Nuovo botta e risposta tra e sulle misure per il contenimento del Covid
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Non sopporto perché non si capisce mai un cazzo di quello che dice.
Non sopporto perché si capisce fin troppo bene quello che dice.

and tomorrow... I'll make chocolate crema pasticcera and almond pastries 👨‍🍳

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today I wanted to buy some new tools for the kitchen...
strainer ✅
big chopping board ✅
santoku knife ✅
ice cube tray ❌


Two years and two appeals later I’m back to my visibility. It must have been the blessing of goddess daughter of Uranus, which I worshipped for a couple of hours last night

lol... lava fountains 🌋 are so bright 🌇 that roosters are crowing 🐓

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