't be significant movement on the offer tomorrow. Yes I know I think too much! 😏

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